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Corporal in a sentence

That would be the corporal.
The corporal in charge of.
A Corporal ran into the tent.
The corporal stood beside me.
Your name is Corporal Lance J.
The corporal raps on a rear door.
Got it, I told the corporal.

As we lifted off, gunny Corporal.
The Seven Corporal Works of Mercy.
This guy has to be my new corporal.
What is it, Corporal Ache?
Even the corporal was doing it now.
He unzipped Corporal Young’s bag.
He then looked at Corporal Makinen.
Where have you been, Corporal?
I frankly don’t know, Corporal.
Where are you headed, Corporal?
Who for, sir? asked the Corporal.
The corporal had his hands to his face.
The young corporal was beginning to cry.
For a moment the corporal was dumbstruck.
Corporal Minnie looked at us and smiled.
Corporal Bob Simmons came along and said.
The corporal squeezed his hand behind him.
The corporal cradled the fallen man, and.
But the corporal was not done with us yet.
The corporal left, glad to be out of there.
The corporal growled and jerked her around.
We ran to the bus, where a corporal waited.
Yesterday was the Fourth of July, Corporal.
With us was a very popular Cockney corporal.
Nothing, sir! Corporal Jacobs shouted.
Ok, it’s time, a corporal announced.
Corporal, have the men prepare to move out.
The corporal looked scandalized by her words.
Hey! Said the corporal in fake protest.
The corporal handed the weapon to his comrade.
They were guarded by conscripts, a corporal.
A Chinese corporal confronted him in Mandarin.
Now it was Corporal Bill’s turn to plague me.

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