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  1. Don’t cognize, what a real Love is.
  2. You need to realize it with the help of your mind and join your soul in common aspirations to cognize it.
  3. Based on this, you should picture that our outward reality (the true energy-information structure of interrelations of which we are unable either to evaluate or to cognize in 99.
  4. By this printing, you rush to obtain your requires and cognize everything, so by it your Provider taught you so that you can fulfill your needs and recognize the beings as you can enjoy and take pleasure in the delicacies which He created for you.
  5. It turns out that for the elucidation of the most important truths, of those on which his whole life depends, a man must by no means employ reason, but must recognize these truths as beyond reason, whereas beyond reason a man cannot cognize anything.

  6. All of us, living creatures of a countless number of Universes, constantly choose, just for a very short instant, among this entire diversity of different-quality Forms and ways of existence, only the ones which, for some reason, are most interesting to us; and, being focused in them, we cognize, through their characteristic interrelations, That Which we define subjectively to ourselves as Life.
  7. However, it is You, not they, who has refocused exactly into this NUU-VVU-Configuration (but not into another one, among countless variants of them available for your choice) to cognize Yourself through a particular Experience; moreover, You made it all by Yourself and completely voluntarily! It means that the things that have happened to you are extremely necessary not to somebody else, but only to You, because without this Experience You will not be able to start the next stage of Your development (the dynamics of higher-qualitative refocusings).
  8. So, through the slloogrent Information and narrowly-specific subjective Experience (they are contained in Configurations of UU-VVU-Forms (VVU-Information) and in Configurations of UU-VVU-copies (Experience) continuously differentiated by the UU-VVU-Forms into the information “space” of ODS that actively participate in the different-qualitative creative dynamics of your Self-Consciousness), when you gain some practical skills, you can not only explore Formo-systems of Worlds of this type of Reality (through the so-called “ethereal projections”), but also — through the superdiscrete subjective dynamics of SVUULL-VVU- and LUUD-VVU-copies — cognize narrowly-specific features of the creativity of low-qualitative Spheres of creativity of your individual ODS, like I used to do it when I wrote my books of “the Art of Dying” series.
  9. Most religious people usually assume that in order to cognize God they must definitely overcome all earthly passions and some of them do it so passionately that they don’t notice that in the course of time THIS very feature of their character, thinking and feeling turns into a real passion! My advice is: there is no use to stoically, and sometimes tragically, try to overcome some of your passions (lower Desires), exerting every effort not in practicing spirituality, but only in strengthening lower Aspects of ARGLLAAMUNI — obstinacy, silly physical endurance, recklessness, peevishness, impudence; try just to ACCEPT them, then UNDERSTAND, and after this start to gradually CHANGE them, turning the difficult process of getting rid of something into a pleasant enjoyment of something (for example, of the very process of creativity, conscious correction of yourself according to the highest Formo-Image), because your resistance only strengthens that of which you want to get rid.

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