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    1. The insurgents had harassed him on the march to Contra Maestre, where Colonel Estrada and six hundred of the Maceo Regiment made a strong stand

    2. Noriega claimed the campaign to overthrow him was because he would not help the US and Contra terrorists overthrow Nicaragua's democratic government

    3. Reagan later tried to overthrow the Sandinistas, organizing the Contra terrorists with US money, weapons, and advisers, killing 75,000 Nicaraguans

    4. Edward’s job would be delivering the coke to a Contra commander

    5. Recruiting within the officer corps for training with the newly formed and highly classified Contra Officers Combat Readiness Training (COCRT), sponsored by the CIA, began even before the Samosa family’s hurried departure

    6. Truman’s instructions were to move the cocaine north, through a series of Contra safe houses, to a contact in Juticalpa, Honduras

    7. Raul was sure to be well aware, that he was also known as Comandante Cobra, one of the Sandinista’s most wanted Contra commanders: his uniform said he was a colonel with the Batallón de Lucha Regular, and the BLI’s primary mission was searching out Contras

    8. They simply continued about their business of searching out Contra units, until the US discontinued its flow of arms and ammunition and the Contras, without bullets, fled, and the war was over

    9. It could very well be that Truman still saw himself as Comandante Cobra, and equally possible – he thought with a wry grin – that even in his Contra role, he wasn’t such an ogre after all

    10. “I actually met him when I returned to Nicaragua as a Contra,” he answered, “but I had already studied his complete history in a file provided by the American CIA, and knew much more about him than he would have told me himself

    11. A Lebanese grocer in some town within Contra Costa County bought the older of the two Fords, the green ‘68 Fairlane that we brought with us from AZ

    12. Contra is one of the oldest game series that we have ever played and come to love

    13. With Contra 4, much of that classic gameplay is kept intact for you and your bestest bud to enjoy

    14. anything that makes my car stand out is contra indicated

    15. Urban Tilth is an agricultural endeavor in west Contra Costa County of California

    16. Through his administration, we witnessed the destruction of all the energy policies of Carter, the covert operation in Afghanistan against the Soviets, the pouring of weapons into both Iraq and Iran during their war, the Iran / Contra scandal and the terrorist attack on the Marines in Beirut, for starters

    17. I was stationed all over the world and worked my last six years in the Pentagon during the Iran Contra crisis

    18. What all this proves is that in an open society, not constrained by religious dogma, there could be pro and contra view points for debate and discussion, leading to the eventual crystallization of public opinion and political mandate

    19. Contra account : An account that is offset by a matching associated account

    20. For them was contra posed the “Matter” or otherwise “material objects”

    21. sobe rly his old se lf; a nd by contra st with the te m pora ry ba lloon of the se la st we e ks,

    22. On the contra ry, they like it

    23. Dancer says, “Mi contra fa est diabolus in musica—where the mi and fa don’t refer to the third and fourth notes of the musical scale but to the medieval principle of overlapping hexachords

    24. When a higher time frame is trending, patterns that run contra to that trend on lower time frames will tend to abort

    25. And the more bearish the lean, the more bullish for the market since this is a contra indicator

    26. Its value, contra to a lot that is written, is very unstable

    27. He brazened it out when sources revealed he’d been backing the Contra guerrillas fighting the socialist government of Nicaragua with the profits from illegal sales to, er, Iran and got away with it (see Chapter 13 for more about Nicaragua)

    28. Gap plays position a trader for the contra move that often follows morning gaps, while pivot plays anticipate potential turning points in the markets that are identified before the trading day

    29. Per contra, there is no one in the world more worthy of confidence and respect than this young Russian lady

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    contra opposite opposing facing toward fronting versus

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    a member of the guerrilla force that opposed a left-wing government in Nicaragua