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Concise in a sentence

1. It was short and concise:.
2. Keep it concise and precise.
3. Let your goal be concise and clear.
4. It is also in a more concise format.
5. His movements are measured and concise.
6. The New Concise History of the Crusades.
7. Her report was concise and to the point.

8. Adu answered with a careful, concise tone:.
9. His writing was short, concise, to the point.
10. Use words that are concise, direct and clear.
11. His arguments were concise, simple, and clear.
12. Like most preliminary hearings it was concise.
13. A Concise History of Buddhism, by Andrew Skilton.
14. They are to be kept concise yet information rich.
15. Here is the argument, simple, concise, and clear.
16. Villefort had never been so concise and eloquent.
17. The concise way to say this, is that things are.
18. Gasc's Concise Dictionary of the French and English.
19. Your answers must be brief, concise and to the point.
20. Candace was the perfect witness for herself: Concise.
21. If you can learn to share the dream in a concise and.
22. But concise words seemed to be hard to come by in his.
23. But if he wrote to his father, no wonder he was concise.
24. The more clarity you have, the more concise your brand will be.
25. Facts and Details: Snow Monkey (A Very Informative and Concise.
26. The first is unarguably authoritative and concise in its clarity.
27. The more concise, the easier it will be to recognize and remember.
28. The concise way to say this, is that such things are distinctly.
29. AFTER coming out of a productive and concise meeting that did not.
30. Thomas O’Neill, A concise and accurate account of the proceedings.
31. I wanted too to keep each step of the process as short and concise as.
32. When he was in the air his thought pattern was clear and concise, but.
33. This helps to ensure that the message is not only clear and concise but.
34. This extract from Deuteronomy is a good sample in concise terms of this.
35. I did not understood what he actually meant so I asked him to be concise.
36. It was a short, concise call asking him to go see him in his office at once.
37. This site, from the University of Victoria, has clear, concise grammar lessons.
38. My brother Daniel on the other hand, was concise and to the point in this regard.
39. O’Keefe, more used to concise reporting, not just editing, picked up the story.
40. Note: Listings were extracted from the Oxford Concise Dictionary of World Religions.
41. DI Morton then gave a concise account of the progress that had been made on the case.
42. In my professorial capacity, allow me to offer here a concise evaluation of this work.
43. She did all the estimating and ordering in a concise amount of time and level-headedness.
44. Pathway to Life presents in a concise and systematic way the basic teachings of the Bible.
45. Pathway to Life presents in a concise and sys-tematic way the basic teachings of the Bible.
46. This description is the most concise and the best that Homer offers all throughout the poem.
47. The rest of the concise writings in this book will prove to be true for you sooner or later.
48. The basis of this system is a set of keywords, and a concise but elegant set of key phrases.
49. Lindsey scrolled through the report, a concise but subjective reading of Keller’s mental state.
50. He could give orders like no one else, concise and incapable of misinterpretation, the Ulysses S.
51. She suggested he be short and concise, and give her a gift, something useful from her prospective.
52. It was a concise, cold, brutally truthful statement, and he said it low enough that only Jess heard.
53. Her answer to them had been simple and concise: intelligence, courage, discipline and determination.
54. The best managers communicate to stakeholders in a clear and concise manner that is easily understood.
55. The concise way Mahr used his words, were slightly too vivid and too truthful for Americans to laugh-at.
56. Let me tell you in concise and precise terms all that I’ve spoken till now… Things you already know!.
57. That was by far the most intelligent and concise thing I’ve EVER heard Nugget say since I’ve known him.
58. Those delegated to handle individual files and make it concise never questioned Corey’s method of madness.
59. Solution: Write rhyming 4 line sets using the PRLV until one jumps out at you and cool sounding and concise.
60. The effect may be similarly present in the authors’ relatively concise discussion of distressed investing.
61. Vets One had purposely modeled his presentation after the concise and technical Special Forces field briefings.
62. I will first narrate the trading strategy, then I will offer a more concise summary at the end of this chapter.
63. Facebook is simply a juggernaut, Twitter is quick and concise and Pinterest is the visual engine that keeps going.
64. In this chapter and the next we shall attempt a concise review of the various aberrations of the securities market.
65. The home office machine chattered day and night, feeding the owner concise data from each of his far-flung businesses.
66. But the mistake, I feel, has come in the misunderstanding that all necessary knowledge has come in one concise package.
67. A concise way on how we can sell effectively is by simply using that old but very powerful arsenal known as body language.
68. Type those words into an auction search function and it will give you all kinds of information in a concise, compact form.
69. Letting out a pungent swear in Yiddish, Eli then grabbed the cover letter and read it: it was short, concise and also damning.
70. You’ll find concise insights that put the day’s events into perspective, plus highlights of leading stocks making a big move.
71. They show the code that performs the hashing and comparison of passwords (a concise version can be found in the following recipe).
72. Maybe my telegram had been too concise? Too curt or disrespectful to send to the president? Maybe Roosevelt had forgotten about me?
73. It is very challenging to create an expressive, concise, and fluent internal DSL if the host language does not have these features [j.
74. Ingrid listened carefully to the short but concise report given to her via telephone by Teresa James in Da Nang, then nodded to herself.
75. A bit disheartened, she started writing a short but concise message to be encoded and sent by radio to General Walker’s headquarters.
76. And, unfortunately, the directions he’d sent to Siddarmark for applying those refinements had been very clear, concise, and complete.
77. Much of the narration provides plenty of concise bits of information that players need to understand the game world and the overall story.
78. I shall devote the remainder of this paper to a few concise observations on the effects of salt, and a saline atmosphere, upon animal life.
79. Elegantly printed, and bound in red cloth, giving in concise and easy language all the essential facts of English History for Young People.
80. Between mouthfuls he said, �I suspect that I may have gotten a less concise report than was given to Venarya, so I�ll tell you what I know so far.
81. The possible downside was defined and limited while the upside was potentially much greater, which is a concise and cogent definition of good trading.
82. Ah! Miss Dashwood—a subject such as this—untouched for fourteen years—it is dangerous to handle it at all! I WILL be more collected—more concise.
83. This was a fluid, concise conversation that would stay with me for ten months—when I desperately needed to recall all that I could about my time with her.
84. This use of admirer followed by a pure infinitive, though, so far as we know, unprecedented, has nothing shocking in it and tends to make the line more concise.
85. Anon a concise order to shift a sail fell from his lips, for in spite of his interrupted conversation with the captain his every action showed a trained alertness.
86. In order to be understood he would take a concise retrospect of our relations with Britain since nearly the commencement of the present Government of the United States.
87. He again vividly recalled the details of the battle, no longer dim, but definite and in the concise form in which he imagined himself stating them to the Emperor Francis.
88. I supposed that at this point of the story it would be absurd to hide my fascination for him and Diana understood it because she began to chat, proving to be more concise.
89. After all, the orders were clear and concise what more is there possibly to say or explain? By next week this time they expect one killer crocodile under arrest and that is it.
90. His mind made up, Eisenhower sat back at his desk and started writing down a short but concise message, to be encrypted and sent on top priority to General Marshall in Washington.
91. I was a little disappointed, really; Leonardo had indicated me, in short and concise words, that he was not the author of the beautiful verses I was receiving at regular intervals.
92. And also when you have developed some direct feel of the non-dual nature of all the existence then you may shift to the second mantra that is more rhythmic, concise and refreshing.
93. Their mission was to present the facts of a story in a clear and concise manner, without slant or distortion and with the idea that their words were meant to inform, not to persuade.
94. Even though I find them on the Internet, I experience greater satisfaction reading a greater number of condensed and concise news as presented in that attractive section of Bierzo 7.
95. He again vividly recalled the details of the battle, no longer dim, but definite and in the concise form concise form in which he imagined himself stating them to the Emperor Francis.
96. Your managers will be producing in this phase of the re/org process a clear, concise and consensus-based view on HOW this work will be done to align with your view of WHAT the business is.
97. This is a concise direction for making use of the creative power of thought by impressing on the Universal subjective mind the particular thing which we desire as an already existing fact.
98. Designed to give chiefly in simple and concise style those things that are essential to the proper selection and preparation of a reasonable variety of food for the family of two individuals.
99. A clear, concise story that lasts no more that 3 minutes at best; do not under any circumstances begin a long convoluted tale that will have everyone heading for the bar as soon as you begin.
100. For those interested in learning more about Spanish grammar, an excellent concise coverage of it is given in Seymour Resnick’s Essential Spanish Grammar, published by Dover Publications.

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