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Chequered in a sentence

Shadows chequered the street.
Reed explained the boat's chequered history spanning 30.
The table was covered with a large chequered tablecloth and set.
But a long and chequered path lies before you, and of this I am glad.
Soon Vidya's thoughts began to hover around Suresh’s chequered life.
Her happiness on this occasion was very much a la mortal, finely chequered.
He had changed into denims, chequered shirt, wide-brimmed hat and riding boots.

The driver, dressed in jeans and a red and blue chequered shirt, got in, smiled at us.
Balder stood on the chequered floor in the bedroom, the telephone in his hand, and swore.
A hand descending from the chequered darkness thrust on her head the conical white hat of a pierrot.
Charlotte had had a chequered career; at least, beside my placid life it seemed to have bristled with events.
The discussion was cut short by the arrival of a slim golden haired young woman in snug jeans and a chequered shirt.
That same dull light trickled into my cell, opening up a chequered world of dusk and shadow through the fibres of my hood.
He had since heard her express herself differently, with other feelings, more chequered feelings: he had heard her tell Mrs.
The Modi–Joshi feud has a chequered past but is highly revealing about the man who was now aspiring to be the next prime minister.
Notwithstanding his fondness for women, Ayesha remained his favorite till the very end, though he was enamored of Mariyah, towards the end of his chequered life.
What was this that Jim was letting her in for, at the end of a trying and chequered day? How could he leave her alone with his father-in-law so endlessly, when he must know what he was like?
In the chequered history of Hindustan, its Rajas and their Samantas, who came by dime a dozen all, saw the adjoining territories as but pieces of real estate to be usurped to boost up their vanity or to satiate their greed, and/or both.
While it was Annie Besant, the English woman, who helped the Congress form, Sonia Gandhi, Dame de Italian, might help in its eventual liquidation, of course, with the helping hand from an uninspiring Rahul, her political heir apparent! If not the maturity of the Indian electorate, at least the public allergy for the Congress’ insensitivity to the national ethos could ensure that, and as and when it happens, it could be one of the many ironies of the chequered history of Hindustan.

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