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Definition in a sentence

The definition of rape is.
This is the definition of.
Its definition is given in.
They give him his definition.
Read the definition out loud.
The definition of stress is:.
Let us begin with a definition.

The first definition is, 'to.
What is the actual definition?
The investor will (by definition.
The true definition of infinity.
Tolstoy's definition of art, 19.
The Definition of What is Human.
As we mentioned in the definition.
Look at his definition of destroy.
This requirement is by definition.
That is the definition of opinion.
This is the definition of mankind.
Then now for a definition, he said.
Therefore it is a false definition.
A Proposed Definition of Investment.
I heard once that the definition of.
By definition, the shooter was crazy.
Here is a brief definition of acne.
This is the experimental definition.
But this definition is not complete.
Now, what is the Nikita definition.
By definition, they were reproducing.
Definition fades with the closing in.
We are the definition of not close.
Just what is His definition of love?
It all begins with the definition of.
It is the true definition of infinity.
There's a simpler definition at Answers.
As we mentioned in the above definition.
Consequently by definition there can be.
Literature is by definition opinionated.
The definition of a pet animal covers:.
One such writing was the definition of.
He replaced one definition with another.

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