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Concise in a sentence

It was short and concise:.
Keep it concise and precise.
Let your goal be concise and clear.
It is also in a more concise format.
His movements are measured and concise.
Her report was concise and to the point.
The New Concise History of the Crusades.

Adu answered with a careful, concise tone:.
Use words that are concise, direct and clear.
His writing was short, concise, to the point.
Like most preliminary hearings it was concise.
His arguments were concise, simple, and clear.
Here is the argument, simple, concise, and clear.
A Concise History of Buddhism, by Andrew Skilton.
The concise way to say this, is that things are.
They are to be kept concise yet information rich.
Villefort had never been so concise and eloquent.
Gasc's Concise Dictionary of the French and English.
Candace was the perfect witness for herself: Concise.
Your answers must be brief, concise and to the point.
If you can learn to share the dream in a concise and.
But concise words seemed to be hard to come by in his.
But if he wrote to his father, no wonder he was concise.
The more clarity you have, the more concise your brand will be.
Facts and Details: Snow Monkey (A Very Informative and Concise.
The first is unarguably authoritative and concise in its clarity.
The more concise, the easier it will be to recognize and remember.
AFTER coming out of a productive and concise meeting that did not.
The concise way to say this, is that such things are distinctly.
Thomas O’Neill, A concise and accurate account of the proceedings.
I wanted too to keep each step of the process as short and concise as.
When he was in the air his thought pattern was clear and concise, but.
This extract from Deuteronomy is a good sample in concise terms of this.
This helps to ensure that the message is not only clear and concise but.
I did not understood what he actually meant so I asked him to be concise.
It was a short, concise call asking him to go see him in his office at once.
This site, from the University of Victoria, has clear, concise grammar lessons.
My brother Daniel on the other hand, was concise and to the point in this regard.
O’Keefe, more used to concise reporting, not just editing, picked up the story.
Note: Listings were extracted from the Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Religions.

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