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Contentment in a sentence

With tumult or contentment still.
I read this as contentment in love.
Contentment is the greatest wealth.
The feelings of awe and contentment.
This will result in more contentment.
David found contentment and he had not.
You are in a state of total contentment.

All of life's contentment comes from this.
That was truly contentment, so she thought.
Teri's eyes were half closed in contentment.
I'm waiting for that feeling of contentment.
Brumvack sighed in exhaustion and contentment.
Man’s happiness really lies in contentment.
Their contentment came as no surprise to Ingrid.
However, what gave him greater contentment was.
A feeling of great satisfaction and contentment.
But amidst this contentment lingered the weight.
My mind and body were only filled with contentment.
Phoebe sighed in contentment and wiggled closer to.
He nodded, his eyes filled with love and contentment.
God has given me contentment and happiness within me.
Sometimes you need to walk with God in contentment of.
There were no fingers pointing or looks of contentment.
There was a powerful peace and contentment that he had.
You find contentment and satisfaction in what you have.
Ecstasy reigned, love flourished and we had contentment.
I rest my head on him and close my eyes in contentment.
Would he be able to have the happiness and contentment.
Sue looked at me with a look of loving contentment on.
It was weird – I wasn’t used to contentment, or to.
Yellow thought indicates a moment of joy and contentment.
A series of small clucks is usually a sign of contentment.
Pure and true love is always marked with ease and contentment.
Autumn is the fruition of all, she sighed in contentment.
But for the latter to produce contentment the host merely acts.
We stood in contentment for a moment, watching Jesus and Matthew.
Generally this shows a state of contentment with the status quo.
I have earned a great contentment by working in this organisation.
Alternatively, a wagtail may imply joy, contentment and happiness.
I learned to speak the language of happiness, peace and contentment.

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