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    chase after

    1. Barney comes running over, the ball in his hands, giggling as the two men chase after him as Molly emerges from the house carrying a tureen of potatoes

    2. Another way of saying this is you cannot chase after happiness in the world

    3. Then he shouted who ever reaches the ball first can kick it onwards but don’t chase after it always kick it and walk towards it” as the whistles kept shrilling Frank gave the ball a good kick we moved forward following its path and keeping our formation

    4. He was engaged once on a very long chase after elephants, and his followers were becoming impatient, when at last they found the home of one of these spiders

    5. How had she gotten out there? Now she’d have to risk being seen and go outside to chase after her

    6. �This animal was loose and decided to chase after the first runner it came upon, and by the time I had given it a smack on the suit, it had done the damage to my clothing

    7. He came outside to wait for her to chase after him to the car, and

    8. “But then nobody would be left to chase after Terry’s real killer,” I said

    9. They were also to continue south, not chase after any small group of the enemy

    10. who cares? I have a God to chase after! I had to

    11. living? I mean, what sort of work do you have, now that you no longer chase after strangers with lost property?’

    12. water, commandeered the boat, and began the chase after

    13. When human beings chase after perfection with their thoughts and not their

    14. Always ready to chase after whatever dead-end Raidan threw out to distract them

    15. Chase after the Origami Killer to save a child in a gameplay that is a combination of mild exploration with heavy focus on quick time events

    16. With his own friends mysteriously dying one after another, Ethan must seek out clues about the past and chase after another mysterious individual who also uses a hollow pen

    17. Then he would yell "Home Run" and chase after the ball

    18. How on earth did I see her again here? I guess as much as I wanted to escape my past, some of it will always seem to chase after me

    19. It is often tempting to chase after popular themes and then select the major keyword as your target

    20. Steve tells them of Simon and the killing of Razor Mick, the chase after Stef and of being met by a shut door on his return to Simon's flat

    21. At this point they could not chase after the advancing Marines without being sitting ducks for the second battleship

    22. aware that this dog will chase after rodents or other scurrying

    23. This dog’s hunting drive may cause it to chase after

    24. He, Heliri and a dozen others gave chase after Joey

    25. Nancy eyed her gravely: as sensitive as the revelation of her supernatural powers was, it was still better to make Sarah and whoever else would chase after her believe that she held her time travel capacity from some divine gift, rather than having anyone in this century believe that there was some kind of time machine available to be taken or stolen

    26. If that Canadian wanted to chase after perfect strangers, then it was none of Farah’s business, unless she conducted herself indecently in public, something that would get her promptly arrested here in Tehran

    27. “Your Majesty, Doctor Tolkonen left us little choice but to chase after her

    28. doesn’t need to rent a storage unit for the thousands of books that his publisher makes him purchase after publication

    29. The result of such discipline and methodical tactics was soon evident, with the group of Japanese fighters being literally eviscerated by the P-38s, who kept zooming by them at such high speeds that they could never really chase after them, with even less chance to engage into turning dogfights, of which the Japanese pilots were so fond of

    30. “I can’t think of anyone else who would chase after it

    31. You are however to stand your ground and not chase after them

    32. “If only I had a rope,” he said to himself, “I could catch that horse and chase after those monsters

    33. The Dianettes chase after Wesley

    34. Dana runs to the street corner! She then runs right across the street passing a few cars! She quickly runs to the next street corner! She then runs down the street of the next block continuing to chase after Felix Green with the gun still in her hand!

    35. The police car speeds down the highway past other vehicles! They chase after the speeding vehicles!

    36. “I don’t know, he claims to authorities you did that too! Do you remember trying to chase after him in the back stairwell?”

    37. “Yeah! The police had to chase after the Dianettes to stop them! Police and witnesses said the Dianettes were running like cheetahs after a prey when the Dianettes were chasing after Madilyn Lewis, her husband Randy Coleman and Carmen and Rachel!”

    38. The three surviving British pilots broke formation at once, each turning to try to chase after the aircraft that had sunk the HMS TIGER

    39. But it also took out the shields on both Gorn ships that had turned to give chase after the flyby

    40. or to chase after a major new revenue opportunity

    41. The second bullet point above tells us that violence can chase after and literally come upon someone if their speech to others is wicked and evil

    42. Though there is much in this life that will be very enticing and tempting to want to cross over and experiment with, realize that there are going to be certain things of the flesh that you will not be able to chase after in this life

    43. As Rebecca left with the Warrior, Syd began to chase after her, but Monty stopped him

    44. heart, and he will chase after them; and I will be honored

    45. Suddenly, there was purchase after purchase, poly-box after poly-box being emptied, and stock getting less and less

    46. I was handed a bucket of water with which to chase after them, and I played my part as

    47. There are things about God we'll never be able to comprehend, because to chase after God, would be chasing after something we will never find the end of

    48. Therefore that one attack did not seem to injure him but I was unable to chase after him! After

    49. It wriggled out of the mess and slithered rapidly to chase after them

    50. Terminus hopped onto Andrew’s head and said, “I’ll chase after them and see what I can do

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