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Container in a sentence

1. I pulled the container away.
2. Close container after each use.
3. Store in an airtight container.
4. Store these in a tight container.
5. Now, tell us about the container.
6. We are at the container number 4.
7. We know you are in container.

8. He handed me a take-away container.
9. Max grabbed another fuel container.
10. She was behind a container on the.
11. We have spotted the 13th container.
12. Seal the container and report back.
13. Cool and store in a sealed container.
14. Andrew eyed the large black container.
15. He even placed the container on the.
16. He grabbed the container and threw up.
17. You can put the container in the sink.
18. Mix and store in an airtight container.
19. Use a container with a larger diameter.
20. His beam fell on the plastic container.
21. Pour into a clean dark glass container.
22. The bots then pul ed out the container.
23. The container smuggled us to the moon.
24. Use a container with a smaller diameter.
25. The container should be placed in the sun.
26. Cool, and store in an airtight container.
27. Every container of liquor that he poured.
28. Store in a jar or container for later use.
29. In another container, he found the printers.
30. Mix all and store in an air-tight container.
31. Shamir said, I will stay in the container.
32. Its manifest was verified and the container.
33. Huge container loads were stacked everywhere.
34. Finish filling the container with small stones.
35. Nine neatly rolled joints lined the container.
36. The container looked to have seen better days.
37. The container had at one time been brightly-.
38. Store in a cool place in an airtight container.
39. The container was down some long skinny aisles.
40. He had been helping to lift a large container.
41. I considered removing the rock sample container.
42. Remove the eggplant and keep in a warm container.
43. The container seals where removed and the door.
44. There is a real problem regarding the container.
45. There was writing on the translucent container.
46. He exited and made his way to the next container.
47. When candy has set, store in airtight container.
48. He tried lifting the container, but he couldn't.
49. The rest of you will take the other container.
50. Myra laughed from her post on top of a container.
51. The protein sludge floated free in the container.
52. I saw he had a container of pins in front of him.
53. I repeat, we have spotted the container number 13.
54. A container concealing the device was off-loaded.
55. I sat with the container on my lap for a few blocks.
56. Store in tightly covered container in refrigerator.
57. Petr reached out and grabbed the container with his.
58. When you find the container, it will be suspended.
59. She finally found the gel in a flat round container.
60. Bodies only belong in this starboard side container.
61. Drop objects into a container after picking them up.
62. Store well in a covered container for up to 3 weeks.
63. I opened the container and struggled with the chains.
64. Cal pulled a container of salve from his saddlebag.
65. Juliana asked, What of the shipping container?
66. Each container had been fitted out with a crude but.
67. Ella held out the yogurt container and spoon to Betsy.
68. Mix all ingredients and store in an airtight container.
69. In that event, the container would be shipped to its.
70. In Veracruz, Juan’s son would receive the container.
71. Of course, that could rot the lining of the container.
72. Cloud! screeched Tifa, pounding on the container.
73. The container was carefully placed in the Medical Bag.
74. Mix together all the ingredients in a small container.
75. There were mainline container ships now, not rowboats.
76. The heavy container smashed into Kyle’s jaw and nose.
77. Put chicken slices in the container; add the salt and.
78. Grab a handful of fresh chives and place in a container.
79. It was a huge wind powered, twin-hulled container ship.
80. I opened her container, so I was the first one she.
81. Her hand shook as she sipped at her container of coffee.
82. This container can be accessed only with the proper key.
83. She brought a container of water and set it to one side.
84. His first thought had been to commandeer the container.
85. A girl-shaped container holding a single spark of light.
86. He’d been untangling some container records this week.
87. You may wonder why there was no one in the container.
88. The interior of the container was brightly lit by some.
89. You put in the amount of food that day's container that.
90. I figured there must be a small container of it in there.
91. The container is rather large and shaped like a big disc.
92. There was a metal container under it half filled with a.
93. The obvious way would be in a sealed container shipment.
94. And in the garbage dump was a cast off shipping container.
95. Sam carefully placed the Styrofoam container on the bench.
96. There are those who do not want the container to be found.
97. The two vampiric creatures came to the container number 13.
98. Look! she replied and shook the container vigorously.
99. He had the water container and that was all that mattered.
100. Combine all ingredients and store in a airtight container.

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