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  1. He had a crimson tan.
  2. The Crimson Hag is dead.
  3. The lady in the crimson cap.
  4. The crimson taillights of a U.
  5. She turned crimson with anger.

  6. Somehow his eyes had crimson.
  7. It was the four evil crimson.
  8. He had deep crimson hair that.
  9. The sky turned crimson red as.
  10. The doctor's face became crimson.
  11. Bright yellows and crimson roses.
  12. It has four petals of crimson hue.
  13. His whole life became crimson then.
  14. It is the crimson sky he dreamed of.
  15. He looked strange, his face crimson.

  16. Weylyn’s eyes blazed crimson in fury.
  17. Hairs snowed crimson onto the formica.
  18. He suddenly faltered and turned crimson.
  19. In a crimson mist he smote the monster.
  20. Crimson rays splashed against his face.
  21. When he does, all he can see is crimson.
  22. The material was dyed to a deep crimson.
  23. I hear the Crimson Hag has them worried.
  24. And pressed her hand—the crimson blush.
  25. The nails and crimson polish were intact.

  26. Jared’s eyes changed to glowing crimson.
  27. His face was crimson, his eyes bloodshot.
  28. Blood rushed out like a river of crimson.
  29. Samantha and the evil crimson rider were.
  30. Fall in the fresh lap of the crimson rose;.
  31. Obviously, he liked the rich crimson color.
  32. Wet crimson lips that once I marked as mine.
  33. Carter snapped still crimson red in the face.
  34. With crimson cheeks he read on unsteadily:.
  35. The crimson blade tore through the Muun and.
  36. In his hands he held a plush crimson velour.
  37. His cheeks flushed crimson and he looked away.
  38. High, the wild birth-chase, crimson and black.
  39. A crimson explosion from the back of his head.
  40. The offending boy turned from pink to crimson.
  41. A crimson sphere expanded into a broad gateway.
  42. He blushed crimson, and his face clouded over.
  43. The evil crimson riders are in league with her.
  44. Phillip’s cheeks turned a few shades of crimson.
  45. Kwan San Lee, with her chest turned crimson, was.
  46. The hookah pipe steamed and the crimson fumes rose.
  47. A crimson dime-sized peephole above his right eye.
  48. The heartache was replaced with blind crimson rage.
  49. The blood from his wounds stained the wall crimson.
  50. He stares at his fingers as the crimson fire fades.
  51. Their blood now layered his armor in crimson streaks.
  52. In the center of the floor was a large crimson circle.
  53. Jim took in the red upholstery and the crimson velvet.
  54. I think you have something there, my crimson friend.
  55. He flushed crimson, his eyes glowed, his lips quivered.
  56. He imagines crimson and black, colours to induce terror.
  57. A jet of crimson sprayed all over Sledge’s black vest.
  58. I saw his eyes getting redder, his fist turning crimson.
  59. Blood forms a crimson circle in the center of his chest.
  60. The head jerked back and a surge of crimson burst forth.
  61. She wore white silk stockings with crimson leather boots.
  62. Blushing crimson, Elowen stuffed the coins back into her.
  63. Windsor’s eyes dilated and his aged face turned crimson.
  64. All that was left was the crimson stained surface of bone.
  65. Her cheeks were flushed crimson, her eyes glittered, her.
  66. Over the jeweled spires was rising a dawn crimson as blood.
  67. Carter and Travis stood on the crimson porch with a bright.
  68. The demands had been penned in elegant crimson calligraphy.
  69. There is already a hint of crimson and sharpness in the air.
  70. His curled horns reflected the crimson light of his sorcery.
  71. Streak the painted sky, warm crimson shades of orchard rose.
  72. There were some crimson berries among the leaves in the bowl.
  73. The officer came nearer and suddenly his face flushed crimson.
  74. The old man, who had been crimson, turned whiter than his hair.
  75. I remember how he walked into our classroom, flushing crimson.
  76. It was limp and pale, knit through with deep splashes of crimson.
  77. It was the diabolical crimson rider and his new black companion.
  78. The crimson sphere enlarged and became an oval of arcane energy.
  79. The breath from her throat spun crimson into the chill white air.
  80. He was beside himself, crimson in the face and quivering all over.
  81. The core, which was originally orange, became a dark crimson red.
  82. In the middle of the crimson heat, Annyeke saw a flash of emerald.
  83. He flushed crimson, left her side, and paced up and down the room.
  84. Vast crimson dunes covered the wasteland, just as they remembered.
  85. The Necro smiles and lays his head back down in the crimson puddle.
  86. He had expected gilt and crimson, more foreign tapestries and silk.
  87. She went crimson at the memory and her blush was not lost on Rhett.
  88. Both of you, stop this! Samuel said angrily, his eyes crimson.
  89. The keys of Dublin, crossed on a crimson cushion, are given to him.
  90. Whatever he had seen of crimson had vanished, before his very sight.
  91. Blood surges from a wound in her abdomen, dyeing her shirt crimson.
  92. She wore a long, crimson skirt that ended just above her bare feet.
  93. The crimson rider and the raven were instantly incinerated in the.
  94. Iratus intercepted the descending blade with his own crimson saber.
  95. There was a dark crimson stain on the floorboards halfway across the.
  96. He became so mortified that he stared at his feet and blushed crimson.
  97. The evil crimson rider mounted the black raven and was instantly away.
  98. A crimson flush was glowing on her cheek, that had been long so pale.
  99. He pointed at the horizon that was starting to colour itself crimson.
  100. Crimson, the boy had fled to the small bedroom above the goat stables.
  1. I always loved this first wild frolic of cold winds and catkins and hurriedly crimsoning pollards, of bleakness and promise, of roughness and sweetness--a blow on one cheek and a kiss on the other--before the spring has learned good manners, before it has left off being anything but a boisterous, naughty, charming _Backfisch_; but this year after having been ill so long it is more than love, it is passion.
  2. He told her that time when she told him about that in confession, crimsoning up to the roots of her hair for fear he could see, not to be troubled because that was only the voice of nature and we were all subject to nature's laws, he said, in this life and that that was no sin because that came from the nature of woman instituted by God, he said, and that Our Blessed Lady herself said to the archangel Gabriel be it done unto me according to Thy Word.
  1. She crimsoned and stopped.
  2. Charles crimsoned to his ears.
  3. In the glow, the water of the chateau fountain seemed to turn to blood, and the stone faces crimsoned.
  4. She crimsoned, turned white, crimsoned again, and grew faint, waiting with quivering lips for him to come to her.
  5. Levin crimsoned, hurriedly thrust his hand under the cloth, and put the ball to the right as it was in his right hand.
  6. Curved knives flashed and crimsoned, snaky staffs licked in and out, and whenever they touched a man, that man screamed and died.
  7. Levin crimsoned both from shame and anger with his wife, who had put herself and him in such a difficult position; but Marya Nikolaevna crimsoned still more.
  8. Now, as she glanced up at him and saw the expression on his face she crimsoned with confusion and hastily lowered her eyes without replying to his last remark.
  9. Her face was crimsoned over, and she exclaimed, in a voice of the greatest emotion, Good God! Willoughby, what is the meaning of this? Have you not received my letters?
  10. Marianne herself had seen less of his person that the rest, for the confusion which crimsoned over her face, on his lifting her up, had robbed her of the power of regarding him after their entering the house.
  11. Diana and Mary relieved me by turning their eyes elsewhere than to my crimsoned visage; but the colder and sterner brother continued to gaze, till the trouble he had excited forced out tears as well as colour.
  12. Her face was crimsoned over, and she exclaimed, in a voice of the greatest emotion, Good God! Willoughby, what is the meaning of this? Have you not received my letters? Will you not shake hands with me?
  13. Standing at the mast-head of my ship during a sunrise that crimsoned sky and sea, I once saw a large herd of whales in the east, all heading towards the sun, and for a moment vibrating in concert with peaked flukes.
  1. The gorgeous blues and crimsons of Diaz’s Coronation of Love, which Mr.
  2. There were crimsons and ambers, turquoises and sea greens, materials of every shade and texture.
  3. He stared into the stone’s ice-blue interior, where miniature mountain ranges seemed to send back fire, crimsons and corals and violets, polygons of color twinkling and coruscating as he rotated it, and he almost convinced himself that the stories were true, that centuries ago a sultan’s son wore a crown that blinded visitors, that the keeper of the diamond could never die, that the fabled stone had caromed down through the pegs of history and dropped into his palm.
  4. I would begin in April with the king-cups, and leave off in September with the blackberries, and I would keep one eye on the geese, and one on the volume of Wordsworth I should have with me, and I would be present in this way at the procession of the months, the first three all white and yellow, and the last three gorgeous with the lupin fields and the blues and purples and crimsons that clothe the hedges and ditches in a wonderful variety of shades, and dye the grass near the water in great patches.

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