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Connecticut in a sentence

1. He lives in Westport, Connecticut.
2. The gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
3. Connecticut with my parents and family.
4. Gneiss of the Connecticut valley, vi, 18.
5. I spent that time in Connecticut with my.
6. Connecticut, it sounded like he was saying.
7. Manhattan in Meriden, Connecticut, where he.

8. Lyell on, in the Connecticut valley, xlv, 394.
9. Dana, from the State of Connecticut, attended.
10. North commuter train heading toward Connecticut.
11. Talcose slate of the Connecticut valley, vi, 26.
12. I spent most of it in Connecticut and the rest.
13. Pearson) and the gentleman from Connecticut, (Mr.
14. She died in Danbury, Connecticut on April 8, 1997.
15. Ron’s cousin, Brenda, called us from Connecticut.
16. I went to Connecticut to spend time with my parents.
17. It had been said by a gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
18. A remark made by the gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
19. Scores, at least, just in this half of Connecticut.
20. I teach singing to the youths of the Connecticut levy.
21. The panegyric which the gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
22. James Hillhouse and Chauncey Goodrich, from Connecticut.
23. Argillite, of the Connecticut valley, account of, vi, 35.
24. Terraces of the Connecticut valley, xxii, 214; xlvii, 98.
25. Hillhouse, James, Senator from Connecticut, 3, 116, 166;.
26. Connecticut, and he did not know where his girlfriend was.
27. Dikes, observed to have a crescent shape in Connecticut, J.
28. So, after spending time in Connecticut I finally had the.
29. He could still see that inviting stone wall on Connecticut.
30. She had floated back from Connecticut on a big white cloud.
31. Degradation of greenstone in the Connecticut valley, vi, 55.
32. In Connecticut and Rhode Island, they elected the governor.
33. Coal, in Suffield, Connecticut, on the river of the same name.
34. Rob Kaufman lives in Connecticut with his partner of 22 years.
35. Getting her mom to Connecticut might prove far more difficult.
36. The very proposition which the gentleman from Connecticut (Mr.
37. I could have easily stayed in Connecticut, and I would not be.
38. Rensselaer Poly Technical Institute, in Hartford, Connecticut.
39. This is the grotto the Connecticut coven of vampires call home.
40. They went to a party in Norwalk, Connecticut, old Phoebe said.
41. As I sat in my house, nestled in the quiet woods of Connecticut.
42. Connecticut, also endorsed creation of what would be called the.
43. The falls in Connecticut river, at E, are not unworthy of notice.
44. Steel, of Connecticut: some account of it may be given hereafter.
45. Getting her mom to Connecticut had been easier than Leesa expected.
46. Mica—this is very abundant on the east side of Connecticut river.
47. It has, however, been said by the gentleman from Connecticut, (Mr.
48. The sky darkened as they crossed New Jersey and on into Connecticut.
49. In Connecticut no change is necessary, and none is to be apprehended.
50. Khevasiah could have been anywhere, either back in Connecticut, or.
51. She died in January 1944 at the age of 86 in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
52. I moved back to Connecticut and worked for a graphic designs company.
53. Minutes later, he was back out on the street, busy Connecticut Avenue.
54. Geological Map of the Valley of the Connecticut, with Profile, by Rev.
55. Why aren't you in Connecticut already? We don't have classes this week.
56. So over the past month or so, I’ve been looking for jobs in Connecticut.
57. A similar fact has been noticed at the fall in Connecticut river, in Gill.
58. Did you think to get batteries at that place in Connecticut? he asked.
59. Magnetic Oxide of Iron—very common in the region west of Connecticut river.
60. From Connecticut, Roger Sherman, a man of the most profound political wisdom.
61. If I remember correctly, it starts for us in Connecticut, she responded.
62. I was a trustee at the University of Connecticut and remember sitting with Dr.
63. A missionary priest from Connecticut served at the parish of my junior school.
64. Though brilliantly sunny, Saturday morning was overcoat weather in Connecticut.
65. Khevasiah had to come back to Connecticut eventually, and if she really gave a.
66. This is Christofer Burns, recently of the Connecticut and Passumpic railroads.
67. Hearing that Junya was from Connecticut, the cab driver felt there would be too.
68. The sanitarium where Tony was confined was in a peaceful, wooded area in Connecticut.
69. Taft, a little southwest from the confluence of Miller's river with the Connecticut.
70. Perhaps a forecast of rainy days would help persuade her mom to come to Connecticut.
71. I did some digging and found out he lives in Connecticut, an hour from here by train.
72. Farmsteads in Connecticut, time-shares on the Jersey shore, rustic Adirondack retreats.
73. I remember calling and speaking with my godsister, Linda, who was in Connecticut trying.
74. Tell him that you were a roustabout in Connecticut; say nothing of having been a ringer.
75. During one such time, I attended the Holy Thursday celebration in New Canaan, Connecticut.
76. In Mount Toby, in Sunderland, is a cave nearly 150 feet above the bed of Connecticut river.
77. Cushing Amphitheater and at the New Haven Arena in Connecticut, where Morrison was arrested.
78. It seemed only yesterday she was helping Angela move in as she started a life in Connecticut.
79. These localities are in what may, with propriety, be called the coal formation of Connecticut.
80. For instance, in 2002, researchers at the University of Connecticut put this theory to the test.
81. The gentleman from Connecticut read a long history of the torpedo experiment made many years ago.
82. What have we got? He came over to get the same view I had, and looked out across Connecticut.
83. Now it was proved to demonstration by the intelligent and accurate gentleman from Connecticut, (Mr.
84. Thus we have these concurrent proofs against the assertions of the gentleman from Connecticut, (Mr.
85. If Tammany Hall could furnish New York, then Indiana, or Connecticut and New Jersey, would suffice.
86. Deane on, in the Connecticut valley, xlv, 178; xlvi, 73f; xlvii, 381; xlviii, 158f; xlix, 79f, 213.
87. They’d recently purchased a large farmhouse in Roxbury, Connecticut, but it was being refurbished.
88. Iron Sand—found in considerable quantity near the falls in Connecticut river, on the Montague shore.
89. In 1883, a group of New England’s elite came together to found a new private school in Connecticut.
90. They were from all over New York State, from Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
91. Eventually Rose would enroll her daughters in the Sacred Heart boarding school in Noroton, Connecticut.
92. If I understood an honorable gentleman from Connecticut correctly, who addressed you the other day, (Mr.
93. A portion of one of these stones that fell in the town of Weston, (Connecticut) examined by the late Dr.
94. From what Monica has told her, Addison Emery was born into a family of old money in Greenwich, Connecticut.
95. Attendees at the 2014 Connecticut Republican Convention were asked to name their favorite Springsteen song.
96. Macon that these motions combined with one submitted at different times by a gentleman from Connecticut, (Mr.
97. The Speaker laid before the House certificates of the election of Ebenezer Huntington, of Connecticut; John A.
98. In 1970, my father collected a few quartz-striped calcites from the Cinque Quarry in East Haven, Connecticut.
99. Of course, he’d confessed to everything he was asked about, including homicides in Connecticut and New York.
100. Moore saved more than 20 lives from her post at the Black Rock Harbor Light Station in Connecticut (Heroes.

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