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Contrast in a sentence | contrast example sentences

  1. It was a stark contrast.
  2. Contrast with ease of use.
  4. In contrast, Paul penned the.
  5. Shepherds was, by contrast, a.

  6. Samantha smiled at the contrast.
  7. Quite a contrast to Hag Younes.
  8. What a contrast! The road that.
  9. A great contrast to the men of.
  10. The contrast was sharp and clear.
  11. In contrast to the dominance of.
  12. This is a contrast showing that.
  13. By contrast, they rarely see you.
  14. Contrast that truth with the un.
  15. This is in contrast to integrity.

  16. Carl Ferris, in contrast, did rise.
  17. By contrast, in 1982 q stood at 0.
  18. It is a contrast easily explained.
  19. In contrast with the building at.
  20. Contrast this with what we have now.
  21. Mutual Shares, by contrast, fell 8.
  22. Contrast this with the turn of the.
  23. In contrast, he said the Patrons (a.
  24. In contrast, her goodbyes with John F.
  25. In contrast, the preresponse signal.

  26. She wanted to point out the contrast.
  27. In contrast to me he was relaxed and.
  28. Pete, in contrast, was of the belief.
  29. The contrast between them was glaring.
  30. But, in contrast, if you offer them a.
  31. By contrast, pectin itself cannot be.
  32. In contrast, Narayan began fading out.
  33. In contrast, decile 7 compounded at 12.
  34. It was such a contrast to this life here.
  35. Let’s contrast that with ON-SITE links.
  36. But JOHN? What a contrast? Why? And how?
  37. Worrry is a product of the contrast mind.
  38. In contrast, Revelation 18:20 says that.
  39. This anger was in stark contrast to that.
  40. Try a contrast in which some aspects are.
  41. This was in stark contrast to the influx.
  42. Why the contrast? Were humans not of this.
  43. The contrast with her dark hair struck me.
  44. Russia, in contrast, once a vassal state.
  45. In contrast, she felt tired and disheveled.
  46. To afford you the pleasures of contrast.
  47. The sudden contrast made Ethan flinch away.
  48. This is a contrast showing that the world.
  49. In contrast, revenues increased by only 8%.
  50. Contrast that to what would happen if you.
  51. In further contrast to the ACC/PL, the IL.
  52. Still, it stood in marked contrast to the.
  53. In wretched contrast, were the remaining men.
  54. In contrast, negative impressions could be.
  55. There is another contrast that comes to mind.
  56. They are interesting to compare and contrast.
  57. Kitty was no longer struck by this contrast.
  58. By way of contrast, the belief that only the.
  59. In contrast, there was a book written longer.
  60. In contrast, human studies have not reliably.
  61. One contrast with the mind, as we have hinted.
  62. It had a striking contrast to his golden hair.
  63. The contrast struck me at the time and—.
  64. Such is the contrast between winter and spring.
  65. After the rainforest the contrast was shocking.
  66. When you live out the contrast of sin and His.
  67. In contrast, when you are falling in love with.
  68. In contrast, a coherent philosophy empowers you.
  69. A tree by the river, in contrast, is green and.
  70. By contrast with GAAP, other numeric reports (e.
  71. In contrast, all the sun-associated (and other).
  72. However, in contrast to penguins that have been.
  73. In contrast, those undertakings which have been.
  74. It was so obvious with this distance in contrast.
  75. The real breakout, in contrast, was unmistakable.
  76. Paul endorses this contrast when he says 'I will.
  77. There was a great contrast between John and Jesus.
  78. The medics, by contrast, are crisp and untroubled.
  79. This is in marked contrast to that found in most.
  80. Seen the contrast of the mansions and the dockrats.
  81. So Mary, in contrast, was seizing the opportunity.
  82. Its soft lilac undulations sat in contrast to the.
  83. Investment banking fees, by contrast, are generous.
  84. Everything where she now was in full contrast to it.
  85. In contrast to the expected elegance past the door.
  86. In contrast, others take the listener on a journey.
  87. This is in complete contrast to what the intrinsic.
  88. In contrast with eternal life, the Word of God also.
  89. God, by contrast, is seen as the Godhead personified.
  90. This was in contrast to her Far East neighbor, Japan.
  91. In contrast we have the boldness of John the Baptist:.
  92. The death of this man offered no contrast to his life.
  93. Will, by contrast, seemed all right, at least at first.
  94. His own parochialism made him ashamed by its contrast.
  95. Contrast that with the market decline of October 2008.
  96. Contrast this to the Marxist goal of abolishing money.
  97. By contrast, the rise of H & R Block has been meteoric.
  98. In contrast, the gnarled limbs grew in all directions.
  99. In contrast to that spirit, listen to the apostle Paul.
  100. Such disappointments merely contrast the warm response.
  1. This is important because by contrasting.
  2. Having to adjust to the contrasting conditions.
  3. Contrasting beautiful Namibia, Namibia our country.
  4. Then comes the contrasting status of the unbeliever.
  5. The two contrasting creations – one conducive to.
  6. Contrasting between sects within a religion (Sunnis.
  7. This also works in reverse with contrasting vibrations.
  8. Thus, understanding the concept of contrasting moving.
  9. Contrasting the annual returns of two hedge fund indices.
  11. From such repeated contrasting experiences, he learns that the.
  12. Now have a look in Verse 9, at the contrasting attitude of Caleb.
  13. Her face grew pale, contrasting with the dark and threatening sea.
  14. He is dressed in a rich-blue linen jacket and contrasting tan slacks.
  15. Adding a question mark as contrasting to a full stop is still open for.
  16. Shoes, pants and dress shirt, suit, all black, contrasting with a silver.
  17. His eyes then reddened into rubies, contrasting dramatically with blue skin.
  18. This contrasting of them with the rest seemed, I was glad to see, to do them.
  19. Behind her was a flash of white, contrasting with the stark darkening forest.
  20. The two distinctly contrasting forms now rotated together in this odd embrace.
  21. Somewhat contrasting the findings from Roberts and colleagues, but consistent.
  22. The gallows loomed on the platform, contrasting strangely with the bright trees.
  23. In Psalm 4, The writer starts by praising God, and continues by contrasting the.
  24. The guys dressed conservatively in light color pants with contrasting jackets and ties.
  25. I have never seen before a group of people with such contrasting auras and alignments.
  26. The dreamscape of the foothills shifted with sharply contrasting areas of light and dark.
  27. Lush as the environment was, with its deep greens and contrasting colours, there was an.
  28. Even now, they were probably contrasting her abilities against Keller’s evolved cunning.
  29. He was old; his white hair contrasting with his blackened face produced a horrible effect.
  30. To dream about sex refers to the integration and merging of contrasting aspects of yourself.
  31. This environment has been presenting us with contrasting choices throughout our incarnation e.
  32. Don’t you see that it symbolizes the contrasting phases of my life? he said in remorse.
  33. You can substitute different vegetables, but be sure to use ones that have contrasting colors.
  34. Yes, but here Paul was not contrasting his joys in this body with the joys he would have without a body.
  35. Mattie said it was at least the third time they had all gathered there to rehash the contrasting medical opinions.
  36. It sat at the village center, its immaculate tidiness contrasting sharply with most of the other ruined buildings.
  37. The surface had been scattered with rose petals, the crimson stark against the contrasting white of the tablecloth.
  38. Did the contrasting financial positions of the two main parties make a difference in the campaign? Yes, to some extent.
  39. A stock’s buyback yield is determined by contrasting shares outstanding today with those outstanding one year earlier.
  40. During the best known negotiations of all time, those between Moses and Pharaoh, we see two contrasting positions collide.
  41. In contrasting the conduct of the present with that of the former Administration, I meant to subserve no purposes of party.
  42. Let it be borne in mind that he was contrasting present and future bodies and the respective pleasures pertaining to these.
  43. Contrasting examples on this point are supplied by Douglas Aircraft Company and Stokely Brothers and Company in 1936–1938.
  44. It is our purpose to observe the contrasting values, and to decide for ourselves what is wanted in our physical experience.
  45. Perhaps in order to make the universe as beautiful as possible there has to be suffering – sort of as a contrasting agent.
  46. We can use two contrasting trading styles—carry seeking and trend following—as illustrations of bad and good diversifiers.
  47. I was still comparing and contrasting Avis’s new story with what she’d told us before, and the two versions hardly matched up.
  48. All the Messenger’s sayings are an interpretation of the Qur’an, and he is far above saying words contrasting with each other.
  49. Paul was contrasting this temporal body with the future glorious body, and it was in that body he would be present with the Lord.
  50. And so we trudged, arm in arm, dazzled by the breathtaking beauty contrasting with the pointless tragedy that had invaded our lives.
  51. Use complimenting or contrasting colours depending on the look you want to achieve and balance this with your worktop and flooring.
  52. But in that case you do not see “nothing” in contrast of “something” you see “nothing” without it contrasting to “something”.
  53. Their bodies were lean under the sports jackets they donned; their skin contrasting from dark to light, and the woman were nowhere to be seen.
  54. The term “growth stock investing” was relatively new (and in its absence, there was no need for the contrasting term “value investing”).
  55. Bêlit posed picturesquely among the ruins, the vibrant life in her lithe figure contrasting strangely with the desolation and decay about her.
  56. The same cause gives the profile a powerful look when the eyebrows make a horizontal line contrasting with the vertical line of the forehead (Fig.
  57. A contrasting example: In June 1932 it was possible to purchase 5% bonds of Owens-Illinois Glass Company, due 1939, at 70, yielding 11% to maturity.
  58. They were large men with brown skin and big black bushy beards their teeth flashed white as they smiled or laughed contrasting with their dark skin.
  59. Contrasting their lives and ministries provides a case study about the reasons why many African Americans do not participate in evangelical missions.
  60. At first, it is true, when Clare's intelligence was fresh from a contrasting society, these friends with whom he now hobnobbed seemed a little strange.
  61. Spotlights bathed them in bright light contrasting the prevailing gloom throughout the bar, broken only by the pale glow of candles under ruby-red glass.
  62. A small fishing boat, two miles away, its white outline contrasting sharply with the darkness of the heavily forested islands, was coasting steadily north.
  63. Today she wore a gown made of two contrasting fabrics, one blue and the other green, with a fur- trimmed cloak of Kingsbridge Scarlet and a little round hat.
  64. The prince walked in quickly and jauntily as was his wont, as if intentionally contrasting the briskness of his manners with the strict formality of his house.
  65. By contrasting the doctrinal choices of Drew and Proctor, I expose the demobilizing consequences of choosing to believe white liberals’ attacks on the Bible.
  66. Then Yshon with its contrasting, illogical beauty of winter and summer, and the other jungle which hid the incredible secret of the Keepers’ tree-house colony.
  67. They could not decide what it might be, with so much lava coating, poor light and the black crater one side contrasting with blinding yellow and white on the other.
  68. There were a lot of trees and wildlife towards the top of the mountain, little segments could even be described as serene, starkly contrasting the rest of the city.
  69. Many shops featured fairly large men dressed in fine suits standing watch outside the entrances; their quality raiments contrasting sharply with their brutish faces.
  70. But though thus contrasting within, the contrast was only in shades and shadows without; those two seemed one; it was only the sex, as it were, that distinguished them.
  71. By contrasting themselves with the lower class, they tried to demonstrate with their relative progress that the black race deserved full rights of American citizenship.
  72. The corn was being harvested with over a hundred acres a checkerboard of battered cornstalks contrasting the proud stalks standing next, totally oblivious to their fate.
  73. Few better qualify to debate the difference between life and death—to pass judgment on the contrasting powers of creating life and of ending it—than a mother of seven.
  74. A cleanly person of the usual decent widow type welcomed us with a cordiality contrasting pleasantly with the indifference of those widows whose rooms had been all engaged.
  75. She was wearing a wide belt about her waist that was of a different, contrasting shade of gold, with a square buckle made from covered what looked like millions of diamonds.
  76. Hanging on a gold clasp from the very middle of the strand was a highly polished star-shaped stone in contrasting wave bands of light yellow, tan, brown, red, grey and black.
  77. They settled on a watered silk look, pale cream background with broad contrasting stripes widely set, a filigree of the same shade down the middle between each set of stripes.
  78. Hanging on a golden clasp from the very middle of the strand was a highly polished star-shaped stone in contrasting wave bands of light yellow, tan, brown, red, grey and black.
  79. But who could show a cheek like Queequeg? which, barred with various tints, seemed like the Andes' western slope, to show forth in one array, contrasting climates, zone by zone.
  80. The newspaper continued with an account of Tim’s childhood with his mother in a one-bedroom apartment in central Sydney, contrasting it with the affluence of the Paget household.
  81. The brass doorknob was oddly cold like solid ice, invigorating the nerves in his fingertips that instinctively sought to recoil, contrasting sharply with the sweltering summer heat.
  82. If we have never had a bad day, we would not appreciate a ‘good’ day and the contrasting difference between the two contributing to personal and psychological well-being.
  83. Since he has no reference point of his self to gauge her feelings, he does not know how important he should consider her feelings, especially when contrasting them with his feelings.
  84. Contrasting Sharpe ratios for trading strategies that buy past winners and sell recent losers based on recent and intermediate momentum (in four equity market contexts and in two others).
  85. I’d had an idea for a third draft, inventing a countermelody that allowed for a dissenting voice, contrasting with the mounting violence of the main lyrics in a cynical and detached way:.
  86. How does such transformation occur? Is it ever possible to pinpoint a moment, a clear before and a contrasting after? Or can the process of estrangement only be taken as an indivisible whole?
  87. As I got closer I remembered Major Melstone and I was nearly sick again I got control of myself and it was then that I noticed the Lieutenants blonde hair contrasting with the dark earth of the hole.
  88. Looking about him helplessly, his black garments contrasting strangely with the bright costumes of the women, and the horsy garb of the male portion, his eyes rested on the figure of a man near him.
  89. Contrasting with the lack of other security guards or watchmen around the other warehouses in the port, that constituted one indicator by itself that the Meridian warehouse contained some very valuable goods.
  90. Tess could eventually join him there, and perhaps in that country of contrasting scenes and notions and habits the conventions would not be so operative which made life with her seem impracticable to him here.
  91. This exercise would be undertaken along the next four chapters that would treat out thèfactors of existenceìndividually, independently and exclusively by contrasting their potentials along with our own lives.
  92. This exercise would be undertaken along the next four chapters that would treat out the `factors of existence` individually, independently and exclusively by contrasting their potentials along with our own lives.
  93. For instance, your earlier observation contrasting my lovely grandchildren with the depraved SS would be considered garbage according to Sci–Coll, because the State's scientific research suggests the opposite.
  94. Their tawny features, now all begrimed with smoke and sweat, their matted beards, and the contrasting barbaric brilliancy of their teeth, all these were strangely revealed in the capricious emblazonings of the works.
  95. Could it be possible, he continued, that eyes which as they gazed never expressed any divergence from what the tongue was telling, were yet ever seeing another world behind her ostensible one, discordant and contrasting?
  96. The winding road downwards became just visible to her under the wan starlight as she followed it, and soon she paced a soil so contrasting with that above it that the difference was perceptible to the tread and to the smell.
  97. Her mouth, which might have been found fault with as too large, displayed teeth of pearly whiteness, rendered still more conspicuous by the brilliant carmine of her lips, contrasting vividly with her naturally pale complexion.
  98. She did not enter any house till, at the seventh or eighth mile, she descended the steep long hill below which lay the village or townlet of Evershead, where in the morning she had breakfasted with such contrasting expectations.
  99. Contrasting with this remarkable salvage of wealthy Pennsylvanians was the sleeping eleven-months-old baby of the Allisons, whose father, mother and sister went down to death after it and its nurse had been placed in a life-boat.
  100. As he got within a few metres the grounds illuminated by a bioluminescent band running under the solar- panelled roof, revealing the neatly trimmed garden, the blue-white light spilled over to reveal the contrasting wild undergrowth.
  1. Her long black hair contrasted.
  2. He had a nice tan that contrasted.
  3. The white coat contrasted with her.
  4. Her modern look contrasted with the.
  5. Contrasted with the Godly blessed by God.
  6. You are the sunlight which is contrasted by the moon.
  7. His bright green silk robe contrasted starkly with.
  8. His Spiderman T-shirt and jeans contrasted with the.
  9. The roles of men and women in worship are contrasted:.
  10. The tumult of his thoughts contrasted with the funereal.
  11. The man wore a black hat which contrasted with his silver hair.
  12. They were of the purest blue and contrasted with her pale skin.
  13. Man's aesthetic appreciation of beauty contrasted with ugliness.
  14. Her long black hair ponytail contrasted with the white material.
  15. Those who are eager for wealth are contrasted with the faithful:.
  16. The diaphaneity of Babet contrasted with the grossness of Gueulemer.
  17. Casting their flicker of black contrasted with wild red and yellow.
  18. This contrasted sharply with another group of "controls" that had.
  19. The shimmering water contrasted with the darkness of the rusty pail.
  20. Strange thing is that all this contrasted with the immense amount of.
  21. And this thawed sternness, contrasted with his habitual brutality, was.
  22. At the bottom was a stream and the water contrasted darkly with the snow.
  23. Also, we contrasted our predicament with the lives of our parent friends.
  24. A more recent human study contrasted the in vivo binding of [11C]FLB 457 and.
  25. Under such a definition the spirit world is contrasted with the material world.
  26. The loss of a hand or eye is contrasted with the lost of the whole body [of which.
  27. The loss of a hand or eye is contrasted with the lost of the whole body [of which the.
  28. The loss of a hand or eye is contrasted with the lost of the whole body (of which the.
  29. Sotillo's ebony moustache contrasted violently with the livid colouring of his cheeks.
  30. His skin was sickly-pale and it contrasted against the black of his suit and long coat.
  31. The bruises except for the capilaries contrasted with the pale white of his glowing skin.
  32. Her fire-red hair stood up in a Mohawk and contrasted with her deep black, beautiful eyes.
  33. The loss of a hand or eye is contrasted with the whole body [of which the hand was a part].
  34. In the distance a large dark blob staggered along, contrasted by the lighter grey of the river.
  35. O'Molloy said, of Roman justice as contrasted with the earlier Mosaic code, the lex talionis.
  36. Did I mention how the red of the bra sharply it contrasted with pale Irish skin? Or how she had a.
  37. Some people contrasted the British success in Malaya with the failure of the Americans in Vietnam.
  38. When Modi contrasted a ‘powerless’ UP with a fully electrified Gujarat, there were wild cheers.
  39. It stank too, of sweat and horses, heavy male musk that contrasted sharply with Blackfin’s perfume.
  40. In fact, her beauty was even more pronounced when contrasted with the coarse, dull fabric of the robe.
  41. James Burton Coffman, Matthew 8:10-12: The centurion’s faith contrasted sharply with the lack of it.
  42. He spoke so seriously in addressing Lebedeff, that his tone contrasted quite comically with that of the others.
  43. Matthew remembered his pleasant jovial personality that contrasted with the firebrand sermons he used to deliver.
  44. The dark silk stockings she wore contrasted perfectly with the tasteful pink and black of the rest of her underwear.
  45. Dubbed " The Cathedral and the Bazaar," the speech contrasted the management styles of the GNU Project with the man-.
  46. Enterprise value works well as a guide to under- and overvaluation when contrasted to EBITDA, free cash flow, and sales.
  47. His hair was thick, brushed back from a high forehead and his eyes a piercing blue that contrasted against his dark hair.
  48. Martin, said Monica as she approached the secretary sitting behind the white desk, which contrasted with her sunset hair.
  49. The walls were painted a dull gray that perfectly contrasted the white sectional sofa pushed up against the furthest wall.
  50. BILL STOP THAT! The high-pitched shouting contrasted with the deep report of the shotgun as Bill let fly 2 more blasts.
  51. That contrasted with the often jittery or nervous looks she had seen on the faces of too many American infantrymen in this war.
  52. The light and airy architecture of the establishment immediately contrasted with the feeling the monk experienced as he entered.
  53. The Pastor, who almost looked his age of twenty in a smart suit, contrasted with the reporter who was wearing a button down shirt.
  54. It was a novel experience for all, a levelling-up of society, as contrasted to some of the levelling-down that we had recently seen.
  55. Across Bihar, the RSS cadres contrasted Bihar’s backwardness with images of Gujarat’s prosperity in their door-to-door campaign.
  56. Dualism - an understanding of reality gained through reduction of the whole into parts or objects which are then compared and contrasted.
  57. On her part, Ingrid noted the often worn out clothes of the other customers, which contrasted with her own modern, high quality female suit.
  58. He had not once seen her lips move in speech; those sensuous, reddened lips, which contrasted sharply with her impressive mass of dark hair.
  59. On pages 66 and 67 a reproduction of a drawing in the British Museum, attributed to Michael Angelo, is contrasted with one in the Louvre by Degas.
  60. As she had not found a piece of black ribbon, her short, thick, black hair tumbled loosely about her face and contrasted strongly with its pallor.
  61. Her china doll complexion and pale skin contrasted largely with her scarlet red bikini, its sheer colour immediately drawing your eyes to her chest.
  62. A branch curved around her brow like a circlet and trickles of blood where thorns had scratched her forehead contrasted starkly with her pale face.
  63. His guests of yesterday evening surrounded him, and wore a submissive air, which contrasted strongly with what I had witnessed the previous evening.
  64. Only by breaking out through the surface of this immeasurable pool are we able to find action; again, contrasted by the unlimited depth of stillness.
  65. Irrigation water maintained the lawns and a selection of trees, which was in stark contrasted to the surrounding land which was parched and treeless.
  66. Apart from being the only woman present, Ingrid’s stunning youth also contrasted sharply with the crowd of men in their advanced forties and fifties.
  67. Images of film stars dancing in front of the ruling Yadavs were contrasted with those who were spending their nights in camps in an unforgiving UP winter.
  68. The result for Public Service after a three-year case was a reorganization value of in excess of $2 billion, which contrasted with the perceived maximum $1.
  69. That beaming tropical elf wore a white tunic and sandals that contrasted brightly with his black hair and skin, as did his pearl studded gold crown of office.
  70. The faces of these people were haggard, and their entire appearance contrasted conspicuously with the Sabbath-best appearance of the people on the omnibuses.
  71. There was however something strange with the convoy, starting with the haphazard mix of vehicle types that contrasted with the appearances of normal military convoys.
  72. The color went along with her dark skin contrasted only by a huge bunch of white jasmines decking her long hair and a shyly-happy smile showing her pearl-white teeth.
  73. He contrasted all that with the crude, criminal assaults on the Grove ladies and the six other brutal, sexual assaults he and his friend were suspected of committing.
  74. The man, therefore, whose cognition of truth depends solely upon his natural insight is natural, as contrasted with the spiritual man to whom divine insight is imparted.
  75. Cam had muffin all over his face and had the expression of a hyper, sugar-high five-year-old, which contrasted greatly with his black band t-shirt and baggy, ripped jeans.
  76. Then she broke out again into one of her gay, happy, laughing moods; joking with me on my prowess as a Thark warrior as contrasted with my soft heart and natural kindliness.
  77. When we view this long-range experience in perspective we find another set of paradoxes in the investor’s changing attitude toward capital gains as contrasted with income.
  78. But, it was only the pleasanter to turn to Biddy and to Joe, whose great forbearance shone more brightly than before, if that could be, contrasted with this brazen pretender.
  79. Similarly, National Enameling and Stamping Company for each year 1935–1937 charged about $185,000 in its income account as contrasted with about $280,000 on its tax return.
  80. It is of a most brilliant black, and contrasted with the white, stony matrix, (principally quartz and sulphat of barytes) in which it is enveloped, it forms elegant specimens.
  81. A terrible, shameful image comes to me: Kamal with his delicate hands, his reassuring manner, his sibilant speech, contrasted with Scott, huge and powerful, wild, desperate.
  82. The tri-colours of her police car contrasted sharply with black panels and gleaming chrome as she parked between two Daimler hearses in the large grounds of the funeral parlour.
  83. As a result the company reported a consolidated net loss of $306,000 for the year, as contrasted with a profit on a parent-company basis only of $1,125,000, or 64 cents per share.
  84. While her deep skin tan contrasted with the milky skin that was considered a mark of beauty in France, it added to the impression of perfect health and fitness radiating from her.
  85. His political naivety was also exposed when Arnab grilled him on the Congress’s role in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and contrasted it with the party’s stand on the 2002 Gujarat riots.
  86. Our present rulers are there contrasted with the brave and generous heroes of our Revolution, and they are declared to be fit for the yoke which had been thrown off by their ancestors.
  87. She leaned against the laboratory table, certainly an incongruous picture in her new role as contrasted with the stained and dirty background of paraphernalia of medico-legal investigation.
  88. None of the nearby stores were open yet and there was a soft morning mist that added to the eerie calm that contrasted strongly with all the fighting and explosions they had just left behind.
  89. What was extraordinary in Abdullah was that although he was not an ugly man, he had nothing attractive in his features and this contrasted strangely with a pleasant voice and a likeable smile.
  90. For example, it is evident, from an inspection of the passages in which Sheol, Hades, and Gehenna occur, that Gehenna for depth is never contrasted with heaven for height, like Sheol and Hades.
  91. The rider's breezy hair and erect attitude, there was a suggestion of suddenly arrested motion, of strength, courage, and youthful buoyancy that contrasted sharply with the supine grace of the.
  92. Her pale, alabaster skin contrasted sharply with her dark clothing—black combat boots, black jeans, and a black tank top (which didn’t fully conceal the black bra she was wearing underneath).
  93. The austerity of their manners gave them authority with the common people, who contrasted the strict regularity of their conduct with the disorderly lives of the greater part of their own clergy.
  94. He cleared his throat to speak, but the lady spoke first, inviting them into the overflowing warmth of the centrally heated villa that contrasted comfortably with the eight degrees of winter sunshine.
  95. Jo understood why Laurie 'primmed up his mouth' when speaking of Kate, for that young lady had a standoff-don't-touch-me air, which contrasted strongly with the free and easy demeanor of the other girls.
  96. He was a man of forty to forty-five years, but he seemed at least fifty, and his black mustache and eyebrows contrasted strangely with his almost white hair, which was cut short, in the military fashion.
  97. Olmec was as tall as Conan, and heavier; but there was something repellent about the Tlazitlan, something abysmal and monstrous that contrasted unfavorably with the clean-cut, compact hardness of the Cimmerian.
  98. How well Constable has used the vertical sublimity of the spire of Salisbury Cathedral can be seen in his picture, at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where he has contrasted it with the gay tracery of an arch.
  99. For this time period, she was truly flying in high fashion and contrasted sharply with the French pilots, who wore well-worn flying coveralls and simple floatation vests, plus hard helmets with separate goggles.
  100. The historical proof for this is 10,000 years of continual human misery, suffering, brutality, bloodshed and violence contrasted against the fantastic, creative, evolution of tools during that same period of time.
  1. There would be no contrasts.
  2. Lennox was a study in contrasts.
  3. This contrasts with the idea that.
  4. But such contrasts are Hugo's delight.
  5. Even in that one, an example of contrasts is.
  6. The cause of the contrasts lays in the recent.
  7. It contrasts beautifully with his totally white hair.
  8. Japanese and Chinese use of contrasts of colour, 208.
  9. Laura knew her father was a man of intriguing contrasts.
  10. Much of the rest of the Psalm contrasts the saints, or.
  11. This was such a place of contrasts it rather amazed Gianni.
  12. New York City and the contrasts prove the point: humans are.
  13. Rivers, and contrasts it somewhat too vividly with what is.
  14. I made you talk: ere long I found you full of strange contrasts.
  15. If one contrasts the young Ernest, with only his dreams and few pieces.
  16. The program just outlined wil provide you with a continuity of contrasts.
  17. This contrasts the task that the Lord gave the Levite priests with the.
  18. This contrasts with the torturer or sadist who, like the vampire, is pitiless.
  19. Psalm 5 opens with a plea to the Lord, and then contrasts some of the ways in.
  20. This contrasts with the typical bearish crowd, whose lifetime is measured in months.
  21. Christ contrasts "eternal life" for the saved with "eternal punishment" for the lost.
  22. Verses 2 to 11, Paul now sums up what the law can do, and contrasts this with what the.
  23. Harsh contrasts of tone produce much the same look of terror as harsh contrasts of line.
  24. As just noted, growing developing world demand for energy contrasts with finite supplies.
  25. The PMV contrasts with the value that the stock market is placing on the equity of the firm.
  26. Verses 5, is one of several verses that follow where, in different ways, Paul contrasts the.
  27. The dharma of compromise hauls the coupe of matrimony on the parallel track of contrasts.
  28. Verse 13 and 14, Paul contrasts the behaviour of believers with the behaviour of sinners, and.
  29. We left downtown and entered more residential neighborhoods, which were full of sharp contrasts.
  30. The life was uncertain, dream-like, with sharp contrasts of battle, pillage, murder, and flight.
  31. Set in the present day in a world not our own, Mañana is a world of contrasts and amalgamations.
  32. In typical usage, the term "growth investing" contrasts with the strategy known as value investing.
  33. This contrasts with a decline in the price of Westvaco common stock from 116½ in 1929 to 3 in 1932.
  34. The following list contrasts the two states and the words I've chosen to represent those distinctions.
  35. There was this force in his movement that contrasts sharply with the Ben I knew, a gentle and calculated Ben.
  36. The black zigzag spine of the snake tail continues to the beast's back and contrasts with his golden reptile skin.
  37. Murky as well, and very rich in saline material, their pure indigo contrasts with the green waves surrounding them.
  38. They have a sense of connectedness and rootedness which contrasts sharply with the empty materialism of our society.
  39. Witnessing these devilish visions contrasts with witnessing the facts and Godly lights through God’s messenger (cpth).
  40. In the physical world there are innumerable contrasts and these may, for convenience sake, be designated by distinctive names.
  41. History has shown contrasts, and Namibia, the country we are so fortunate to live in, advocates the diversity of every individual.
  42. Again, Paul contrasts the pleasures which as a Christian he could enjoy while in the body with those he could enjoy out of the body.
  43. When we examine these recent price figures with care we see some interesting analogies and contrasts with those of forty years earlier.
  44. Of sober architecture, simplicity and harmonious dimensions, it is richly decorated and this contrasts with the austerity of the monument.
  45. Suddenly the contrast mind (the mind that contrasts constantly between good and bad) arises and comments on how great the work is going on.
  46. Lighting was full strength spots with straw filters, creating strong, warm highlights, deep shadows, stark contrasts and discrete acting areas.
  47. And again, where you have strong contrasts of tone, such as Rembrandt was fond of, you cannot successfully have strong contrasts of colour as well.
  48. However, it will be seen by the accompanying diagram how consistently the harsh contrasts of line were carried out in the planning of this picture.
  49. The contrasts of line are here but confined to the smaller parts, and there are no contrasts of light and shade, chiaroscuro not being yet invented.
  50. In other words, you cannot with much hope of success have strong contrasts of colour and strong contrasts of tone in the same picture: it is too violent.
  51. Consider adding a row (or column, or both) of contrasts; for example, if the table has only two rows, we could add a row of differences, row 1 minus row 2.
  52. The effect of the harsh contrasts in the lines is further added to by the harsh contrasts of tone: everywhere hard lights are brought up against hard darks.
  53. Humans interpret atom-energy structures and functions through contrasts of observed differentiations of features, functions and facts (science) of a structure.
  54. In order to underline contrasts and stress differences: throughout this book, I myself use words like: life, death, normality, reality in an absolute fashion or manner.
  55. Plato's account of pleasure is remarkable for moderation, and in this respect contrasts with the later Platonists and the views which are attributed to them by Aristotle.
  56. Individuals process information learning to interpret contrasts and shapes of atom-energy structures and their functions in relation to individual’s personal experiences.
  57. The low world, the lower one, which its vision fuses in green and brown spots, contrasts enormously with the immensity of the top world of infinite blue and white foam clouds.
  58. This procyclical pattern contrasts with the countercyclical pattern found in rational return expectations that are based on econometric forecasting models and valuation ratios.
  59. Greater contrasts and variety of colour may be indulged in where the middle range only of tones is used, and where there is little tone contrast, than where there is great contrast.
  60. It is the same in painting: besides all kinds of other contrasts, one is coming into vogue which consists in giving careful finish to one object and being careless about all the rest.
  61. From that height we could contemplate spectacular landscapes, with a 360º bird’s eye view of truly sensational contrasts between the silhouette of the city and the islands that surround it.
  62. Without life’s contrasts and challenges there would be the risk of living in an emotional and intellectual vacuum, a plane of spiritual boredom without the opportunity for personal development.
  63. At the corner of the bridge, too, I saw one of the common contrasts of that grotesque time--a sheet of paper flaunting against a thicket of the red weed, transfixed by a stick that kept it in place.
  64. These contrasts have led people who believe in Creation, to come up with terms like “Creation Science” and “Intelligent Design” which is labelled by mainstream science as “pseudo-science”.
  65. So far as your senses will be able to detect, the substitution should be instantaneous, which should also make any contrasts you perceive between the two pieces’ reflectivity as apparent as possible.
  66. Ideally, the stock’s price/volume action should become quiet over the previous several days, which contrasts with the much larger and stronger volume move that comes on the pocket pivot itself.
  67. He has his wits disordered by his devoted reading of chivalric romances and sets out in search of knightly adventures with his companion, Sancho Panza, whose short, fat appearance contrasts with that of Don Quixote.
  68. There were contrasts in him, too : side by side with his marvellous simplicity (at times, to my vexation, he completely failed to detect irony) there was a sort of sly subtlety, most frequently apparent in controversy.
  69. This is an important consideration, as there is generally a strong contrast between them, the shadows usually being warm if the lights are cool and vice versa; and such contrasts greatly affect the vitality of colouring.
  70. He then contrasts this to a pharmaceutical company where the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerns itself with the safety of drugs it regulates, but it does not control the prices that a business can charge for them.
  71. This program of acquisition of small fractions of businesses (common stocks) at bargain prices, for which little enthusiasm exists, contrasts sharply with general corporate acquisition activity, for which much enthusiasm exists.
  72. Paul's weighty but neglected statement, before the Areopagus at Athens—when, standing in the very capital of paganism, the centre of the traditions of the heathen world, he surveys the past, and contrasts it with the present.
  73. It seems that perhaps we can only appreciate the wonders of creation and the Creator because of our personal perception of the world from the experience of all the contrasts, challenges, joys and pain it has offered and dealt to us.
  74. He enfolds her in his arms, warm and secure and most definitely real, and she contrasts the feeling of his touch, of his cheek against her hair and the moisture of his breath in the cold, with the lingering feeling that her hands are soaked in blood.
  75. To those who have looked at Rome with the quickening power of a knowledge which breathes a growing soul into all historic shapes, and traces out the suppressed transitions which unite all contrasts, Rome may still be the spiritual centre and interpreter of the world.
  76. In the drama, the most common effects, besides contrasts, are tempests, thunder, moonlight, scenes at sea or by the seashore, changes of costume, exposure of the female body, madness, murders, and death generally: the dying person exhibiting in detail all the phases of agony.
  77. An article in the latest issue of the “New Republic” discusses the recent hearings on the Office of Federal Contract Compliance and contrasts Senator Dirksen’s “clowning performance” with Ted Kennedy’s “cool and clever handling” of both himself and the situation.
  78. But at least I was in Greece and I'd read somewhere that 'Greece always gives more than it takes', so with two weeks of immeasurable contrasts stretching out before me on my very own quest with nothing to guide me but sweet ignorance and a ferry, I drained my glass and moved out under a parasol.
  79. In order to maximize the sensations and the contrasts between the sensations caused by the reflection of the two pieces, I will Translocate one of the pieces directly in front of you and just above you, positioned and angled so that the sunlight and your power are reflected directly onto your face, head and torso.
  80. During the three years she had been his darling friend, he had become intimately acquainted with contrasts of rapture and despair which he, a quiet man, of the gentle, court-official type who in leisure moments reads the classics and is never without a little volume of Horace in his pocket, hadn't supposed existed.
  81. Neither does the third method of imitating art—by the use of what is striking or effectual—coincide with real art any better than the two former methods; for in effectfulness—the effects of novelty, of the unexpected, of contrasts, of the horrible—there is no transmission of feeling, but only an action on the nerves.
  82. The masses—that is to say, the majority of mankind, who suffer and toil, their lives dull and uninteresting, never enlivened by a ray of brightness, enduring numberless privations—are those who recognize most clearly the sharp contrasts between what is and what ought to be, between the professions of mankind and their actions.
  83. There is, indeed, an astonishing vitality and movement throughout the work, and, elaborate though the plot is, with all varieties and all contrasts of people and conditions, with constant shiftings of the scene, the story yet moves, and moves the interest of the reader too, along the rapid current of events towards the powerful culmination.
  84. But is it so very improbable that the next stage of thought is to restore the doctrine in all its pristine purity and force, as being in perfect harmony with sound ideas upon the subject of wealth and poverty, the rich and the poor, and the contrasts everywhere seen and deplored? In Christ's day, it is evident, reformers were against the wealthy.
  85. Let us not forget that the Indians for whom we work have been excluded from our civilized communities, until it is difficult to win them to our customs, our language and our religion; that until only about twenty-five years ago, generation after generation of our colored people had been born to bondage, and had groaned its hopeless life away in far greater misery than the same conditions brought in uncivilized Africa—misery made deeper and keener by contrasts in civilized America.

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