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Curtains in a sentence

1. He drew the net curtains.
2. He pulled the curtains for.
3. His curtains shall be closed.
4. The play ends, curtains call.
5. All the curtains were closed.
6. Peacocks in the lace curtains.
7. I drew the curtains around us.

8. Or it would have been curtains.
9. Pull the curtains closed please.
10. The two windows had no curtains.
11. Curtains of heat rose from the.
12. OR Or there were no curtains up.
13. Behind the curtains, of course.
14. The tent curtains spread open wide.
15. The curtains are closed, I thought.
16. Curtains of thick icicles formed.
17. He had drawn the curtains shut so.
18. Curtains rose on spangled musicals.
19. There were dimity curtains at them.
20. The man had been facing the curtains.
21. Joshua opened a rift in the curtains.
22. He opened the curtains of his ninth.
23. Open the curtains and pull the blinds.
24. The curtains waved, the wakened flies.
25. The curtains would come up and there.
26. She drew open the curtains all the way.
27. Clara ran for the curtains on the far.
28. Black curtains drawn to shield the sun.
29. The curtains had been washed and re-hung.
30. He shut the door and closed the curtains.
31. Pat had turned her gaze to the curtains.
32. Her hand touched the soft lace curtains.
33. White frilly lace curtains covering the.
34. You threw it at the curtains one night.
35. I pulled back the curtains and peered out.
37. The curtains are drawn, upstairs and down.
38. He came slowly into curtains, they saw Dr.
39. Machinma's curtains and locked his windows.
40. The lamps were lit, and the curtains drawn.
41. The yellow lace curtains defused even that.
42. The curtains lifted; the candles flickered.
43. Not behind the curtains, or under the sofa.
44. The curtains waved as the cold wind blew in.
45. The doors are closed and the curtains drawn.
46. A light breeze ruffled the curtains at the.
47. This trellis-work took the place of curtains.
48. Carrie straightened and pulled the curtains.
49. The windows were covered with thick curtains.
50. It was the curtains in the house, caught fire.
51. As the wind howled outside, the curtains were.
52. It was open, and there was mud on the curtains.
53. Hesitantly, Joyce slightly parted the curtains.
54. The drawn curtains showed the view of the city.
55. Evelyn left, even taking the curtains with her.
56. The curtains in the neighbour’s window twitch.
57. Ugly brown curtains hung down to one side of her.
58. Heavy orange curtains are draped across windows.
59. Lightly moving the fine white gossamer curtains.
60. There are curtains like this which drop in life.
61. They saw his tipped cap over the short curtains.
62. Tea had been cleared away and the curtains drawn.
63. With the curtains drawn across the large glass.
64. They stand in the kitchen with the curtains drawn.
65. Every window and most of the curtains were closed.
66. Jeff parted the curtains and peered out the window.
67. She went to the window and slid back the curtains.
68. Dawn went into her bedroom and closed the curtains.
69. Only the night breeze fl uttered the pale curtains.
70. On the ground floor, the curtains were of tapestry.
71. It was also the bedroom with the thickest curtains.
72. Despite the heavy rain that formed thick curtains.
73. The end of the play is when the curtains come down.
74. We better have Anderson pull down his curtains, too.
75. I'd seen gauze curtains with more strength than her.
76. I pulled the heavy brown curtains aside with my foot.
77. The TV was flickering behind the half-drawn curtains.
78. I stare at the curtains wondering what Dave is doing.
79. Gary! he snapped, pulling the curtains together.
80. Apart from the curtains and nets hanging in the bay.
81. The front room was now lit, with the curtains closed.
82. I’d touched the curtains of light in the Hal of Ages.
83. Some one approached the bed and drew back the curtains.
84. I noticed Gordy had curtains on the pilothouse windows.
85. Her fingers itched to pull the curtains aside to stare.
86. Create windows where you wish to be seen and curtains.
87. Close the curtains as well, please, said Valeriya.
88. The last thing I remember is him shutting the curtains.
89. Filtering through the curtains it shines on your hair;.
90. Stretch out the curtains of your dwel ings, spare not;.
91. When the curtains hung straight the design was complete.
92. No one seems to be watching; all the curtains are drawn.
93. Mitya was sitting sideways with his back to the curtains.
94. They stand by the curtains in preparation to start the.
95. Batik curtains gave the windows a closed, impassive look.
96. Depressed that it was not a dream he closed his curtains.
97. Glass rooms lined the outside circle, most had curtains.
98. A moment later, I saw the curtains one windows shift over.
99. Finally a doctor came out from behind the curtains as if.
100. He sits rigid in his chair, staring at the open curtains.
1. There were high stone walls curtaining a central keep, towers stationed around the circumference, all in battle-ship grey.
2. Karla’s stared down at the table, red hair curtaining her face, and when she finally looked up, Lucie could see the tears flowing down her cheeks.
1. The bed was low but curtained.
2. It was behind a curtained entrance.
3. Em chimed in from her curtained nook.
4. One corner of the tent was curtained off.
5. It was a bit strange as it was curtained off.
6. So he erected curtained tents from the snowy mountain.
7. Ganesh pointed at the curtained entrance to the classroom.
8. Before a curtained alcove stood a man eyeing them intently.
9. Douglas stepped through a curtained door at the back of the.
10. This was located through another curtained archway behind the thrones.
11. Straddling him in a curtained room, bending down to lick away the worry.
12. In the inner part of the pavilion was a small space, curtained off with.
13. The left hand side was curtained with tree-trunks, but the right side was.
14. At the present moment the stage was curtained off with red velvet curtains.
15. All of a sudden Bernie appeared from a curtained alcove further up the hall.
16. Potentates discussed their world-shattering plans under the curtained arches.
17. A curtained window was the silhouette of a witch hat scaring and scratching her warts.
18. With a bellow of rage, Joe leaped at Monty and both fell back out of the curtained area.
19. Emily looked over toward the curtained window and then back to Kyle, What time is it?
20. A pale distress was already on Tess's face, and she pulled her curtained hood further over it.
21. He could see none in the lobby, but there in the dark curtained corners they might find a way.
22. I was rolled into a curtained stall, where another nurse undressed me and helped me into a paper robe.
23. He picked up a pile of clothing and handed it to me and then gestured toward another curtained off area.
24. There was no answer, so I went around back to her yard that is fenced in for Rocky and curtained with shrubbery.
25. A matronly woman perched atop a barstool that threatened to collapse under her bulk guarded a curtained doorway.
26. It was a large, dimly lit room with a television flickering in front of the curtained window, and a bed facing it.
27. There, closeted away in the curtained off area, was Hench, the big fat toad who had previously owned the slave-market.
28. Definitely looks like a party, whispered Trixie, as dozens of shadows moved behind the curtained windows of the house.
29. Light through the curtained door striped her ear and jawline, but her face, turned toward the end of the block, was invisible.
30. There was also a baking oven set into one of the side walls and a small area curtained off in one corner that contained a bathtub.
31. I pulled open the ward’s double doors and jacked minds to look the other way as I strode past curtained beds and medical equipment.
32. Slowly he swung his great head about and stared at Tascela who posed negligently in the curtained doorway, one hand on her smooth hip.
33. A large claw foot tub with shining steel shower head, faucet and knobbed valve, all curtained in white linen greeted her immediate gaze.
34. From a curtained window that opened upon an interior court we could catch strains from the cabaret singers below in the main dining-room.
35. Dressed in swanky velveteen of burgundy and rust, her windows were curtained from top to bottom, giving a distant effect of luxurious chic.
36. He stood motionless as a statue, his gaze fixed on a curtained door through which he knew that a culminating horror would presently appear.
37. I did not finish what I had to say before dinner; and, gently shielding her newly scratched arm, he led her back to the curtained recess.
38. We now slowly ascended a drive, and came upon the long front of a house: candlelight gleamed from one curtained bow-window; all the rest were dark.
39. He found that it curtained a sort of steep natural stairway which was enclosed between narrow walls, and at once the ambition to be a discoverer seized him.
40. It was not occupied, however, but a rather fussy-looking old man came up to me and urged me into one of the rooms that were curtained off from the throne room.
41. It washed the windows and laid the dust and filled the rain barrels and curtained the doors with beaded threads that might part and whisper as you walked through.
42. When decorated with flimsy pelmets, back-cloth and curtains, it became a stage ten yards wide and one deep, with two separate curtained areas and two curtained entrances.
43. But therein she wronged a man too proud to let any woman suffer a slight in his own house; and in due time the heavily curtained library door was opened, and the earl entered and bowed.
44. The curtained burst open and Lezura stepped inside; hair tied into a bun at the back with a pink and white cloth, and wearing a cotton white blouse with brown hems and black leathery tights.
45. He took the candle; the man picked up his bundle and cudgel, and Thenardier conducted him to a chamber on the first floor, which was of rare splendor, all furnished in mahogany, with a low bedstead, curtained with red calico.
46. The next Sunday evening, with both of the Roach boys quite worn out by the wheeling of barrow loads of hardcore into the brick curtained hole where the new patio was taking shape, Helen Roach suggested her husband go down to the pub for a couple of beers.
47. Charlie clasped his hands and rocked forward and closed his eyes, but in the velvety dark behind his eyelids, like a curtained theater where the lights have gone out, he still saw the Savior Jesus Christ, with a swimmer’s shoulders and an expression like longing.
48. Only at one point--it may be Acton, Holloway, Kensal Rise, Caledonian Road--does the name mean shops where you buy things, and houses, in one of which, down to the right, where the pollard trees grow out of the paving stones, there is a square curtained window, and a bedroom.
49. You felt that her husband, years ago, must have handled her in just such a way as one handled window mannequins, and she responded with the same chill waxen movements, with as much enthusiasm and response as a mannequin; and the husband, beaten off with no blows and no words, had turned over under the bedding and lain trembling with a feeding passion for many nights and then, finally, silently, taken to evening walks and little places across town, beyond the ravine, where a pink curtained window glowed with fresher electricity and a young lady answered when he tapped the bell.

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1. Now the curtain is raised.
2. Eric drew the curtain back.
3. Hush, the curtain is rising.
4. There was this curtain that.
5. A curtain that never goes up.
6. He cracked open the curtain.
7. Because it ran up the curtain.
8. A curtain slid open and closed.
9. A round curtain rod without the.
10. The curtain raiser to the Green.
11. When the curtain lifted the thief.
12. I clawed my way around the curtain.
13. Through a watery curtain, he saw.
14. The curtain had only just gone up.
15. He’s behind the curtain again.
16. They got the curtain closed tight.
17. Ralf put his head round the curtain.
18. The curtain to their tent blew open.
19. Curious, he pushed away the curtain.
20. He drew back the curtain style door.
21. She was standing behind the curtain.
22. Brother Ecgfrith, close that curtain.
23. He swung the curtain over the window.
24. Moments later the curtain pulled back.
25. Through the curtain that hung around.
26. The curtain to the closet whipped open.
27. The curtain closed on an empty coffin.
28. When the curtain rises, it will shine.
29. S’us? he called at the curtain.
30. By curtain call I was a nervous wreck.
31. A curtain of silence fell between them.
32. The show was over, the curtain lowered.
33. The curtain will be a good job, however.
34. She pulled back the curtain a few inches.
35. The birds on the curtain are embroidered.
36. Rachel let the curtain fall and sat back.
37. The curtain I have drawn for you, but I).
38. He got up and walked over to the curtain.
39. They passed through the thin, wet curtain.
40. Once fearless hands tore the curtain away.
41. At the far end of the curtain is a mirror.
42. The curtain went on undulating behind them.
43. Could Kyle be hiding behind a curtain? No.
44. Room 12 she points toward the curtain.
45. The curtain falls, and another song begins.
46. There was neither curtain nor shade to the.
47. The lights dimmed as the curtain was lowered.
48. His hand as he held the dark curtain trembled.
49. Other times it was hid with a little curtain.
50. Em’s voice floated through the curtain wall.
52. Jumping up to shut the curtain, he glanced to.
53. A nurse closed the curtain, blocking our view.
54. Kay threw a grape at the curtain, shushing her.
55. A slight movement of the curtain in Miles’.
56. Holding the clipboard, Hans parted the curtain.
57. She could see the curtain of rain approaching.
58. I yelled for Jacob, and he parted the curtain.
59. And the guest spoke to her behind the curtain:.
60. Close up his eyes and draw the curtain close;.
61. She pulled back the curtain and looked outside.
62. You can come behind the curtain, she said.
63. The passionate teeming plays this curtain hid!).
64. The curtain of invisibility was thick and many.
65. Ere long a bell tinkled, and the curtain drew up.
66. Now the curtain on the window was gray with dusk.
67. Nancy ducked behind the curtain and removed the.
68. The seller is selling this canvas shower curtain.
69. A curtain prepared of thick cloth is used as door.
70. But, as you peep behind the curtain and envision.
71. Ingrid did not care about the curtain or the music.
72. I took my curtain call when I left the childrens.
73. Who knows when that curtain will rise or fall?
74. He parted the curtain and strolled into the alley.
75. Certainly, directly the curtain falls on the stage.
76. The curtain was raised and lights lit up the stage.
77. He pulled back the curtain and gazed out the window.
78. The flowered shower curtain was already pulled back.
79. Here they were both able to slip around the curtain.
80. The reeds closed behind my back like a tall curtain.
81. Granma was naked under a long piece of pink curtain.
82. A mystery pill made under the iron curtain of Russia.
83. The curtain fell away to reveal a dazzling skylight.
84. As the spherical ends neared the curtain an arc of.
85. The curtain of the bed moved, as though blown by a.
86. Stoke edged closer to a torn curtain and stared out.
87. Here, they were both able to slip around the curtain.
88. A cool wind blew a phantom of curtain out on the air.
89. Therefore the meannig of five stands for the curtain.
90. Evil has little mind fashioned under an iron curtain.
91. But I was also sure something had moved that curtain.
92. The heavy curtain was drawn now, and it was very dark.
93. Holy of Holies, separated by a curtain 10 centimeters.
94. He stretched and then stood up and opened the curtain.
95. She got up and suddenly disappeared behind the curtain.
96. He’s pulled the curtain shut, but left a slight gap.
97. He comes back in and once more pulls the curtain aside.
98. His father dropped the curtain and backed away when Mrs.
99. Behind a curtain in the office, he removed the bandages.
100. You two would not allow a curtain to come between us.

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