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Controlled in a sentence

He is controlled by MONEY.
He is controlled by BOSSES.
He controlled it with his.
Even then he controlled his.
Drugs had controlled him to.
The feet controlled the seat.
In a controlled trial using.

We are controlled to such a.
The world is being controlled.
Control what can be controlled.
With effort he controlled his.
Speaking in a low, controlled.
The voice too can be controlled.
And Moses controlled the bridges.
My job controlled my drinking, i.
Back then, he controlled about 2.
It was my area, I controlled them.
He is controlled by RELATIONSHIPS.
Lowering weight in a controlled.
Besides, it was a controlled fall.
He is controlled by RELIGIOUS FEAR.
Make your life pure and controlled.
His voice was stern and controlled.
The USA is secretly controlled and.
She controlled the element of earth.
Her mood is one of controlled anger.
Thatch buildup should be controlled.
However, no controlled trials have.
Do not be controlled by your emotions.
Jamie watched his controlled outburst.
But it’s not a controlled strength.
The Vatican tightly controlled what.
He needs to be controlled, that's all.
It’s a ball controlled by the owner.
Carefully I controlled the atmosphere.
These moods can be controlled by you.
He hears a voice, calm and controlled.
They controlled our lives for so long.
Marek controlled the medical board.
I held myself and controlled my nerves.
The simple key to controlling.
Otherwise it is controlling you.
Controlling time is what Folk do.
I’m controlling what he can see.
It was a mind controlling ancient.
Because she was too controlling.
The cat is controlling the arrows.
He is manipulating and controlling.
Controlling the heat to avoid fire.
Controlling the amount of tobacco.
He was controlling your every move.
Controlling is the process where the.
His fingers spread apart, controlling.
Unfortunately, controlling the raw and.
Controlling when subjects can have sex.
What habits are controlling your life?
There was no purpose to controlling it.
Paul certainly liked controlling things.
She starts controlling her surroundings.
Controlling the prophecies never works.
She can be very controlling, but it’s.
Controlling outcomes is a fearful pursuit.
He's been controlling the demon all along.
They can be very controlling, with a low.
He had difficulty controlling his thoughts.
And controlling it is incredibly difficult.
And for controlling misinformation as well.
Johnson without us controlling the situation.
The gray eyes, cold and sterile, controlling.
Controlling your emotions was part of basic.
Yeah, he can be very controlling sometimes.
Controlling the ability to ash one of you?
You mean other than a controlling cell!.
What is controlling the UFO is puzzling to him.
He still wasn’t confident of controlling the.
Nobody knows what’s controlling what any more.
Controlling the motion of the straps is key here.
Because, Gary said, I’m controlling it.
You see? He controls the.
It controls the way that.
It had no controls, either.
Put in systems and controls.
It still secretly controls all.
Gifted is he, Controls the task.
They have no pollution controls.
He controls the whole operation.
No one controls either of these.
There appeared to be no controls.
As he manipulated the controls a.
Step away from the controls, Gary.
He controls and moves all threads.
His hand never reached the controls.
The strong man controls conditions.
Finally, I gave up on the controls.
The species that controls the most.
Julius knew how to work the controls.
These controls are found in Settings.
The bank that controls the World Bank.
The controls effectiveness is measured.
Tridden's gloves on the brass controls.
What are the validation controls in asp.
His is a fire which controls itself.
Nobles’ Nook controls 20% of the market.
I placed the controls on the year 1932.
Which means no one but me at the controls.
But the concept never controls the flavor.
Yet, you are at the controls of this ship.
Do you know where the controls are?
This means that she controls him, after all.
Jose briefly inspected its controls, in awe.
It’s the brain that controls the muscles.
He had no idea how to operate the controls.
His fingers raced swiftly over the controls.
So be the person that controls the message.
With the proper controls, RO membranes can.
He checked the instruments and the controls.
Instead: their ego-pride-fear controls them.
It is the jewel that controls the seasons.

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I was out of control.
It was out of control.
I was in control and.
He was back in control.
The evil is in control.
We got it under control.
He lost control of his.
Put a call into control.
This is out of control.
He had control of all U.
But you CAN control the.
I lost control of myself.
He has so little control.
We have no control over.
He can control his urges.
I was always in control.
What she wants is control.
It was out of your control.
He had no control over it.
She had it in control now.
Control Room back in India.
He had not been in control.
I cannot control your will.
He’s in the control room.
We are in complete control.
I control it now, Red Mage.
I lost control of the mouse.
His rage was out of control.
You should have control now.
You have no control over PR.
The fires are out of control.
He had no control over them.
She had to re-exert control.
He regained control of his.
He had no control over the.
It had touch screen control.
I tried to control my nerves.
Now, he had it under control.
I can’t control its growth.
He had find the control room.

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