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    1. As their supreme commander in military and spiritual matters, (one and the same in Qaida's sacred texts) Haadij Vincef Doesshef was the most important soul aboard

    2. overseers or leaders of the church): chief commander

    3. Once Hardway’s battlegroup and convoy had finally rendezvoused with Admiral Ming’s combined fleet over the debris field that had been an alien task force only hours ago, the Air Group Commander called the Lancers to Bay 23 in full flight gear

    4. The Council of Faith and Doctrine was supreme, even to the Commander when they were unanimous and there was no military battle in progress

    5. He wondered if someone had recalled their commander from backup and Vincef had found a way to regain control of the expedition? He was glad his sentence had only lasted three days

    6. “Commander to the Bridge, Commander Wayside to the Bridge,” came over the intercom

    7. “Yes we do, but they were created in space above the planet on a floating science laboratory;” Duncan began to protest but Kai held up his large hand, “it is cloaked Commander

    8. ” He held up his hand and made a fist thumping his chest, “That is what we call ourselves Commander; we are the Ogatu

    9. “I hope the ride was enjoyable Commander Duncan, Lady Rayne,” said the pilot as he stood up and bowed slightly

    10. Lord Tarak sat forward and stared at Duncan, “That world you found me on Commander Duncan; that was Agria

    11. “Phoenix here Commander, nice to hear your voice,” Alexei promptly replied, “how are things there, over?”

    12. He is the Commander of the Phoenix, single and very available

    13. Gordon stared at the commander and found him to be a truly honest man, just as the reports had described him

    14. commander in the Royal Horse Guards and heir to the fourteenth

    15. “The men have trained long and hard sir, they are ready,” assured the commander

    16. “Yes, yes Commander, this will be the final time we will have to bother with these creatures

    17. Alexi took over as Commander of the Phoenix, and Lady Tara accompanied him as scientific consultant

    18. them, but a commander will put an

    19. The rest of the agents followed their commander, emptying round after

    20. They are not going to come to blows against each other, but their supreme commander is on the returning expedition and very nervous and afraid of the people of this planet

    21. Our chief commander is Jesus

    22. anticipation for the order from their commander

    23. presence of God, and receiving the heart of his commander

    24. God-given strategies from the Chief Commander

    25. Apparently Nicola was taking no chances with this latest discovery, not to mention that she no longer felt it necessary to hide her role as Commander of the Death Guard, which had previously been a secret shared by only Drau'd and a select few

    26. Commander Ammon rolled up the maps of the kingdom that lay scattered on his campaign table

    27. The Commander had formed small mobile groups of fast-reaction Orcs, squads of one hundred including twenty goblin archers

    28. Not only on the troops but also on the commander himself

    29. He was not sure how much longer they could continue and, every day, commander Ammon expected another full frontal attack through the valley but this time combined with a few mountain encroachments as well

    30. ‘The point, commander, is that I could use it to create a gateway for us to cross over

    31. ‘No, commander, I mean retire gracefully from a war that we cannot win

    32. The Commander in Chief sat on a leather ‘La-Z-boy’ recliner that had been strapped to the roof of the car

    33. But the commander didn’t mind that

    34. Commander Ammon sat on a hide-covered stool opposite the mage

    35. ‘Large wars?’ Enquired the commander

    36. Seth looked at the commander, waiting for comment

    37. The commander let his mind flow into the dog

    38. ‘How do I stop this animal licking me?’ Asked the commander

    39. Then there was a bellow from their commander and, almost as one, the two hundred plus criminals charged the village, screaming and firing as they came

    40. Basel Ratford, the old commander in chief of the Belmarsh boys, was dead

    41. D AKA Ratfink AKA Commander in Chief the Belmarsh Boys

    42. ‘Your commander in chief wants a gander at you

    43. You'll never be a military commander

    44. Finally the marine stood in front of Naybor, the commander of the now extinct Belmarsh boys

    45. She was not aboard it, but she was named the vessel's commander

    46. The dark-haired commander laughed and offered a friendly wink

    47. The Legate in charge of the Rift’s military operations had very recently – earlier in the day, in fact - been called to Solitude, and the young officer would serve as camp commander in his temporary absence

    48. “I would hardly call it peripheral, Commander

    49. “You must immediately look to your men and your sources, Commander

    50. was also the commander who conceived the Trojan Horse

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    Synonyms for "commander"

    air force officer commander commandant commanding officer director leader authority administrator guide chief

    "commander" definitions

    an officer in command of a military unit

    someone in an official position of authority who can command or control others

    a commissioned naval officer who ranks above a lieutenant commander and below a captain

    an officer in the airforce