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    1. Another tight, fake smile as he lets this compliment sink in, gazes out at the gawking expressions below him

    2. That made up more than half the total compliment of male souls aboard the vessel

    3. And he meant it as a compliment, but it didn’t feel like it landed as one

    4. I’m not sure ‘sweet’ is a compliment for a woman of your calibre

    5. Moreover, he shows his interest in me, he makes a kind compliment about my appearance, he accosts me without getting pushy, ridiculous or vulgar

    6. ‘Now that’s a compliment

    7. Hipolyta thanked her, pleased at the compliment

    8. “Those lads are stingier with praise for any but their own than any creature on God's green earth,” he explained, “to bludgeon them into a compliment is Herculean at best

    9. ” He paused to allow the compliment to settle on his guests

    10. “I meant it as a compliment,” Andrew insisted, “let’s face it, you are more, er, conversationally assertive than most of us

    11. you?’ Jean ignored the compliment – he was far too upset

    12. Shamefully she looked away, he was only offering a compliment, and she was ready to rip into him

    13. She also rode the wave of change to set up permanent residence in Bungalow Seven of the Lodges, the compliment of Bungalow Six already occupied by Sarah Bunker

    14. the compliment and replaced his staff under the bench

    15. Marguerite appreciated the compliment, and felt a pang of

    16. I compliment you on your patience and fortitude over the last few months, a trying time for us all

    17. You looked nice,” I said, trying to compliment her

    18. “I know! That I am,” I said accepting the compliment

    19. The plain-spoken compliment was one of the greatest she ever had received

    20. “It’s cute,” she said, meaning it’s terrific, but not quite willing to compliment him that much

    21. Putting it on the front page is a compliment

    22. She knew Glen meant it as a compliment, not an insult, but nothing upset her more than being branded a heartbreaker, which is exactly what she was

    23. ” He smiled, remembering the compliment concerning the door

    24. I could only nod in acceptance of the compliment, my hands on my knees as I fought back bile

    25. Shelagh ignored his compliment and his appearance of easy unconcern

    26. We are not dogs, which is probably a compliment to dogs

    27. Raven knew it was a compliment, but he couldn’t bring himself to smile

    28. They think that “carding you off” is a compliment or that you’ll

    29. take it as a compliment

    30. As I’ve said before, the highest compliment you

    31. wanted to compliment me on teaching her English or, in fact,

    32. “First of all, I’d like to compliment you on the nice place you have here,” I said, meaning it

    33. I took it as a compliment, and smiled

    34. It was quite a way from the Banter Mountain range but seemed to compliment them, using them as a dramatic backdrop

    35. "The compliment makes up for the blame

    36. Anyway, over all the years even to this day, I don‘t think I have ever had a better compliment than what George gave me that

    37. I flatly refuse to let the fat politicians bother me with their silly decision in life and prefer to see the sale of the Casspirs as a compliment

    38. An ―Enlightened Conservative‖ is a backhanded compliment much in the manner of a ―Rational Liberal

    39. One of my night nurses gave me (or I should say Michael) the highest compliment when she said, ―In my next lifetime, I want a husband just like yours

    40. The robin was about to repay the compliment when it noticed that the rose was hanging its flowers dejectedly, the petals faded, the edges ragged, as though pieces had been torn from them

    41. � She kissed him hard for that compliment and then pulled away and rose from the bed

    42. “I’m sorry, I thought it was a compliment

    43. ” Flower did not respond to his compliment

    44. After Kid Mojo handed out his compliment to me, he whirl winded down to the ground and busted out with atomic flares

    45. “If that is the best you can do for a compliment, you better work harder!

    46. Now she had misunderstood him again and even in the same moment, that she flung it in his head! It was a compliment

    47. He liked the compliment unlike his brother, who took offense to it

    48. Which was the best compliment a Bboy could ever give another Bboy

    49. Under the circumstances, it’s the best compliment she could have given me

    50. A compliment for her home was required from me

    1. I’ve never been complimented for having a “disturbed mind” before : )

    2. "That's very nice,” Leonora complimented her

    3. Klowee was working on the gruel and berries without complaint and he complimented her

    4. On behalf of all the passengers, I complimented the skipper on protecting the graceful lines of his yacht

    5. Rayne was greeted warmly at Tailor Hold and complimented on the designs she had provided previously

    6. It was reported that Naria did not take offence but instead complimented him on his moral fortitude

    7. There were several popular species in the mix, each with the batter that complimented their area and the ethnic groups from there

    8. All of that in turn complimented the warm hues filtering through the un-shuttered windows and transom

    9. His attention went back to the room in front of him, and he noticed how even the the plush and intricate designs in the carpeting complimented the décor

    10. Kaitlyn Spelman was the first to join him; she sat in the chair across from him and complimented his punctuality

    11. Jean couldn’t decide if he was being complimented or

    12. He complimented her on that, and complained that Luray hadn't told him this much

    13. He complimented the palace staff and the master chef for their hard work in preparing the meal

    14. “Incidentally, they complimented you on your accommodations

    15. Jack complimented her on her dancing

    16. Shelagh had complimented her on her accomplishment

    17. ” Jayana complimented the two friends

    18. ” Manna complimented the Wizard

    19. “You continually impress and astonish me, my dear,” he complimented her

    20. She dressed for her role with skill, selecting a lovely, light chiffon thing, which she complimented with a white linen hankie

    21. “They complimented me on my looks, and I told them American Communists were not so serious as they are in Europe

    22. I think it was the way she had complimented me that made me flirt

    23. complimented Juliet on her jacket

    24. Christina looks away, and at first I think she is bashful, but then I see her face contort like he slapped her instead of complimented her

    25. set eyes and short silver hair that complimented his dark skin,

    26. complimented me on learning their language and assured me that catching makailo involved neither skill nor luck

    27. I paid the innkeeper, complimented him on his cook, and followed the young man

    28. Brandon was in a black long sleeved sweater and grey slacks, he complimented his look with a grey hat, pulled low over his gorgeous eyes

    29. She usually complimented William in front of Alvin

    30. Good thinking! he silently congratulated whoever it was who had complimented his own change of strategy

    31. constantly complimented Tony for having all his dreams to come true

    32. “We are gathered here, to give thanks to the Great God who has delivered us!” The radiance of his countenance complimented the movement of his arms as they reached toward the heavens

    33. We were again complimented for our efforts

    34. Good thinking! he silently congratulated whoever it was who had complimented his own

    35. of his countenance complimented the movement of his arms as they reached toward the

    36. Trask complimented her new outfit, and she replied, "Look what else I got

    37. ’ one complimented, ‘It was like the War God himself had descended upon the field

    38. He complimented Charly on supper—spaghetti with meatballs and lima beans, and homemade garlic bread consisting of sliced white with the crusts trimmed—buttered and heavily dosed with garlic salt, and toasted in the broiler

    39. But he has complimented me on my appearance once in a while in an offhand fashion

    40. complimented me on being “daring

    41. The song was fast and they complimented me on my dance moves

    42. In her work, she’s not often complimented by a man without first promising to take off some part of her clothing

    43. "This is great," Eva complimented

    44. complimented a little while later

    45. "Nice layout," Sonja complimented as she stretched out on the king-sized bed

    46. The other travelers partook of the baked goods and complimented the baker as he lumbered through the group

    47. Jon asked after his back, complimented him on what he"d seen of the house so far, and then twinkled, „I love the lingerie, swap you for my bra

    48. They complimented everyone on the excellent protection provided for the public enseemats, the user-friendly maps and number lists, and the astonishing efficiency with which everyone had been implanted and an enseemat and terminal had been placed in every Aristocrat and Freemen apartment

    49. When complimented he seemed surprised

    50. She was a bit older than him and his landlady, so Chris pocketed his libido and complimented her on her looks

    1. When he was complimenting her on her liveliness, she thought this would be as good a time as any to have the talk they needed to have

    2. A corporal called out time, berating those who fell out of step and complimenting those who marched straight and proud

    3. Simple examples could be complimenting a colleague for doing a good job, lending a helping hand to a neighbor or giving up a bus seat to an elderly

    4. They will chide one another on a bad shot, while complimenting one another on good shots and putts

    5. He watched one of the men, Andre, flirting with her, explaining his Greek heritage, teaching her his language, subtly complimenting her

    6. He addressed a few words to the force, complimenting them on the excellent way they had surmounted all obstacles and gained their object

    7. She is complimenting me, but I still feel like she smacked me with something

    8. He knew he couldn’t tear down the tent, as it were, especially since some parents were complimenting him warmly on the fair’s balance and

    9. Now I was surprised to find myself responding to his charm, sincerely complimenting him, glowing in his flattering attention

    10. “Thanks, I think,” I said, unsure if she was complimenting me or not

    11. really good job of complimenting him

    12. ” He buries his face in the top of Jenny Kriss’ head, preformed excellently, behind the scenes they smoke, complimenting each other on keeping a straight face

    13. He was pulling out his money when three young men came in all wearing red bandanas on their heads and sweatpants complimenting their white tee shirts that had the words ‘MNS’ printed in red lettering

    14. Thus, you should not forget in complimenting her

    15. dating, men are fine with complimenting their mate, but once married, those

    16. The view was majestic: the lush green gardens complimenting the blue of the cloudless sky with the calm, sparkling sea in the distance

    17. Charles had not noticed the drastic change until he overheard someone else complimenting her on the new look

    18. Kitty, as I said to you before but using different words, I really appreciate you complimenting the Chinese people

    19. She changed the subject by complimenting his superb lounge, which they later found out, was one of 5 guest lounges

    20.  Would I motivate myself/others more by complimenting

    21. this by complimenting him or her with the higher intent of their what they

    22. He had deflected Bonnie’s potentially revealing personal probes by complimenting her, later offering reasonable justifications for being late for dates, then procrastinating about other plans that too often became “unforeseen” circumstances in their failure to materialize

    23. He had deflected Bonnie’s potentially revealing personal probes by complimenting her, later offering reasonable justifications for being late for a date, then procrastinating about other plans that too often became “unforeseen” circumstances in their failure to materialize

    24. Finally, she pondered Sierra; a bubbly, fun loving individual, that would do well in a social environment, complimenting her overall gregarious personality

    25. head were complimenting his aggressive behavior and he

    26. Perhaps weasel had been reading the rather unflattering remarks in the English papers over the last few weeks? John Major had been complimenting Weasel’s President on his uncanny resemblance to a filthy lying toad

    27. “Muy bueno,” he said, complimenting the food

    28. They were a groveling, ignorant throng that didn’t know the despicable man beneath the…she hesitated because she didn’t feel like complimenting him right now, but he truly was handsome

    29. Little Becky squeezes his neck as she holds on tighter to every complimenting word out of his mouth

    30. The wine was poured and served to Papa, Annelle, and the other guests who made toasts, complimenting the bridal couple and the Bethanie Blush

    31. He was doubtlessly complimenting her clothing and sense of style and confusing the poor girl

    32. Grimes spent the next few days in and out of the Tangh’s home complimenting Nga on her new fresh fragrance and going through useless fabricated protocol with Thran

    33. After confirming her playdate and complimenting Carol on the chili she brought to their last party, Linda hung up and faced the flaccid leader of the Pointy Foods sales force

    34. Each complimenting the other where only the two could

    35. Both kept complimenting the chef on the cake, but just the thought of its sweetness made her sick

    36. received my story, an editor at the magazine called me, complimenting

    37. Use complimenting or contrasting colours depending on the look you want to achieve and balance this with your worktop and flooring

    38. In the Navy, where human values are thoroughly understood, the highest signal of commendation complimenting a ship (that is, a ship's company) on some achievements consists exactly of those two simple words "Well done," followed by the name of the ship

    39. I was not long in discovering that she was a frequent visitor at the Castle; for, on our going in, and my complimenting Wemmick on his ingenious contrivance for announcing himself to the Aged, he begged me to give my attention for a moment to the other side of the chimney, and disappeared

    40. “What? I’m complimenting you! Can’t a guy give a girl a compliment anymore? You should be flattered

    41. "Nearly ten weeks ago—to be more accurate, on the 23d of May— he called me into his private room, and, after complimenting me on the good work which I had done, he informed me that he had a new commission of trust for me to execute

    42. the doctor announced that Aunt Pittypat had promised on oath that Scarlett should be After shaking her hand and prodding Wade in the stomach and complimenting him, on no other hospital and bandage-rolling committee save Mrs

    43. ” “Dear,” he said quietly, “I am complimenting your intelligence by asking you to be my

    44. ” He smiled in his old way, one corner of his mouth curving down, but she knew he was complimenting her

    45. It wasn’t fair that a reprobate like Rhett Butler should have so much and she, who carried so heavy a load, should have wouldn’t swell his conceit by complimenting him on his cleverness

    46. It was one of our favorite ways to tease her: “Oh mom don’t touch, you’re like an alligator!” The church we fitfully attended kept lotion in the women’s room that she said smelled like roses: we’d all take turns squirting and sniffing our hands, complimenting each other on our ladylike scent

    47. The conservative newspapers liked to list things that modernist politicians did; an inability to speak without peppering one’s arguments with English phrases, the wearing of Western high collars, complimenting one’s own wife in public, forgetting how to speak Japanese

    48. Rochester led in Miss Ingram; she was complimenting him on his acting

    49. Five males, shepherd mongrels, collie mongrels, dogs whose breeds had been blurred by a freedom of social life, were engaged in complimenting the bitch

    50. "Well, how do you go on?" and "What have you settled?" and "Oh! we can do nothing without you," followed the first salutations; and Henry Crawford was soon seated with the other three at the table, while his sister made her way to Lady Bertram, and with pleasant attention was complimenting her

    1. Everyone cheered with relief, and the crew did their best to look modest as compliments flew between them

    2. Duncan laughed and rightly guessed that Alexei’s compliments about Lady Tara and his use of her name was an indication of much more interest

    3. White Feathers, who had followed the ladies' tete a tete without interruption, rose and excused himself with his compliments to each for their hospitality and attractive company, then he was out the door

    4. When they had quite finished, Jameson was again called from the kitchens and lavished with compliments

    5. Jameson got to look over the train kitchen and offered his compliments to the cooks on their managing so well in such a limited space

    6. Gina didn’t blush, only batted her eyes at the shower of compliments

    7. I told them that I have two little dashhound dogs that live in my house compliments of my daughter Jinty

    8. I tell him we also have a cat, also compliments of Jinty, and a granddaughter, also compliments of Jinty

    9. compliments about the house, the decorations, and the food

    10. The self-centered self needs things, is afraid of things, feeds on compliments, wants to be right about everything, and is embarrassed when viewed in an unflattering light

    11. The 9 Strategy Factors CR James Btw, if you read Super Seduction Power or Super Compliments, it's the same girl I talked about where I first discovered the power of Super Compliments who ended up practically raping me

    12. The Perception that You Understand Her + The Perception of Having Similarities With Her + The Perception of Having Meaningful Interactions With Her Let's talk about compliments

    13. com/SC - Super Compliments Report

    14. Teach the 4 types of compliments that make women feel special about themselves

    15. It teaches the 4 types of compliments that make women feel amazing about themselves

    16. compliments had been exchanged

    17. When envoys are sent with compliments in their mouths, it is a sign that the enemy wishes for a truce

    18. Colling expressed his compliments concerning Mendoza’s choice of wine, and the Brazilian explained that it was Portuguese, from Oporto and called by the name vinho verde, or “green wine

    19. Porfirio was always pretty good about giving his fellow-drivers a few compliments, and always said something about how it had been a hard-fought race

    20. When I looked in each direction I was dropped a couple of compliments from classmates that I knew by face but not by name

    21. I wasn’t buying any of their friendly compliments

    22. She knows all the compliments,

    23. As they roamed about the club, people kept coming up to chat with her and offer her compliments

    24. A new scent, a wisely selected gift, compliments to her fine taste

    25. The music blared from every room and I remember the countless compliments on my unsurpassed beauty coupled with the usual laughter and rejoicing that comes along with festivities

    26. I didn’t hear much, empty compliments I used to think

    27. Sadly, I couldn’t hear the compliments she’d just offered--I was too lost in my

    28. “She seemed to have raised a couple of eyebrows at the facility, Officer Harley does not give compliments lightly,” he said grinning

    29. ” She said and I smiled, the Carters are big on compliments aren’t they? Which made me relax a bit about my appearance

    30. Before the waiter said compliments of, Tom introduced himself

    31. ” He wanted to add a few more obvious things to that wealth but compliments from his lips always sounded like dead fish that fell to the ground and lay there

    32. Many came to visit him at his court and one, the queen of Sheba was very expansive in her compliments of his abilities:

    33. “My compliments on the meal, Nemia

    34. compliments, but it could be just to impress one another

    35. end of the day, make it a practice to pass out compliments

    36. After these compliments, my mother relaxed, the

    37. Guests came to greet us with compliments and good wishes for the

    38. That night each of Whitey's officers took his wife out for a gourmet meal, and plied her with wine and compliments

    39. "Oh, Betts! Believe me, if I needed any compliments from him… I'll tell you, he goes on and on about my cooking, plain though it is

    40. Tenney's arms shot from under his upper body and he screamed, adding various compliments on Trask's antecedents

    41. Even if the money and benefits weren't a huge incentive, Gregg's compliments spurred her to take the job, but she must consider Frankie and her interests

    42. I now took the compliments as nice, but not needed, and the haters’ words of hate as mere noise not heeded

    43. Whether good things show up for you in the form of compliments or

    44. I’m convinced that if women understood that their men need as much positive reinforcement and compliments as they do, and that criticism has a totally negative effect, then there would be fewer divorces and wife-bashings

    45. Later, after sex, desperate to hear something positive the poor bloke will ask, “How was it for you?” to be greeted with ridicule for being so conceited as to ask for compliments

    46. Compliments and praise don’t have to be true; it’s the intention that matters

    47. It was seen he was not used to receiving compliments

    48. Paul was an intelligent and cosy man, and an undemanding lover, content to pleasure me while telling jokes and babbling head-swelling compliments

    49. I was sitting on the beach chatting morosely with an elderly Dane who had paid for the privilege with outrageous but welcome compliments, and mentioned how jealous I was of the slim, confident, hand-shaking and kissing young French men with their elegant savoir faire

    50. Hazel reckoned I was probably the first man for years to give them the compliments they desired

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    Synonyms for "compliment"

    compliment congratulate laud praise charm applaud flatter eulogise eulogize extol endorsement tribute eulogy homage panegyric honour celebrate favour

    "compliment" definitions

    a remark (or act) expressing praise and admiration

    say something to someone that expresses praise

    express respect or esteem for