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Checklist in a sentence

1. Because of the checklist they.
2. The checklist is what mattered.
3. This is a plan, a checklist, a.
4. GT failed on this checklist item.
5. This checklist item has two questions.
6. GT failed this research checklist item.
7. It's like a pilot's preflight checklist.

8. WMDs may be the latest on her checklist.
9. Therefore, it fails this checklist item.
10. Therefore, GT failed this checklist item.
11. So, I showed him a copy of the checklist.
12. The things I need for my project checklist.
13. Goodyear Tire fails in this checklist item.
14. Using the checklist, in 18 months the average I.
15. The checklist includes the following questions:.
16. After Bill had gone down the checklist of radios and.
17. Here is the checklist created for reporting the bugs.
18. He began his checklist of possibilities for a break-in.
19. Wedding Receptions: The Importance of a Good Checklist.
20. Star picked up the checklist and they worked through it.
21. The following checklist can help you align with senior.
22. Click here to access a checklist of the MECOM™ Method.
23. These are rules and a checklist for the gold spike trade.
24. We will examine KO and GT numbers for this checklist item.
25. You have a checklist for the different functions at TOMIC.
26. Biggsy, intent, was going through his checklist thoroughly.
27. Finally, I disciplined myself and made a CAN SLIM checklist.
28. Use the following checklist to develop a basic web presence.
29. Here’s a job-scout checklist to help you along your way:.
30. Here is the checklist of what a good platform should have:.
31. Each step has a checklist to help you avoid making mistakes.
32. Did you know that a checklist (having a process) saves lives?
33. She flashed a quick thumbs up as she ran through her checklist.
34. You can check the boxes ☐ beside each passage as a checklist.
35. Coca-Cola passes the dividend checklist item with flying colors.
36. Never buy a stock without researching against the checklist items.
37. You can easily see that KO is better than GT in this checklist item.
38. No, I trade it only when it meets the checklist rules for this setup.
39. You analyzed the company and it passed the stock-research checklist.
40. The pilots were settling in and beginning their pre-flight checklist.
41. They are then read out a checklist and are asked to verbally identify a.
42. If those stocks pass the checklist items, put them on your monitor list.
43. The audit checklist can be used for performing the audit by the auditor.
44. That is a great company to own and Coca-Cola passes this checklist item.
45. This is a quick overview checklist for maximizing the pages you’ve read.
46. As far as the dividends are concerned, Infosys failed this checklist item.
47. This is one of the most important checklist items for investors to complete.
48. However, you should also bring this checklist with you to your destination.
49. Make a checklist of the things you need to help you narrow down your choices.
50. All told, the checklist saved more than 1,500 lives and nearly $200 million.
51. Bruce wandered around the activity ticking off jobs from a mental checklist.
52. Every organization supposes to have a review checklist to help the reviewer.
53. Greg had been listening as Rachel talked herself through her arming checklist.
54. If that is your choice, however, you may refer to the facilitator checklist.
55. Essentially this is the checklist for analyzing ANY business (public or private).
56. If you are working with a CSRC, they will supply the Emotional Checklist for you.
57. These are the checklist I have provided hope that holds good if tester has certain.
58. A moving in checklist – this short document outlines all the things you need to.
59. A moving out checklist – this is again a short list of things to remember to do.
60. Using the checklist below, incorporate many of the organizing tips found on the list.
61. Again there is a checklist at the back of this book that may help with photos to take.
62. This checklist is designed to suit those people moving into an established house share.
63. Our simple MECOM™ Method checklist consists of about 27 different items (broad based).
64. Inspection is formal, structured with adequate supportive materials (checklist forms, etc).
65. I can confidently recommend a system that has all the features listed in the checklist above.
66. Release checks are basically performed before release and it’s typically based on checklist.
67. If the business does produce excess FCF you can move on to the next component of the checklist.
68. How are you going to build something viral? Yours could be a quiz; it could be a checklist, it.
69. Just like a commercial airline pilot, in case of emergency you calmly go through your checklist.
70. You should have a termination checklist to make sure you follow the process according to the law.
71. Thus, we developed a three-part checklist to tell whether it is safe to enter a butterfly trade.
72. I took notice and researched the company based on the checklist items described in this chapter.
73. Use a morning checklist; kids aren’t the only ones who forget things when they’re in a rush.
74. Grabbing the emergency launch checklist with one hand, he flicked switches rapidly with the other.
75. He got Hedy seated and buckled in, then closed the door and began running through his checklist.
76. Do you think a checklist for your investment decisions will save and make you money? It sure will.
77. He replayed how he’d missed the gigantic Symbol days before, running through a mental checklist.
78. Which stock is better in this research checklist item? Obviously, Coca-Cola is the better of the two.
79. Your maintenance schedule for the Emotional Checklist after the first thirty days needs to be once a.
80. If the company keeps earning momentum, that is great, and the company has passed this checklist item.
81. To understand the stock research checklist a bit better, here is an example that uses Infosys Limited.
82. Donovan killed the engine, ran through his postflight checklist, and they crawled out of the Skyhawk.
83. She opened a desk drawer and found the laminated checklist that explained how to work the security cameras.
84. Do your research against the stock research checklist and calculate the intrinsic value of the businesses.
85. Was there fundamental improvement in those companies? Do your research as per the stock research checklist.
86. To do so, you will follow a checklist that demands a thought process, guiding you in your trading decisions.
87. As with many of the other checklist items, you need to compare the ROA with competitors in the same industry.
88. Beginning with the vegetables, he ticked off the ingredients on a mental checklist until he came to the cheese.
89. Are there any weapons in the house? The counselor looked up from what must be a standard sort of checklist.
90. What is the outcome of the diversification? If it is not successful, that company fails on this checklist item.
91. As per the EPS calculation, which we calculated in a previous checklist item, Infosys had EPS growth rate of 24.
92. To that end, I have developed a quick daily checklist and, for Sundays, a more detailed and thorough checklist.
93. As per the checklist items which we created for Infosys, here is the owner income detail for the last 10 years:.
94. Now you need to start researching these lists for companies that pass each item in your stock research checklist.
95. Having a checklist for the items you want to bring can help you in not forgetting certain things when traveling.
96. Aside from that, it would also serve as your checklist of the things that you have already achieved with your dog.
97. By following this checklist, traders can develop an approach that will hopefully hone them in on a trade with edge.
98. Greg heard the servos whine extending the weapons pods, and he knew that she was almost to the end of the checklist.
99. Because the study focused on site content, the checklist used for data collection did not cover technical components.
100. Or, if you like a company with a pension plan and it is one that passed the other checklist items, that is acceptable.

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