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Concretion in a sentence

1. They made their food to represent in concretion where it had come from.
2. It is the concretion of the abstract into the actual that makes human reality problematic.
3. The concretion of reality into normality and vice versa spans the gap between the abstract and the actual.
4. Abstraction is the concretion of our accumulated past and all of its accumulated subconscious images and ideas.
5. The guillotine is the concretion of the law; it is called vindicte; it is not neutral, and it does not permit you to remain neutral.
6. It came about by the human brain developing a reality where it could imagine, create, and bring into concretion a tool-constructed environment that was both abstract and linear in nature.
7. In short: literally all of human civilization is merely a creative subconscious concretion of the denied past experiences of the crime and sin of decapitations that humans committed millions of years ago… and have been accumulating ever since into a dead subconscious memory of all the evil crimes and sins ever committed, a legacy of the accumulated negative past, a one-sided memory.

8. The concretion of an inner reality becoming an outer normality and that concretion reflecting back to become part-of an inner reality is a hopelessly blurred distinction between these two processes of biofeedback; tool-use and tool-brain use… between an imaginary idea and it's concretion, between a concrete normality creating an inner reality, between an inner reality creating an outer normality.

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