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    close up

    1. Slow close up on the elderly woman having an animated

    2. So listen, nice to meet you and all, but I need to close up shop here if that's it?"

    3. In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches thereof; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old (Amos 9:11)

    4. Lady Kate asked me to relay a request for you to close up the house

    5. director of the television broadcast cut to close ups of the young

    6. “Not close up,” Tom replied, “But we have been on the receiving

    7. ” She pulled two samples and closed the catalog, returned it to the office and called over her shoulder as she went back to the house, “Supper's at seven; you probably should close up soon to get ready, Hipolyta's gonna be in the bathroom a bit longer this evening

    8. So the wise girl retired for the time, but, of course, a good deal of the smell of hot cabbage remained behind, as it will do, and Toad, between his sobs, sniffed and reflected, and gradually began to think new and inspiring thoughts: of chivalry, and poetry, and deeds still to be done; of broad meadows, and cattle browsing in them, raked by sun and wind; of kitchen-gardens, and straight herb-borders, and warm snap-dragon beset by bees; and of the comforting clink of dishes set down on the table at Toad Hall, and the scrape of chair-legs on the floor as everyone pulled himself close up to the table

    9. Seeing her close up, the captain only scowled

    10. I’m going out beyond the fence and wait till every network has a close up of my face and announce that an FBI Special Agent, Herbert Nelson, a man with a personal grudge against me has concocted a story of an affair between the wife of Tony Reilly and myself and has gone as far as implicating us in his murder

    11. The TV camera stayed on him in close up before going to the booth

    12. The Jewish Chronicle had taken close ups of the bikes and bikers but ignoring the TVR and were clearly putting the blame on the biker’s heads

    13. The neural silicon-organic webbing was now almost fully formed; the processor core would close up with a protective EM casing, possibly within a few hours, and the device would be aware of any anomalies

    14. man's chair close up to the oven with her own hand

    15. close up to his breast--it was this little dog

    16. The clearing went into the forest thirty feet or so, only to close up v-shaped

    17. Then, using his nimble ability to twist things to his purpose claimed to misinterpret when she shouted that he should let go the woman he was raping like some drooling, low-life redneck! So, she thought, last night was no misunderstanding; he released them intentionally because he thought that, with them free, I’d close up operations and help him chase his non-existent pot of gold

    18. You’ll need stitches to close up that baby, and you’ll probably have to spend the rest of the morning looking for Beth too

    19. Then this little smile came over his face at about the same time there was a close up of Scotty Pippen doing a two handed slam dunk right in the face of Patrick Ewing

    20. tabernacle of David that is fallen, and close up the breaches of it; and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old:

    21. The prominent portrait of me on the side of the room instantly caught my eye; it was a close up black and white candid shot

    22. The picture in the frame was of me and him back when I was only a child but I love that picture, I think I was about eight or nine but it was a close up of me sitting on his lap

    23. Close up he recognized her as a girl he had seen in many movies

    24. Based on that crew's response, we had taken their spot, for they sailed close upon our stern-post, hurling many a curse over their bow

    25. The lead wagon halted, and although the other carters had been instructed to close up, their instincts took over—they stopped and took cover

    26. Close up of a butterfly’s head shows the

    27. would close up for him, and probably wonder what was going on

    28. "No, when the batch goes, we close up shop," Raymond said

    29. From close up it was appallingly apparent that someone had taken to the panels with an inexpertly guided skill-saw

    30. finished, the coffee shop proprietor was looking to close up

    31. He had been the last man out of the changing rooms to the annoyance of the attendant who liked to close up at ten

    32. Atlai did not close up, like he had on the day of his family’s death

    33. mountains that had once been distant and hazy, were now close up and the slopes, sometimes almost vertical yet still covered with pines and firs, came down out of the clouds and plunged straight into the sea

    34. were one hundred times sexier close up

    35. Close up, Travis saw that the pale skin which appeared smooth from a distance was sallow and wrinkled

    36. The distinguished mop of silver hair at a distance was powdery white and very thin and fragile close up

    37. Close up all the safe harbors to seek repairs in


    39. Lily and Colleen had left for the day and Jamie only had an hour left before she could close up

    40. Lisa you should close up shop, immediately and then we can

    41. “I remember the room” “I’ll be there after I close up here, about 10 minutes

    42. Corporations would have to modify the way they did business or close up shop

    43. I'd have to close up the company, give up years of work, in

    44. 3 inch streaks did not show on a close up of his face; see below for a copy of the Life photo

    45. Soon, the consulate in Benghazi would begin to officially close up the

    46. Peter warned them, they had 30 minutes to close up the tunnel and go, before the security men came by

    47. “First we have to close up the peritoneum with absorbable sutures; this holds the abdominal contents in place when we individually close the two layers of muscle, and skin

    48. The young trolls, with their insatiable curiosity, wanted to see the beasts close up

    49. His mission was to study the people of the planet close up

    50. There was a close up of the starship with the

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