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Constitution in a sentence | constitution example sentences

  1. Or to do the constitution.
  2. Constitution of the Team of.
  3. Constitution was such a jewel.
  4. Gate for the New Constitution.
  5. Love is its true constitution.

  6. New Constitution as her Captain.
  7. Article 1 of the Constitution:.
  8. The constitution would be sapped.
  9. Constitution, and no United States.
  10. Kate has the constitution of an ox.
  11. Monygham had an iron constitution.
  12. New Constitution, two to beam up.
  13. Constitution out of his pocket and.
  14. The legal status of the constitution.
  15. Civil Constitution of the Clergy, 198.

  16. The constitution would be algorithmic.
  17. Garcia contacted the New Constitution.
  18. If the constitution of a firm company.
  19. New Constitution, using the SaLing skin.
  20. That he is disgracing the constitution.
  21. Don't worry, he has a good constitution.
  22. The Constitution was repaired at Boston.
  23. The advocates of the Constitution also.
  24. Can you tell me 'bout the Constitution?
  25. We call the party the Constitution Party.

  26. Graham on the constitution of, xxxv, 300.
  27. The Constitution of Cadiz was adopted in.
  28. Chapter 2: History of the Constitution.
  29. Constitution has been completely destroyed.
  30. Minchin alone understood her constitution.
  32. Is the New Constitution here in orbit?
  33. The Constitution of The United States was.
  34. One needed an iron constitution to survive.
  35. Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  36. Those who championed the new Constitution.
  37. But this country with its new constitution.
  38. It’ll either be the Constitution, or.
  39. Constitution against you to hide its agents.
  40. Now that constitution will be sorely tested.
  41. Constitution with a Bill of Rights, and one.
  42. The Federation does not have a constitution.
  43. Our constitution guarantees primary education.
  44. It would infallibly destroy the constitution.
  45. On these subjects the constitution is silent.
  46. The Constitution, as it was then understood.
  47. The voters approved the revised constitution.
  48. Gun control is not barred by the Constitution.
  49. Constitution for the duration of this exercise.
  50. I mean not with the Bible nor the Constitution.
  51. Constitution of the United States, 95–193.
  52. Or to do the change of the constitution of the.
  53. But, there is a major flaw in our Constitution.
  54. Nothing in the Constitution covered this issue.
  55. This was only ten years after the Constitution.
  56. The phrase is not contained in the Constitution.
  57. The United States Constitution is printed on Pot.
  58. Constitution requiring a franchise with no limits.
  59. Northern Ireland: amendments to the constitution.
  60. In other words it is subject to the Constitution.
  61. Constitution, nor the great teachings of Mr.
  62. According to Article 32(3) of the Constitution.
  63. Upon arrival, I am to board the Constitution and.
  64. An amendment to the Tibetan constitution is made:.
  65. You and Tama should go to the New Constitution.
  66. Try Nancy Pelosi, she who abhors our Constitution.
  67. When I did, my constitution changed instantly--I.
  69. Can you help with the Constitution project?
  70. The New Constitution could be there in one hour.
  71. Constitution makes no provision for true democracy.
  72. Constitution adopted by the Tibetan exile government.
  73. We’ve disengaged from the New Constitution on.
  74. States and recognized by the Constitution; they have.
  75. Mawmsey—undermines the constitution in a fatal way.
  76. Constitution and attempting to murder an innocent man.
  77. Article 5 outlines the steps to amend the Constitution.
  78. There might have been no workable Constitution, and no.
  79. The Constitution was part of that ambivalent hypocrisy.
  80. Constitution states, not all men are created equal: we.
  81. N’elent, beam the three of us to the New Constitution.
  82. There is no more of the Middle Ages in our constitution.
  83. Constitution, in the tandem position, Losira reported.
  84. The Namibian Constitution states in Article 13 Privacy:.
  85. The Constitution does not change (unless it is amended).
  86. You should have your own menu to suit your constitution.
  87. The Constitution of 1837 wasaccepted by Queen Isabel on.
  88. Court destroyed the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.
  89. I have orders to take the Constitution, Garcia said.
  90. Have you possess'd yourself of the Federal Constitution?
  91. That gives him power not anticipated in our constitution.
  92. This suspends the constitution and the people’s rights.
  93. In support of the Constitution without a Bill of Rights:.
  94. Graham said he hadn’t seen the constitution since 1999.
  95. UNEQUAL): A legal doctrine within the Constitution of the.
  96. He's got the Blythe constitution in his favor, that's what.
  97. But he has a strong constitution and hes fighting to live.
  98. Read the New Government Constitution and judge for yourself.
  99. The Constitution gave Congress the right to regulate trade.

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