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Decision in a sentence

1. I have made a decision.
2. It was his decision to.
3. A decision had been made.
4. Then she made a decision.
5. This was not my decision.
6. BUT, it was decision time.
7. He had to make a decision.

8. Like it was his decision.
9. And the decision is made.
10. My decision is as follows.
11. This decision was a real.
12. It was the right decision.
13. Marriage is a big decision.
14. This was a dicey decision.
15. Love is a decision to love.
16. Finally, we make a decision.
17. This is a crucial decision.
18. But he must make a decision.
19. His decision was the best.
20. Axel had a decision to make.
21. And it’s not my decision.
22. Kate had made her decision.
23. It was his selfish decision.
24. Realign to the new decision.
25. It begins with a decision!.
26. It was the logical decision.
27. I would support her decision.
28. It should be my decision.
29. They had made their decision.
30. It was his decision and mine.
31. It wasn’t an easy decision.
32. I made the right decision.
33. That is the prudent decision.
34. That was your decision, not.
35. But her decision would soon.
36. I’ve come to a decision.
37. A decision to die is hatred.
38. A decision that is a delusion.
39. Which was a rational decision.
40. I had to stand by my decision.
41. His next decision was crucial.
42. It was a voluntarily decision.
43. This is an invalid decision.
44. This is the moment of decision.
45. The Council made a decision.
46. He had a big decision to make.
47. Your hour of decision is here.
48. He had arrived at his decision.
49. The decision was mine by right.
50. No one argued with his decision.
51. He soon regretted his decision.
52. Then they ask for that decision.
53. This decision was made due to.
54. But it's totally your decision.
55. It was time to make a decision.
56. Not long before, the decision.
57. But sound decision making was.
58. It is ultimately their decision.
59. It is a wise decision, Gnoll.
60. It seemed the decision was made.
61. Said she had come to a decision.
62. Finally, she came to a decision.
63. But I made that decision myself.
64. Your decision is most generous.
65. It was a good decision to leave.
66. This clouds our decision making.
67. It was not a difficult decision.
68. I made that decision tonight.
69. Take an intelligent decision -.
70. So he makes a conscious decision.
71. Her decision took shape with a.
72. A deep sigh signaled a decision.
73. Only you can make that decision.
74. But Kendal had made her decision.
75. I'm satisfied with this decision.
76. The Maegar must reach a decision.
77. That's' why this decision, this.
78. He’d already made his decision.
79. I made the decision unilaterally.
80. The decision was a favorable one.
81. I need a decision from you now.
82. The decision rests only with God.
83. She was never the decision maker.
84. It was a bold and shrewd decision.
85. The Theology decision is tomorrow.
86. It's your decision will decide it.
87. The decision should have been easy.
88. For the elders, the decision was.
89. And I saw him accept the decision.
90. This decision cannot be contested.
91. But he is rigid over his decision.
92. And then it will be decision time.
93. In the end, the decision is yours.
94. A bad decision can spoil the life.
95. This is my decision, not yours.
96. I need help in making a decision.
97. It was a decision God made before.
98. And this is a military decision.
99. That is the Captain’s decision.
100. New Trader made a decision that day.

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