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Chronic in a sentence

may be acute or chronic.
Chronic hypoacid gastri-.
nausea, and chronic illness.
chronic illness as we do today.
relieve chronic pain and so on.
illnesses and chronic illnesses.
nervousness or chronic worrying.

of people with chronic jaw pain.
This loser is a chronic gambler.
that is chronic and debilitating.
It could be transient or chronic.
About 50% of people with chronic.
The airlift was a chronic failure.
costs by preventing chronic disease.
There can be many causes of Chronic.
that accompanies chronic constipation.
migraine, and chronic widespread pain.
most common cause of chronic rhinitis.
experiencing chronic tension headaches.
Recent studies show that the chronic,.
A radical remedy to a chronic headache.
breathing problems, and chronic fatigue.
They played her up something chronic,.
, the chronic dysentery afflicting Shri.
 Chronic itching and skin irritation.
Bronchitis may be either acute or chronic.
Chronic pain can be a sign of inflammation.
potentially chronic situation on her hands.
I was placed in jail as a chronic runaway.

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Synonyms for chronic

chronic inveterate continuing