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Concentrates in a sentence

He concentrates on different angles.
FONEMED concentrates hiring in the 24 Nurse.
He who concentrates on this most excellent.
Those in science concentrates on the material.
His Focus fund concentrates in only 20 stocks.
Jaden concentrates on trying to get away faster.
As the space concentrates through the movement.

Concentrates on reconciliation and reconstruction.
He (this condemned man) concentrates upon himself.
Concentrates the mind a bit, events like Sunday’s.
Iverson concentrates on the monitors surrounding him.
If man concentrates on his inner he will escape time.
He concentrates on those words, but they stay the same.
Courage concentrates the mental forces on the task at.
PETA concentrates most of its attention and activism on.
While most analysis concentrates on earnings, correctly.
Christian crouches low and concentrates keeping the seal.
Davie ignores the bark and concentrates on doing his job.
A scientist concentrates his mind and invents many things.
He concentrates on them and they slowly come towards his body.
Martin concentrates his focus and efforts to maximize results.
Jaden concentrates on the army of aircraft coming towards him.
In effect, most analysis concentrates on earnings because it.
Jaden concentrates on the fire and the molecules it is made of.
Meditation a mind that concentrates on a virtuous object, and.
She concentrates on feeling the sun touch the backs of her hands.
He stares at his artificial body in front of him and concentrates.
Jaden concentrates on the part of the screen that says Jaden Main.
In other words heat translate to space and space concentrates back.
It concentrates more on your local area where eBay operates worldwide.
Jaden concentrates on his head and he sees what the pilot is thinking.
This book concentrates on Castilian Spanish (ie the Spanish spoken in.
Jaden concentrates on the Initiate Anti-Gravity Engines to the left of him.
He concentrates while attempting to grab a treat from the trembling platter.
In other words heat translate to space and space concentrates back to heat.
Jaden concentrates on a small piece of the cloud and a small piece comes off.
He concentrates his eyesight deep into it as possible, hoping to find something.
One concentrates on a focus, while the other tries to distract him telepathically.
Silence concentrates the mind, gives rest to the spirit, and keeps it in constant.
He concentrates on the projectile and he is looking from the pink torpedo’s view.
I was concentrating on my dot.
I was concentrating on the dot.
The Eastern Way of Concentrating.
Concentrating, he said it again.
He was concentrating on the ship.
He knelt down, concentrating as.
Concentrating on her words, she.
He was concentrating so hard on.
So I tried concentrating on mine.
Keep concentrating on your speed.
Instead of concentrating on their.
I’m concentrating but on what I.
She took his pulse, concentrating.
She smiled, concentrating on her work.
He became serious now, concentrating.
Kami and Yania then began concentrating.
Just be sure you are concentrating on the.
Concentrating on finding Hanor ahead, the.
He practices concentrating only on blinking.
He was frowning, concentrating on the stone.
She was concentrating on a text book as she.
His victims simply hadn't been concentrating.
Stirling was concentrating on me too steadily.
On the one hand, concentrating on an object.
Began concentrating on where she wanted to be.
Banda was busy concentrating on staying alive.
I wasn’t concentrating too much that evening.
What is the effect of concentrating upon gain?
Richard pressed his lips together, concentrating.
The new vocalist was concentrating on her voice.
I know, he said, concentrating on the object.
I have a tough time concentrating on my next pitch.
Everyone there was concentrating on a noisy news.
Ten years ago, wasn't it?' He stood, concentrating.
Oh? Rivan asked, concentrating on Tam’s eyes.
He was used to concentrating on one thing at a time.
It seems his mind was concentrating on other things.
She kept her eyes forward, concentrating on the road.
Concentrating it in one area makes it more effective.
By concentrating on the junctions and lines of col-.
Be so concentrated on it.
He concentrated for a moment.
Tim concentrated for a moment.
Smith concentrated on June 28.
I was excited and concentrated.
He was concentrated on the act.
Kev concentrated on his dinner.
He concentrated hard on trying.
He was concentrated on one thing.
She concentrated on keeping up.
I concentrated on my goal with.
Vasant concentrated on his driving.
No matter how hard I concentrated.
Instead of answering, I concentrated.
Closing his eyes, Locke concentrated.
Instead he concentrated on the road.
I concentrated on keeping my chest.
He locked her gaze and concentrated.
John looked forward and concentrated.
The big man concentrated on his work.
Starret concentrated on the question.
She closed her eyes and concentrated.
She watched as Chevalier concentrated.
I found that the more I concentrated.
I concentrated on making my legs move.
He concentrated on the monstrous ship.
Do what? he concentrated harder.
Instead, she concentrated on her food.
Orakne held the weapon and concentrated.
Can Evil be too big to be concentrated.
Danny closed his eyes and concentrated.
All strong emotions concentrated there.
She closed her eyes, concentrated, and.
I concentrated on the air above his palm.
Their combined efforts concentrated on.
Gravity had been concentrated like soup.
She concentrated on all of them but Ares.
These were the things he concentrated on.
But it’s just in a concentrated form:.
Meanwhile Harry concentrated on the woman.

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I just have to concentrate.
I had to concentrate again.
If you concentrate on what.
Concentrate on the real thing.
Concentrate on the beating of.
All I could do was concentrate.
You just have to concentrate.
Concentrate on the things that.
Try to concentrate on your needs.
Concentrate on you and him and.
She found it hard to concentrate.
He would have to concentrate hard.
He says it helps him concentrate.
Jean forced herself to concentrate.
Only I couldn't concentrate on it.
Sometimes it's hard to concentrate.
I’m trying to concentrate here.
He could hardly concentrate on the.
I’ll concentrate on the positives.
Inacio closed his eyes to concentrate.
Concentrate on the one in his office.
Just close your eyes and concentrate.
Concentrate on the positive ones and.
Enough of that … concentrate on Emma.
Concentrate on the ten states of mind.
I will argue that concentrate is the.
I struggled to answer, to concentrate.
Whenever he needed to concentrate he.
I forced myself to concentrate on the.
Concentrate on what you need to happen.
That’s what he had to concentrate on.
That is what we need to concentrate on.
Concentrate on the tik-tik sound slowly.
She was finding it hard to concentrate.
Wait! Let me concentrate for a moment.
You concentrate on getting Piers out.
He must concentrate on the battle plans.
Yes, she should concentrate on her past.
I tried to concentrate on other things.
There are companies which concentrate on.

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