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Decision in a sentence

I have made a decision.
It was his decision to.
This was not my decision.
And the decision is made.
He had to make a decision.
Then she made a decision.
A decision had been made.

BUT, it was decision time.
Like it was his decision.
This was a dicey decision.
Marriage is a big decision.
It was the right decision.
My decision is as follows.
Love is a decision to love.
This decision was a real.
Finally, we make a decision.
Axel had a decision to make.
This is a crucial decision.
But he must make a decision.
His decision was the best.
Kate had made her decision.
And it’s not my decision.
I would support her decision.
It should be my decision.
Realign to the new decision.
It begins with a decision!.
It was his selfish decision.
It was the logical decision.
It was his decision and mine.
They had made their decision.
I’ve come to a decision.
It wasn’t an easy decision.
That was your decision, not.
That is the prudent decision.
A decision to die is hatred.
I made the right decision.
But her decision would soon.
It was a voluntarily decision.
A decision that is a delusion.
He had a big decision to make.

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