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  1. He sees custom and default.
  2. The Default statement is the.
  3. This recipe for default costs.
  4. The probability of default was.
  5. By default, when we examine the.

  6. This informat has no default width.
  7. If that happens, we lose by default.
  8. So I usually start with a default 10%.
  9. Steve had become the default leader.
  10. The default PSP battery is small and.
  11. The default value of parent is None:.
  12. You’re accumulating money by default.
  13. The file is placed by default on your.
  14. By default the print command supplies.
  15. The long-run default rate matches the 1.

  16. Duties of the Trustee in Case of Default.
  17. By default, range takes a step count of 1.
  18. This is the default position for the Gas.
  19. Aiden had the same default, for he often.
  20. The default values are 40 bars and 80 bars.
  21. More precisely, the default argument value.
  22. Let's see how to change the default template.
  23. The magic sphere? It's air magic by default.
  24. The default is that they are both turned on.
  25. The default value for alignment is Beginning.

  26. Beginning to worry is Sara’s default state.
  27. The default template is highlighted in yellow.
  28. Default on other obligations, or receivership.
  29. This arises in case of default in payment or.
  30. DMY Sets the default order as day, month, year.
  31. By default the instructions in a program are.
  32. YMD Sets the default order as year, month, day.
  33. MDY Sets the default order as month, day, year.
  34. With the bonds in default, prices dropped to $.
  35. It is the default target of this build project.
  36. We have to default on debt, all financial debt.
  37. What is the use of the following default route?
  38. The default selection is to use the compensation.
  39. This was the default basis through SAS version 9.
  40. With the KBC example above I went for a default 10%.
  41. The probability of default and 2) The amount of loss.
  42. It didn’t give her much pleasure to win by default.
  43. The authors find an average annual default rate of 1.
  44. The default SAS intervals don't match every situation.
  45. By default, the bitcoin server will run on port 8332.
  46. In other words, meditation created a new default mode.
  47. This is done with the help of default argument values.
  48. The default setting could be much higher than you need.
  49. Leave the default with respect to sequence, validation.
  50. By default yes simply prints out "y" until it is killed.
  51. Perhaps some default program, drawing from memory banks.
  52. Suong soon reappeared with her default blank expression.
  53. We remove the default BY line from the output in line 14.
  54. Note that the default argument value should be a constant.
  55. It basically initializes all data to sane default values.
  56. A token of things to come should he default, so to speak.
  57. Leaders of large organizations are influential by default.
  58. The default rates in Chapter 10 are from Moody’s (2010).
  59. Google will run the one that performs the best by default.
  60. A firm with a low probability of default can most benefit.
  61. However, since default probabilities have countervailing.
  62. A MACD with the default TradeStation settings of 12, 26, 9.
  63. On a default probability basis, the additional debt may be.
  64. If you default on a loan, you cause the lender to lose money.
  65. Click any position to view position of the default template.
  66. EIGRP uses Split Horizon by default to prevent routing loops.
  67. Vermont, by default, had become a private farm for the elite.
  68. By default, days="17," so the default interval is WEEKDAY17W.
  69. Alcor was a default option Cleo hasn’t had a need to choose.
  70. Even sacred single-family-mortgage default rates can escalate.
  71. Always have default information to substitute in case you are.
  72. On the following chart, that coverage ratio yields a default.
  73. By default, only the first occurrence of is replaced.
  74. By default, days="17," so the default interval is DTWEEKDAY17W.
  75. Default probabilities are created from historical distributions.
  76. In the event of default by a broker which results in pecuniary.
  77. Global perspective on inflation and external default histories.
  78. I am a rebel by default, by crisis my consciousness was raised.
  79. The default style is dots_style, which we will see in a moment.
  80. Or, just leave it as the default Aweber Thank You Page for now.
  81. Navy, I terminated Westinghouse’s subcontract for their default.
  82. I was a VIP by default and had a perfect view of the proceedings.
  83. This nonsense is not over but default looks very very unlikely now.
  84. By default there is a main feed and a feed for each of your blog.
  85. If we don't specify a mode, then the read mode is the default one.
  86. By default, CodeIgniter splits a URL into several different parts.
  87. Note that the default is for TD e-series to reinvest any dividends.
  88. We will also create a boiler instance and print its default state:.
  89. By default your computer will have filled in the words My First Web.
  90. Messages, by default, is in the upper-left corner of the Home screen.
  91. She could rely on the default respect her Harvard position embodied.
  92. Sometimes the default in interest is cured and the issue reinstated.
  93. For firms who fund only with equity, the probability of default is.
  94. Opens the Options window where settings such as default parameters.
  95. While the probability of default curve can assume myriad shapes and.
  96. The default width for this format is 8, but w can range from 1 to 20.
  97. A slow stochastic with the default TradeStation settings of 14, 3, 3.
  98. At least the prospect of outright default seems more remote for the U.
  99. Switch to the Quality tab, and choose 44,100 Hz as the Default Sample.
  100. There is a default formatter that shows a value in the decimal format.
  1. In the event of a broker defaulting, the assets.
  2. Many students think that defaulting on a student loan after.
  3. A legal document used when the defaulting party either cured or.
  4. Defaulting on a loan, or credit cards, there is a good chance that the guarantor does not.
  5. Latin American nations have been defaulting on their debt with near clocklike regularity for the past century.
  6. The lender typically sets the terms, and they are put in place by lenders to protect themselves from the borrowing business defaulting.
  7. The possibility of the United States defaulting is almost nonexistent in the foreseeable future, but other countries are not as stable.
  8. Here, in a third small bed of the truckle type, lay his defaulting wife, her face to the wall, her body composed into an excess of motionlessness.
  9. These CEOs are often concerned with losing access to new capital, defaulting on loan covenants, or they may be worried about how Wall Street views them.
  10. When using obtained cash, the edge of safety is much smaller sized because you cannot process the same degree of drawback before defaulting and finding your balance piece obliterated.
  11. Given a hard choice, many countries might opt to resort to the printing press (inflation) before defaulting on their external debt, because the latter action normally carries heavier economic penalties.
  12. With endless complexity, central banks printing money like crazy, and even some governments defaulting on their own debt, only the elite advisors of the planning industry know how to navigate these waters.
  13. Other governments could take some kind of bailout action and that could lead to a rally, or it could be exposed that a major financial business was defaulting on its debt and going bankrupt, setting off a systemic problem in the financial system.
  14. What might even be worse for the country is that as calamities follow the follies of man, more and more of India’s political future could be mortgaged in the Muslim Vote Banks, and the bankers do become confiscators for their defaulting clientele.
  1. So she defaulted to business.
  2. Payments due him were defaulted or stolen.
  3. This issue defaulted interest payment on July 1, 1932.
  4. If the town defaulted, the project could be threatened.
  5. This is the same entity that, on July 1, 1983, defaulted on $2.
  6. An auction where a trustee may sell a property that has defaulted.
  7. On August 17 the Russian government defaulted on its foreign debts.
  8. He deserves none! He has defaulted on the promise of his very life.
  9. Interest was paid promptly up to maturity, but principal was defaulted.
  10. If the senior lien is defaulted, it would take control as a single class.
  11. Many of these bonds that defaulted were rated AAA, which was Moody’s highest rating.
  12. Many of them were prohibited by their charters from holding on to defaulted securities.
  13. If the bailiff of a village says that a serf has defaulted on his rent, or that part of the.
  14. At that time payment of principal was defaulted, but interest payments were continued through 1939.
  15. It has defaulted on most of its bond issues, and has been in danger of abandoning its operations entirely.
  16. Later, as these sub-prime mortgages defaulted, both of these businesses had to be bailed out by the government.
  17. On June 21, 1970, the Penn Central Corporation defaulted on its commercial paper obligations and declared bankruptcy.
  18. Principal was defaulted on maturity, and the Canadian Pacific ceased to pay interest, the price of the bonds declining to 6.
  19. For Example: You defaulted on a $500 Sears card and Sears has sent it to ABC Collection Agency who is now calling you everyday.
  20. Interest on the bonds was defaulted, however, in 1939; and in 1940 the bonds sold at 7 while Blumenthal preferred was quoted above 70.
  21. They mentioned that in the year 2007 $27 Billion dollars was ended up defaulted on by Americans in this country on their credit cards.
  22. Due to this selection bias, I might overstate returns by excluding hyperinflated and/or defaulted markets that fell out of my universe.
  23. WorldCom’s bonds defaulted when the company could no longer cover their interest charges; the bonds lost more than 80% of their original value.
  24. In the decade ending in 1948 the billion-dollar group of defaulted railroad bonds presented numerous and spectacular opportunities in this area.
  25. When developers and owners defaulted on their mortgages, title companies would take a number of them, package them together, and sell them as bonds.
  26. The nation states in the west had long ago defaulted by another name on their unsustainable loans, and had become the property of the banks and corporations.
  27. In the depression of the 1930s an enormous quantity of these bonds defaulted their interest, and their price collapsed—in some cases below 10 cents on the dollar.
  28. Klarman and other investors in defaulted securities need to be confident that the specific paper they own is covered by sufficient asset value for them to get paid.
  29. The next year it defaulted the interest on its bonds, became bankrupt and disappeared from the scene, with the complete extinction of both its preferred and common stock.
  30. He had won her purely by virtue of his position and wealth, together with the pressure he had been able to apply upon her father, a silk merchant who had defaulted on his loan repayments.
  31. Now many a person has given a verbal guarantee, or given a written guarantee, that they would be a surety, or they would back up someone's loan, and then the person defaulted on their loan.
  32. The dash had a screen which defaulted to a radar view of the surrounding area but tapping different corners would activate screens for weaponry, vehicle maintenance or any of the other of the craft's modules.
  33. Examples: In the case of New York and Erie Third 4½s (which had been voluntarily extended on maturity in 1923 and again in 1933), principal and interest were defaulted in March 1938, following the bankruptcy of the Erie two months earlier.
  34. When more bidders began to show up at the RTC auctions, he shifted his focus toward buying single pieces of real estate from banks and insurance companies that wanted to get rid of the properties they had ended up with from defaulted borrows.
  35. Those making exchange offers often seek forbearance on defaulted cash service to creditors, hoping that no creditor group forecloses on collateral, accelerates the debt, or files an involuntary Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 petition under the bankruptcy code.
  36. For such companies, as long as interest is not defaulted and dividend rates on securities held in portfolios are not reduced or eliminated, the lower the market value of the portfolio, the higher the returns that will be earned on the new funds being invested.
  37. Although entitled by their terms only to noncumulative interest dependent on earnings, this interest was paid regularly from 1916 through 1938, despite the fact that the company entered receivership in 1931 and defaulted upon the junior-mortgage (fixed) interest in 1932.
  38. Now, with this information that Islandia had just uncovered, I figured I might someday again be free to return to my former life, but when I got there, I might find that my credit was completely shot because I had defaulted on a lease, and I now owed the apartment complex several thousand dollars.
  2. Correlations across defaults are central to CDO pricing.
  3. Imposing fines for violation of these defaults without exception.
  4. Brashico had all the full list of defaults that a montaña horse.
  5. When our editor defaults to IT, then our edITor becomes a Remote-And-Tell Zombie.
  6. This led to an increase in mortgage defaults, especially among subprime borrowers.
  7. A bond is clearly proved unsafe when it defaults its interest or principal payments.
  8. Change the router username and password from the defaults that came with your router.
  9. However, student borrowers who have already been on defaults would not enjoy the program.
  10. Poorly financed businesses with strong prospects for money defaults on credit instruments, e.
  11. Then as now there was a financial bubble whose unwinding caused bank failures and mortgage defaults.
  12. In general, defaults of senior claims tend to be associated with progressively worse economic outcomes.
  13. The Thank You Page defaults to the Aweber thank you page showing the prospect they have joined your list.
  14. The typical economic state where an AA-rated bond defaults is much worse than one where a BBB-rated bond defaults.
  15. If he then defaults on the payment, the good are seized and sold, rather than the immovable property (real estate).
  16. When a homeowner defaults on a mortgage insured with PMI, the mortgage insurer pays the lender a percentage of its loss.
  17. Despite our best efforts, defaults will creep into our portfolios, whether due to failings in credit analysis or bad luck.
  18. Mortgage defaults arising from falling home prices made it very difficult to determine the value of these complex securities.
  19. Likewise, emerging market returns have been boosted in recent decades by surprisingly few devaluations and sovereign defaults.
  20. However, returns on the Ibbotson corporate series are calculated from yields, with no allowance for defaults and/or downgrading.
  21. Despite occasional turmoil (mainly between 1994 and 2002) and some large defaults, emerging markets debt has been a success story.
  22. Long-term corporate bonds earn the Treasury bond rate and a credit risk premium (CRP), minus an allowance for losses from defaults.
  23. Actually, it’s the other way ‘round by now—6 defaults, one total loss (didn’t make the whole 9 months), and one real winner.
  24. But both measures are overstated because the yield spread also reflects expected losses due to defaults or downgradings (see Chapter 10).
  25. The MCT analysis would revolve around studies of the markets for distressed debt and macro statistics about overall rates of money defaults.
  26. However, lower annual recovery rates clearly coincide with higher annual default rates, compounding the adverse effects of clustered defaults.
  27. He would have rather run the Desa or Kuthra cherub, but they took five Q each while an infant with most defaults selected can run in less than a G.
  28. While receivables were factored (sold for ready cash) to NCNB, they were recourse back to Kay for defaults, so that Kay carried the liability for problems.
  29. Few defaults of industrial bonds have occurred since 1950, but this fact is attributable in part to the absence of a major depression during this long period.
  30. The Great Depression experience was more exceptional for IG than for HY, but the postwar stability of IG was also exceptional—with no IG defaults between 1941 and 1969.
  31. The public-utility defaults were caused not by a disappearance of earnings but by the inability of overextended debt structures to withstand a relatively moderate setback.
  32. Risk-averse investors in the real world likely require further compensation (a higher return than riskless assets after losses from defaults, thus a credit risk premium or CRP).
  33. So if I’m loaning $1 million, that loan has a 50% loan-to-value ratio, right? Even if the company defaults, my $1 million is secure because the value of the property is $2 million.
  34. CDO ratings completely ignored this feature because ratings only deal with standalone default prospects and not with the (economic) states of the world in which defaults occur.
  35. The OAS ignores, on one hand, expected capital losses due to downgrading bias and defaults and, on the other hand, expected gains or losses from rolling along the credit spread curve.
  36. On the other hand, not only were there no defaults among the Federal Land Bank bonds, but their prices suffered a relatively moderate shrinkage, remaining consistently on an investment level.
  37. According to this story, the credit spread shows how large the combined effects of defaults and spread widening are expected by the market to be, and it tells nothing about future return differentials across assets.
  38. High real yields (as shown by a wide gap between yields and inflation expectations in the graph) in the 19th century partly reflected riskier public debt in the emerging United States; sovereign defaults were not infrequent.
  39. Whatever the reader’s view as to the soundness of this suggestion as applied to default in payment of interest or principal, we imagine that he will agree with us that it has merit in the case of secondary defaults, e.
  40. Separately, the return impact of corporate events (leveraged buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, and the withdrawing of bond ratings) may not be well captured in empirical analysis of average yields and defaults.
  41. However, defaults are empirically correlated and tend to cluster in bad times (recessions, financial distress), so they contain significant systematic risk; so corporate bonds should offer some credit risk premium beyond the break-even cushion.
  42. In order for the incremental yield gained from taking risks to regularly exceed the losses incurred as a result of defaults, individual holdings have to be small enough so that a single default won’t dissipate a large amount of the portfolio’s capital.
  43. Advanced countries do benefit from their record of very rare sovereign defaults—although Reinhart–Rogoff (2008, 2009) show that sovereign defaults have been surprisingly frequent in a longer view of history—especially at times of global inflation pressures (see Figure 27.
  44. In the same vein, investors may require abnormally high interest rates from borrowers for several years after corporate defaults and currency devaluations, and people may buy more earthquake or flood insurance after a recent calamity, despite higher insurance premia (closing the barn door after the horses have bolted).
  45. Another such basis is the restriction of common stock investments to businesses that enjoy strong financial positions so that the company will have staying power, possible comeback ability, and no likelihood of defaults on corporate debt obligations, in the event that future results are much worse than the analyst’s forecast.
  46. The yield spread over Treasuries for straight corporate bonds or the OAS for bonds with embedded options reflects (1) the break-even spread needed to offset expected capital losses from defaults and the downgrading bias, and (2) the true risk premium, consisting of the excess return required mainly to compensate for default risk and illiquidity.
  47. Hence the profound dissatisfaction with modern philosophy on the part of those who think participatively, a dissatisfaction that compels some of them to have recourse to such a conception as historical materialism which, in spite of all its defects and defaults, is attractive to participative consciousness because of its effort to build its world in such a way as to provide a place in it for the performance of determinate, concretely historical, actual deeds; a striving and action-performing consciousness can actually orient itself in the world of historical materialism.

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