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Cigarette in a sentence

1. She lit up a cigarette.
2. He was smoking a cigarette.
3. The Chinese lit a cigarette.
4. He threw his cigarette away.
5. The ash from his cigarette.
6. He was lighting a cigarette.
7. Nate dragged on his cigarette.

8. The owner lighted a cigarette.
9. He lit yet another cigarette.
10. I lit a cigarette and smoked.
11. He stubbed out the cigarette.
12. Bent to puff at his cigarette.
13. More mashing of the cigarette.
14. He hurled his cigarette from.
15. Vinny puffed on his cigarette.
16. Chalmers spat the cigarette out.
17. Also a plastic cigarette lighter.
18. Inside were five cigarette butts.
19. A cigarette dangles from his lips.
20. He had smoked his lucky cigarette.
21. They offered me a cigarette, and.
22. No cigarette burns, no bone snaps.
23. He took out a cigarette and lit it.
24. Her cigarette retreated to her hip.
25. He took a cigarette from the case.
26. She puffs calmly at her cigarette.
27. I lit the wrong end of a cigarette.
28. Ted is wreathed in cigarette smoke.
29. It was a good time for a cigarette.
30. Disconcerted, Midge lit a cigarette.
31. He smoked a little black cigarette.
32. He was rolling himself a cigarette.
33. He took out a cigarette and lit up.
34. Fumbled in her bag for a cigarette.
35. Mister Cigarette hurries after her.
36. He sighed and lit another cigarette.
37. A cigarette was lit, revealing two.
38. He went outside and lit a cigarette.
39. She flicked her cigarette out into.
40. The captain considered his cigarette.
41. He removed a cigarette from the pack.
42. To his dismay, Barry lit a cigarette.
43. And had somehow obtained a cigarette.
44. Cigarette in one, glass in the other.
45. He lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply.
46. She lights a cigarette, offers him one.
47. Cigarette smoking is toxic to the body.
48. Chunt took out a cigarette and lit it.
49. There walks up a man with a cigarette.
50. Now he’d almost kill for a cigarette.
51. She lit a cigarette and offered him one.
52. O'Connor, lighting his cigarette with.
53. She pulls the cigarette from her mouth.
54. She smiles at him, puffs her cigarette.
55. He sat back happily and lit a cigarette.
56. The monster lit her cigarette, and as.
57. Fred lit himself a cigarette and waited.
58. He grinned and reached for a cigarette.
59. He had an unlit cigarette in his mouth.
60. Another cigarette came out of the pack.
61. A cigarette burned between two fingers.
62. The tip of the cigarette began to glow.
63. Give me a cigarette, please, Captain.
64. He lit a cigarette and sat on the grass.
65. He dropped his cigarette out the window.
66. Carroll was smoking a crumpled cigarette.
67. The press agent threw down his cigarette.
68. The cigarette seemed to be calming his.
69. He lit another cigarette and looked down.
70. She removes the cigarette from her mouth.
71. And the perfume of the cigarette with it.
72. This would always be the last cigarette.
73. He hadn't smoked a cigarette in 5 hours.
74. The rocket? He inspected his cigarette.
75. He was smoking a strong smelling cigarette.
76. He took another long drag on the cigarette.
77. Tom and Alistair smoked a cigarette apiece.
78. The cigarette butt in the plastic baggie.
79. Theo sat down and then offered a cigarette.
80. He stopped and drew on the cigarette again.
81. On entering the mud hut he lit a cigarette.
82. One of the thugs lit a cigarette as if it.
83. Soon he got normal and threw the cigarette.
84. Then he shook his head and lit a cigarette.
85. He flicked his cigarette out of the window.
86. Stephen lit a cigarette with elaborate pains.
87. He needs a cigarette, he needs nicotine now.
88. She stubbed out the cigarette, the last one.
89. This is a Scotch and cigarette conversation.
90. He lit a cigarette and remembered yesterday.
91. She desired but one thing now—a cigarette.
92. She reloaded her holder and lit the cigarette.
93. Balancing an unlit cigarette on his lip, he.
94. He planted another cigarette between his lips.
95. She pulls the unlit cigarette from her mouth.
96. I watched him flick a cigarette into the road.
97. Vinny withdrew the cigarette from his mouth.
98. Paul returned to his seat and lit a cigarette.
99. One of the butts was from a Steels cigarette.
100. Charlie was puffing irritably on a cigarette.

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