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    1. “I felt very liberated when I had sex with two men at the same time, and I had no problem that one of them was my lover's best friend! Now it is all crystal clear to me: Love is one thing, sex is another! There can be sex without love!” she concluded with an air of expertise

    2. On the contrary, it is crystal clear to me that Evil prevails everywhere

    3. The evening sky was crystal clear and the air so fresh I forgot my tiredness in the romance of being in this land of my uncle and my heroes

    4. Crystal clear waters, native birds and Christian’s Cave

    5. crystal clear what they want from you

    6. From this, it will be crystal clear that you need to continually work hard to drive ever more traffic to your squeeze page, whilst also getting started as soon as practical with split testing to improve your conversion rate, as I mentioned earlier

    7. The crystal clear voice of Sheranara rang out through her thoughts, 'Welcome Lord Elf, First Water and Sister-servant of the One!'

    8. In today’s language it may not be crystal clear where the firmament would be located or what the Bible intends the reader to understand when talking about the firmament

    9. floor had been only stone, this one’s floor consisted of a stone path bordering a crystal clear pool of

    10. The boat slid alongside a wooden jetty, built in the crystal clear waters

    11. ” Dorro’s meaning was crystal clear and Forgo understood it

    12. The thought came to her again, vividly, the image crystal clear in her mind

    13. The creek, crystal clear, unlike the river a few hundred metres away, came out of a little hole in the bushes, across a sloping rock of which no more than a metre could be seen

    14. He ran his hands lovingly over his old oak roll-top desk, pausing to gather thoughts while adding notations to the file of an unrelated case, with Michael’s work board far from mind, when his gaze lit upon it and, just like that, the answer was suddenly crystal clear

    15. The air was crystal clear

    16. The MC continued, “… It’s going to be a straight up funk fest, the funky festival is onnn! Rappers, housers, disco ducks, do it to it,” MC Shadows said in a slow, deep and crystal clear MC voice, as he pointed his finger at each and every person in the crowd

    17. The story was crystal clear to me now, which was now as follows

    18. What I was given was straightforward and crystal clear

    19. Samantha was a brunette that had crystal clear eyes, with swaying body curves that could attract both men and women alike

    20. he could see the spent fuel pool; hundreds of spent fuel rods stood in the crystal clear

    21. As she lay asleep, watching the beauty of the world turning she uttered words that Marshall heard crystal clear, “Max, don’t go

    22. should be crystal clear that successful sex transmutation does not

    23. Derek’s mind became as crystal clear as the voice and as clear

    24. This is crystal clear to anyone who has truly received

    25. To cling to my memories forever, torment me with my crystal clear vision of the way he looked when he said my name, the way he smelt when he held me close, and the way his breath felt on my neck when he lost himself in my hair

    26. I didn’t understand what she meant, and frankly I didn’t care, my mind was full to the brim with pointless, useless riddles, and it would be nice, for once, to have had one simple statement that made crystal clear sense

    27. Some audios files are crystal clear, while others are fuzzy

    28. crystal clear water for a few seconds before continuing on the way to the Monongahela River

    29. You need to have a crystal clear understanding of the needs and challenges of your target audience so that you can publish content that consistently communicates your brand promise, and is useful and relevant to their needs

    30. Of course, you will need to have a crystal clear understanding of your target audience, and a strong understanding of the problems, needs and challenges in your industry so that you can create content that will be valued and appreciated by prospects

    31. However, when I ordered the transcript for our appellate attorney, it was crystal clear that Bergman mounted little defense, did not effectively cross examine the prosecution witnesses, and made pitiful opening and closing statements

    32. crystal clear rivers that I had read so much about

    33. Seeing that Amori was now awake Cody made his way over to her, holding out a cup filled with a crystal clear liquid, Leora had told him to have her drink once she was awake

    34. On the computer, that night came alive, but this time it was crystal clear

    35. The buoy would now be several feet below the surface and only visible if one knew where exactly to look in the crystal clear water

    36. The river, a vital resource for the war ravaged community, was a center of activity for the many local farmers, its crystal clear water and powerful currents bringing a sense of intensity and vigor to the atmosphere

    37. were perfectly visible, the air crystal clear

    38. Blue Mountain was spectacular; there were large surfing waves, water so blue and crystal clear, and the medium level was so big that it could hold ten thousand surfers at one time

    39. Certain parts of the stream were crystal clear, where Sam quickly took a deep refreshing drink

    40. The captain rowed the gondola through the crystal clear water; it was so clear Sam and the others could see the bottom of the river

    41. The precognition was crystal clear and absolute, as perfect as… 2 + 2 = 4

    42. The camera zooms in for a close-up and it couldn’t be more beautiful, the several-hundred-foot head slowly being scorched black, and the inhuman scream from his wide open mouth blasting over the speakers crystal clear and so loud it cuts right through to the bone

    43. Snow: "Out in the cold," isolation and exposure to harsh conditions or it can mean clean, crystal clear

    44. occasions when there was a truce they would walk down to the river accompanied by the girls and spend some time paddling in the crystal clear waters of the River Feale

    45. Here they would take off their shoes and socks and paddle in the crystal clear waters of the bay

    46. The pool of water in the middle was crystal clear and

    47. The event lasted for about thirty minutes only, during which time about a thousand gallons of contaminated water spewed into the crystal clear waters of Wightport bay

    48. The exact terms of the sale were crystal clear to Roger

    49. Oh yeah, he really made that crystal clear

    50. I saw a reflection of myself in the crystal clear waters of the spring and my face scared me

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