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Cohesive in a sentence

I think that this was my most cohesive dream yet.
Both were uncommonly real and lucid, and exceedingly cohesive.
She decided to forgo her ambitions of creating a cohesive unit.
It isn’t cohesive to the situation, and I need to stay focused.
heart of warmth our fraternity is a cohesive one, it is said, and it.
) cement it together into a cohesive working whole, with Solí as the axis.
For a star to live harmoniously, the balance between the cohesive force.

If you do this, South Africa will have a far more honest, cohesive and ef-.
deserved a viable, cohesive answer, but he just didn’t have time to explain.
cohesive crib thing, but we always found a talker and always had local pick-.
Only when the measurement is taken as a cohesive whole, will the performance.
The archbishop had said it could help build a better and more cohesive society.
would interfere with their individual duties and their ability to maintain a cohesive.
The objective becomes to find a cohesive exit strategy that enables an investor.
They are in actual fact a single connected cohesive connected-separated Causal Totality.
Simply because humans do not organize or look at things in a cohesive, holistic fashion.
My thoughts scattered yet again and I did my best to corral them into a cohesive pattern.
be coordinated to form a cohesive picture, and operating characteristics will not tell the.
She was the leader; she'd managed to galvanized age-old enemies into a cohesive fighting force.
services – which is, gathering intelligence and presenting that information into cohesive and.
Your thoughts and feelings and actions should be one cohesive whole…They should be simultaneous.
Its dynamic is the tool-dynamic of Separation: separating people from any small, cohesive social unit.
Smythe wasn't streetwise enough to blend truth and falsehood in order to give a cohesive strength to his story.
news is that well-patterned stocks (which imply cohesive traders) tend to produce the most reliable candle signals.
The stiff fruits mean the ‘cohesive fruits’; that is of cohesive parts such as apples, quince and other kinds.
In fact, the group is so cohesive and passionate about investing that more than a few have developed lasting friendships on the site.
So if he wasn’t thinking about it, do you think Bernanke and Trichet were? No one was thinking about this; there was no cohesive plan.
In the heat of battle or in the moments leading up to it, sometimes thoughts which had been floating around formlessly coalesce into a cohesive whole.
Marine, and civilian law enforcement units into symbiotic security force operations provides a cohesive whole to national security training and operations.
Instead of the entire band solidly packed together into a single cohesive mass of touching-nestling-loving-warm bodies, they were forced to sleep around a fire.
The part-timers will, hopefully, fill up the middle ground, possessing an idea of both worlds and hopefully amalgamating the group into a cohesive working unit.

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