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Clement in a sentence

1. God is Knowing and Clement.
2. Abraham was kind and clement.
3. Clement Juglar and Decourcy W.
4. God is Omniscient and Clement.
5. We’ve shown that Clement is.
6. Clement then turned to face Adams.
7. Your Lord is Clement and Merciful.

8. He is Most Clement, Most Forgiving.
9. He is indeed the Forgiver, the Clement.
10. Clement Hubbell was in the latter category.
11. Clement Stone, who, as I mentioned in the.
12. The pope, Clement VI, had condemned flagellants.
13. At one point, Rhonda Clement smiled gently to her.
14. The Roots of Christian Mysticism, by Oliver Clement.
15. Clement handed the bottle to Doone and uncorked a second.
16. Truman, British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, and Stalin.
17. Clement, to put the claim categorically into words would be.
18. Clement smiled at Ken and Ingrid while showing the bungalow.
20. William Clement, who was watching him closely, saw his reaction.
21. Clement, a grave expression on his face, pointed an index at her.
22. Ingrid tensed up at once on hearing the grave tone used by Clement.
23. In addition, according to Garry Clement, who worked at the time as an.
24. Social Democracy in England The story of Clement Attlee and the philosophical.
25. The early so-called church fathers, Clement of Rome (said to be a companion of.
26. In the midst of the conference the priest stood up to see what Clement was doing.
27. Clement was thus listening and watching very carefully as Ken answered John Adams.
28. The seventh of eight children, Clement grew up in a comfortable middle-class family.
29. Were it not for God's grace upon you, and His mercy, and that God is Clement and Merciful.
30. Stunned, lawyer Clement could only blink and at last, in a squashed voice, bleat: I'm leaving.
31. Clement impersonates an actor and auditions for the part of Clement himself and wins the role.
32. The arrival of Prime Minister Clement Attlee caught the Queen as she was still pondering her position.
33. With Clement and the driver leaving them, Ken and Ingrid found themselves alone with the two servants.
34. Napoleon certainly he knew something of, inasmuch as he had seen and spoken with him; but of Clement VII.
35. All of that shows us the Compassion and the Clemency of God, the Almighty, for Al'lah is Clement and Merciful.
36. It was a family heirloom, more than a hundred years old, carved by a goldsmith from Siena and blessed by Clement IV.
37. I could still hear his breathless voice over the phone saying I had to come quick—he had Clement Hubbell in custody.
38. The vision of another world is ascribed to Er, the son of Armenius, who is said by Clement of Alexandria to have been Zoroaster.
39. God described His messenger by saying that he was …one who is solicitous over you and who is clement and merciful to true believers.
40. Early writers, Eusebius, Irenaeus, Clement, Origin, and others say Revelation was written in the reign of Domitian, which was years after A.
41. The Fabian Society’s Sidney Webb hired Clement Attlee in 1909 to work for the National Committee for the Prevention of Destitution, a group Mr.
42. With airmen loading quickly their luggage in the big trunk of the staff car, Clement sat in the front passenger seat, letting Ken and Ingrid take the back seat.
43. On her part, Ingrid kept to general subjects as she spoke with Rhonda Clement and three other Navy wives, who were mostly curious about the situation in England.
44. Its weather is pleasant and clement, and the houses therein are surrounded by thickets and trees from which ripe fruit and refreshing, enchanting flowers dangle.
45. He witnesses the Name, the Compassionate overwhelming all creatures with His endless Compassion, and sees the Name, the Clement surrounding them with His Clemency.
46. He considered kicking back at the man’s knees, but since that action could get his throat cut, he held up his hands and said, Nothing to be concerned about, Clement.
47. And He says: There has now come to you a messenger of your own, one who grieves at your sinfulness and is solicitous over you, and to true believers, he is clement and merciful.
48. Again and again, in my more clement and thoughtful moments I recognized how unfairly I had confined her life and would allow her in no way to let her needs take precedence to mine.
49. With a smile of summer satisfaction, Clement, the lawyer, poured the wine, glug by glug, down into the grave, over the wine-carton box in which Lord Kilgotten's thirsty bones were hid.
50. Clement attends a performance just as Amanda is going through Cole Porter’s My Heart Belongs to Daddy, a full-on production number with a half dozen chorus boys, staged by Jack Cole.
51. Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians, with the fierce ascetic diatribes of Tertullian, the incredible futility of much that remains even of Justin, the lame interpretations of Origen and Clement.
52. After showing us His Grandeur and Might and acquainting us with His Kindness and Tenderness, the Almighty moved wonder at the state of the reluctant man who shuns away his Clement and Sympathetic Creator.
53. There we touch pure conjecture again, and therefore shall not pursue the theme, with Clement and other ante-Nicene writers, who nevertheless positively declare the apostolic tradition to be as we have hinted.
54. Thereby the communicant believer becomes clement with all of creation, is merciful, brave, and generous, attains such moralities as are derived from God, and is colored with them through communication with Him.
55. As Amanda, she is appearing in an off-Broadway review that targets the foibles of celebrities: Callas, Cliburn, Elvis, and Jean-Marc Clement, a French-born billionaire industrialist living in Manhattan (Montand).
56. After ‘Quraish’ Fortress has clarified to us the discipline of this wonderful universe and what is in it of coordination, harmony, and regulation, and acquainted us with our great Creator and how clement and Merciful He is with.
57. This comes after the ‘Quraish’ Fortress has clarified to us the discipline of this wonderful universe and its coordination, harmony, and regulation, and has acquainted us with our Great Creator and how Clement and Merciful He is with humanity.
58. This extended view of our Lord’s preaching is no mere outcoming of modern thought, but was held in the early Church, with different modifications, by writers like Hermas, Clement of Alexandria, Irenaeus, and Justin Martyr’ (Bible Educator, i.
59. IT HADN’T TAKEN Joe long to locate Clement Hubbell, the man who’d been convicted of rape, had done twenty years in Chino, and had been released two weeks before the first of what Joe saw as five linked murders, one a year on the twelfth of May.
60. The early so-called church fathers, Clement of Rome (said to be a companion of Paul), Ignatius (killed 107), Theophilus (died 181), Justin Martyr (killed 166), Tatian, Irenaeus, and others of the second century writers believed in conditional immortality.
61. Out of the compassion which was impressed in the spirit of the messenger (cpth) he acquired by his nearness to his Creator, he became lenient with the creatures, kind in treating them, eager for guiding and indicating them and clement and gracious with them.
62. Ingrid was a little nervous this afternoon as she stood besides Ken in the company of Admiral Thomas Hart and of Lieutenant Colonel Clement while an army major was knocking politely on a door bearing a brass plate with the acronym ‘CinC USAFFE’ engraved on it.
63. We are fairly puzzled by his manner of mixing up real and imaginary persons; his boy John Clement and Peter Giles, citizen of Antwerp, with whom he disputes about the precise words which are supposed to have been used by the (imaginary) Portuguese traveller, Raphael Hythloday.
64. The premise of Let’s Make Love has Marilyn portraying musical comedy actress Amanda Dell, appearing in an off-Broadway revue that satirizes celebrities, including the fictional Jean-Marc Clement (Montand), a French-born billionaire industrialist who is now headquartered in New York City.
65. Men are deceived by the glory of the martyrs as to the character of the second century in its theological aspect; and never will apostolic Scripture regain its due supremacy until we have learned that Justin, Tatian, Theophilus, Clement, Athenagoras, Tertullian, and Minutius Felix were unworthy successors of John, Paul, Peter, Luke, and Matthew.
66. Clement Shorter, who gives us the skeleton of a bibliography that is all too brief, draws special attention tòNew Numbers', a quarterly publication issued in Gloucestershire, to which Brooke contributed in February, April, August, and December of last year, his fellow poets being Lascelles Abercrombie, John Drinkwater, and Wilfrid Wilson Gibson.
67. Clement Clemance, after presenting a carefully drawn table of the limited and unlimited senses of aijw>n and aijwniov, and maintaining that it would be unsafe to affirm positively that these words are used in their infinite sense in relation to retribution, since it is the fact that there is no statement which we can discover, either in the Old or New Testament, which refers to evil, that is so strongly worded in its expression of duration as is the phrase in Psalm cxlv.
68. Shyness and chivalry; clemency and mercy; sympathy, tenderness and pity; knowledge; patience; wisdom; courage, intrepidity and bravery; generosity, open-handedness and liberality; justice, loftiness and continence; good management and fine conduct and direction of one’s affairs and such like: whichever of these qualities you mention, all of them were possessed by the brave commander and the bold hero, the veteran politician, the experienced leader, the judicious scholar, the wise master, the merciful clement man, the clear-eyed and discerning ruler.
69. Barnabas, Clement of Rome, Hermas,.
70. The early so-called church fathers, Clement of Rome [said to be a companion of Paul],.

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