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Cohesive in a sentence

Factory Building, on the Cohesive System, 739.
I think that this was my most cohesive dream yet.
Both were uncommonly real and lucid, and exceedingly cohesive.
She decided to forgo her ambitions of creating a cohesive unit.
It isn’t cohesive to the situation, and I need to stay focused.
If you do this, South Africa will have a far more honest, cohesive and ef-.
For a star to live harmoniously, the balance between the cohesive force.

The prevailing power of evil is the cohesive force that binds them together.
The reasonable activity of humanity is to destroy the cohesive power of evil.
Only when the measurement is taken as a cohesive whole, will the performance.
The archbishop had said it could help build a better and more cohesive society.
The objective becomes to find a cohesive exit strategy that enables an investor.
My thoughts scattered yet again and I did my best to corral them into a cohesive pattern.
Simply because humans do not organize or look at things in a cohesive, holistic fashion.
They are in actual fact a single connected cohesive connected-separated Causal Totality.
She was the leader; she'd managed to galvanized age-old enemies into a cohesive fighting force.
Your thoughts and feelings and actions should be one cohesive whole…They should be simultaneous.
Its dynamic is the tool-dynamic of Separation: separating people from any small, cohesive social unit.
Smythe wasn't streetwise enough to blend truth and falsehood in order to give a cohesive strength to his story.
The stiff fruits mean the ‘cohesive fruits’; that is of cohesive parts such as apples, quince and other kinds.
In fact, the group is so cohesive and passionate about investing that more than a few have developed lasting friendships on the site.
In the heat of battle or in the moments leading up to it, sometimes thoughts which had been floating around formlessly coalesce into a cohesive whole.
Marine, and civilian law enforcement units into symbiotic security force operations provides a cohesive whole to national security training and operations.
Instead of the entire band solidly packed together into a single cohesive mass of touching-nestling-loving-warm bodies, they were forced to sleep around a fire.
The part-timers will, hopefully, fill up the middle ground, possessing an idea of both worlds and hopefully amalgamating the group into a cohesive working unit.
It was the Democrats’ Great Society of welfare and single moms that destroyed black communities that had been cohesive and successful even under segregation.
The center’s mission is to find solutions to interpersonal conflicts, to prevent violence, and to contribute to the creation of a more cohesive and civil community.
As foragers, humans had to cooperate willingly with each other in order for the group to survive and exist in peaceful harmony as a cohesive, balanced, functioning unit.
Some chart patterns suggest a very cohesive, almost cooperative interaction of the cast of players (key traders to the last private party), while others are anything but.
The German revolution in 1848 had attempted to overthrow feudalism in the more than thirty states that were ruled by petty princes, in the hope of creating a cohesive nation.
When I failed to form a cohesive thought, I gathered my bearings and packed my pink gym bag, sprinting to the parking lot as a result of the staggering adrenaline rush I had received.
But the anticipation of generating allusions brings the surprise and satisfaction at having created the illusion that you knew what you were doing… which you did, but not in a cohesive way.
It is also written for those who are inspired by the idea of creating cohesive, purposeful, abundant and joyful life where you are paid to do what you love whilst advancing our col ective evolution.
Those very fortunate women were the first to reassemble the arcane traditions and customs of our people---the Lascorii, I mean---into an intelligible, cohesive compendium of training and instruction.
With larger and larger groups: how do you get everybody to cooperate willingly as a cohesive social unit? It becomes harder and harder to effectively coordinate all of the various activities of the group as a whole.
What spirit was it that inspired the unfailing manifestations of their simple fidelity? No outward cohesive force of compulsion or discipline was holding them together or had ever shaped their unexpressed standards.
To imagine that it 'just happened,' is not only implausible but contradicts the evidence of the rapid diaspora of man across the continents in cohesive groups accomplishing cooperative feats of civilized development.
If we approach change in the order of belief first, followed by our feelings, thoughts and actions, then the achievement of our desired goals becomes easy and cohesive rather than a struggle stemming from internal conflict.
The reason the atheist or the Christian or the Buddhist can know anything, is because God made the world cohesive (or in such a way as to trick us substantially – although He would be violating the law of non-contradiction).
What I am going to suggest is that by combining all three we have the ability to create cohesive, purposeful, abundant and joyful lives where we are paid to do what we love and enjoy whilst advancing our collective evolution.

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