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Colour in a sentence

1. It is red in colour.
2. The Colour Of Her Eyes.
3. It affords a red colour.
4. Lend colour to the form.
5. Deep blue in colour, was.
6. My watch is gold in colour.
7. Her colour is coming back.

8. My car is silver in colour.
9. Seeing the World in Colour.
10. Gaudy colour warns you off.
11. The colour was in her cheeks.
12. One can see only by colour.
13. Green colour is very pleasing.
14. INTERIM: The colour and noise.
15. I had no idea what colour I was.
16. Dark red in colour and about 2.
17. The colour rushed into her face.
18. His face was drained of colour.
19. Her cheeks flooded with colour.
20. His skin colour to name only one.
21. Yet my world was full of colour.
22. One can see only by colour and.
23. It was the colour of light honey.
24. For its colour, why, it is black.
25. It's the same colour as his hair.
26. The Yale lock had changed colour.
27. What colour was the Light?
28. Deane lost all colour in his face.
29. The plants are losing their colour.
30. The add colour and rhythm to the.
31. The shoes were light tan in colour.
32. She was all colour with her.
33. Crass was there mixing some colour.
34. It is reddish-white in colour and.
35. The only colour available was blue.
36. It was the same colour as his eyes.
37. Upgrade the colour of the theraband.
38. He thought he saw a flash of colour.
39. Sophie’s cheeks showed some colour.
40. I know what colour her eyes would be.
41. It is not the shape, but the colour.
42. Her skin colour was not looking good.
43. Her colour was up, her eyes flashed.
44. When the colour changes on the top.
45. Dark yellow, the colour of jaundice.
46. Phoebe glowed in intense colour.
47. Thank you Colour Sergeant Wallace.
48. The colour drained from Jane’s face.
49. He knew what colour her eyes would be.
50. Colour, and yet no colour now is seen.
51. Colour of the sun and the metal gold.
52. It was octarine, the colour of magic.
53. It will attain a GOLDEN yellow colour.
54. Richard's cheeks flushed with colour.
55. She had wanted shoes in every colour.
56. Downgrade the colour of the theraband.
57. The next week is colour coded in blue.
58. The city square was awash with colour.
59. The colour drained from her face and.
60. The country gave a hint of colour to.
61. His eyes were the right colour for it.
62. It was a horrible wine or maroon colour.
63. The boy’s face was the colour of bone.
64. The sky was the colour of a robin’s.
65. I’ll mix the inks when we run colour.
66. His hair was the colour of straw, and.
67. What she saw was a bird in full colour.
68. His vest was the colour of fresh blood.
69. It is in the colour but not the colour.
70. When the colour changes on the top and.
71. Fern knew her face had drained of colour.
72. I said, what colour is the grass?
73. We had painted it blue - the colour of.
74. For the rain could show up colour that.
75. The hood’s dark colour may have helped.
76. When the colour had changed dark, use a.
77. She said she wanted colour, or something.
78. And remember the colour and type of the.
79. The colour of the illusory body is white.
80. That show of such an exercise may colour.
81. The colour changed becoming more intense.
82. And I saw as the colour of amber, as the.
83. The colour drained from my father’s face.
84. They lose both taste and colour, and are.
85. Another light, blue in colour, flickered.
86. If, however, you have colour on one side.
87. Her colour came up, her grey eyes flashed.
88. The cornflowers matched the colour of her.
89. Joyce smiled; her cheeks showing some colour.
90. Colour came in his cheeks, he shut his eyes.
91. Her red nail polish was the same colour as.
92. A red colour was rapidly spreading outwards.
93. The colour of the walls changed into yellow.
94. And all but cry with colour! That gaunt crag.
95. Plenty of colour and vegetation, everything.
96. This colour reminded Nekhludoff of something.
97. It was the only splash of colour in the gloom.
98. The morning was of a lovely limpid gold colour.
99. But when she stood up to walk, the colour went.
100. Nevertheless, the colour had returned to her.

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