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Colour in a sentence

It is red in colour.
The Colour Of Her Eyes.
It affords a red colour.
Lend colour to the form.
My car is silver in colour.
My watch is gold in colour.
Deep blue in colour, was.

Her colour is coming back.
Gaudy colour warns you off.
Seeing the World in Colour.
One can see only by colour.
The colour was in her cheeks.
INTERIM: The colour and noise.
Green colour is very pleasing.
Dark red in colour and about 2.
I had no idea what colour I was.
The colour rushed into her face.
Her cheeks flooded with colour.
His face was drained of colour.
Yet my world was full of colour.
One can see only by colour and.
His skin colour to name only one.
For its colour, why, it is black.
It's the same colour as his hair.
Deane lost all colour in his face.
The Yale lock had changed colour.
It was the colour of light honey.
What colour was the Light?
The plants are losing their colour.
The add colour and rhythm to the.
The only colour available was blue.
Crass was there mixing some colour.
She was all colour with her.
The shoes were light tan in colour.
It is reddish-white in colour and.
It was the same colour as his eyes.
Upgrade the colour of the theraband.
It is not the shape, but the colour.
Her colour was up, her eyes flashed.
When the colour changes on the top.

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