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    close out

    1. He held her again at arms length, saw trust in her eyes and, with his hands light upon her, pulled her close to his chest and nuzzled into her hair, squeezing shut his eyes to close out his apprehension

    2. premium is to close out the long position before expiry or to

    3. broker to exercise or close out the option before or on the

    4. Or it may happen that it is difficult to close out both legs at

    5. ■ Close Out the Project


    7. Wait until the price breaks the trend line and then close out the short position

    8. Wait until the price breaks the trend line and the stochastic is moving down from an overbought condition below the 80 line, and then close out the long position

    9. But what I would like to do is close out this chapter with a quote from

    10. and a few weeks in July or so, where we close out all positions win/lose or break even…we

    11. On another occasion I called to close out a

    12. Jesus chose to close out the dispensational traditions of

    13. What better place is there to have some fun than at a bank? You may want to avoid trying this at the one you patronize, unless you’re ready to close out your account

    14. Garcia nodded and waited for the signal to close out before he made another call

    15. Annie led him to the reading table in the back, left Marcus to close out the register

    16. close out the dig site

    17. could now run multiple applications at once without having to close out

    18. The same guy that was at the death of LD was here to close out the triangle of violence

    19. Although it made him uneasy, he could not tell for some moments what close outside: a smoke smell -- something was burning

    20. Blomkvist had wanted to thank her for the handsome contribution to help close out the Serner dispute

    21. And as long as Melanie lived, she could go into rooms with Ashley and close the door—and close out the rest of the world

    22. Last, three variations of breakout trades bring up the rear and close out the chapter

    23. (In this case, the entry condition for pullbacks required a close outside the band, rather than a simple touch

    24. They quickly close out losing trades and reverse or wait on the sidelines, ready to re-enter

    25. When bulls and bears don't expect the market to move in their favor, they close out their positions, reducing open interest

    26. Open a money market account, and every time you close out a profitable naked writing position, throw 10 percent of your profit into that account

    27. This is because it is year end and two things happen: funds with risky strategies, often involving short positions, close out so they can go off on holiday early, and standard fund managers buy stocks they own to spike them for the year end and, thereby, show better returns than they deserve

    28. More importantly, if you have a position in the market you will have the confidence to stay in that position, and exit when your VPA analysis signals tell you to close out

    29. As the market approaches these areas, speculators and investors grab the chance to exit the market, usually grateful to be able to close out with a small loss

    30. Finally the market reverses back to where they first entered their position, and they exit, relieved to have been able to close out with just a small loss

    31. As an options writer you are almost never forced to fulfill the obligation to buy the underlying security because you can close out your position before it is exercised

    32. If you don’t want to close out your options, then you can roll them

    33. If volatile action begins to occur, close out the position and then consider whether you want to resell further out-of-the-money options or just sit on the sidelines entirely

    34. Also, we like to close out our “Neutral Option Positions” when option premium drops 75-80%, or any option is worth less than $50

    35. However, if evidence later arises to show us that the trend has possibly changed or for other reasons we decide to “bank” our profits, we close out the position

    36. In this case, if the market begins to collapse and we are at a $200 loss or more we then close out this position

    37. However, we recommend that if the option you have sold goes in-the-money by more than one strike price, close out this position

    38. Since unlimited risk can occur in this strategy if the market continued higher than $47, for money management principles, we always close out the position, if the price of the commodity exceeds the price of the options we sold

    39. For example, if crude were to exceed $42 at any time, we would close out this position

    40. However, if we were able to hold this position for about thirty days, the time decay of the short options would normally protect us from loss, even if we had to close out the position after that

    41. Secondly, the consequences of this occurring are not “account threatening” as a substantial profit has already been made on this trade; third, an astute trader can decide to close out the “covered call” at any time when he sees the market beginning to make a large move

    42. ” However, if implied volatility did not return to “normal” before the options had less than 20 days to go, I would close out (or adjust) the straddle early because its vega will have deteriorated

    43. Furthermore, one can take an equivalent option position opposite to his (losing) futures position, and effectively close out the position at the current loss without risking further limit moves on succeeding days

    44. At SMB we ask our traders to close out their intraday positions if they have given back 30 percent of their trading profits for the day

    45. • Rudy didn’t close out his positions when they went against his stop by more than $0

    46. The next thing is the bar has to close outside of the trend line to enter the trade

    47. Also note when the stock traded but did not close outside the lower pattern boundary

    48. We will close out our option trades prior to their expiration date for a profit or, in some cases, a loss

    49. As an example, if we were to purchase a June $70 call option for $5 and the stock moved to $80, the $70 strike price would have a minimum value of $10; so, instead of buying the stock for $70 per share when it is worth $80 per share, we would sell the option for $10 to close out the trade

    50. Third, the stock drops in value and you still own the stock and keep the premium; but, what if the stock shows great downside risk and you’d like to sell the stock before the expiration date? You’ll need to close out the option trade by buying back (buy to close) the exact option strike price for the exact expiration month

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