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    denounced example sentences


    1. denounced for heresy was a potential source of income for

    2. obvious that his travelling companions had denounced him

    3. denounced me at the Abbey of Cluny

    4. Thus, one can recognize that poverty (often denounced as a negative trait) can actually be a seed for wealth

    5. While incarnate, he had never denounced the various religions that were in existence

    6. denounced the assassination in the strongest possible terms and

    7. annoyance in the matter to holidays, and so denounced them more

    8. This happened many times and every time it was denounced as could only be expected

    9. Bush publicly denounced them and quit his NRA membership

    10. “The man who denounced Ignace to George was a Maya

    11. He arrogantly admitted being a part of the revolt, called the Mongols vultures feeding on the corpse of Mexica-Tolteca culture and denounced his own father as a lackey of the Mongols and a traitor to his mother’s people

    12. Once everyone had denounced her, they were all variously disposed of, the guards to campaign, the servants fired, and the sycophants stripped of all rank

    13. When she came back, she stood up in the council and denounced Evelyn as a witch

    14. As it happened, Conversos were being denounced all over the kingdom for little or no cause and losing all their possessions or even their lives unless they fled

    15. They angrily denounced the allegations of attempted murder and would not issue any statements until the full facts were available

    16. Above all, Roger denounced the mayor’s grand theft of the citizen’s right to choose their representatives

    17. It is this profound psychological need to see the United States bested and denounced that makes anti-Americanism the Hydra-headed

    18. Thus the United States is denounced as a land where individualism is rampant and people are pitted against

    19. It is one of the ironies of history that the man who denounced Herbert Hover as a “spendthrift’” who

    20. It comes as another charity, ‗ Igualdad Animal‘, has denounced what it describes as

    21. so that a veterinarian has no prove of his license and is sometimes even denounced,

    22. Interest, called usury, was indeed denounced in the Torah

    23. But as the Germans increased their military expansion, Attlee denounced Neville Chamberlain’s infamous “peace in our time” by stating that it was “one of the greatest diplomatic defeats that this country and France have ever sustained

    24. contrast to the whites who so resoundingly denounced the pop star

    25. State attorney Bowie denounced several false rumors including one that a room in the Loring home had recently been repainted—presumably to cover up a bloody crime scene

    26. A leaf quake denounced the presence of a bird of singular plumage

    27. More stone and less red brick was the main difference between West Country schools and those of the Midlands, and the season passed without hitches until our entry in the West Country Shakespearian Festival had us denounced from several county pulpits and threatened with closure by the police

    28. For several minutes, and with an astonishingly varied vocabulary, she denounced unappreciative daughters who let their parents down

    29. Having established the need for fitness he then denounced competitive sport because activities should be indulged in for their intrinsic pleasure and worth as a means for developing skills and fitness, not for gaining worthless prestige and fame

    30. “The Alliance has denounced these attacks by terrorist groups

    31. In the weeks following the baptism of Jesus the character of John's preaching gradually changed into a proclamation of mercy for the common people, while he denounced with renewed vehemence the corrupt political and religious rulers

    32. Accordingly, not all who submitted to John's baptism regarded themselves as being guilty of the specific sins which John denounced

    33. It was not wealth that he denounced, but what wealth does to the majority of its devotees

    34. He denounced slavish devotion to meaningless ceremonials and exposed the fallacy of materialistic worship

    35. In his last years Abner denounced Paul as the "clever corrupter of the life teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the living God

    36. denounced the men who operated them" (1Ney, 215)

    37. In that telegram which was never made public, he denounced the first violation of the Treaty of Neerlan-dia and threatened to proclaim war to the death if the assignment of pensions was not resolved within two weeks

    38. He denounced the African slave trade and encouraged Britain’s efforts to establish a colony in Sierra Leone for Africans rescued from slave ships

    39. While establishing the Baptist Missionary Society and preparing to become its first missionary to India in 1793, Carey denounced slavery in speeches and writings

    40. I believe Bowen remained silent as white speakers supported imperialistic missions, and then denounced African Americans in his speech at the SVM convention a few years later, because he was the product of white missionary attempts to civilize blacks in the South

    41. In the following part of her 1994 National Prayer Breakfast speech, she denounced abortion and called it murder:

    42. However, since then and until the late 1960s, fundamentalists not only denounced the social gospel, they went too far to reject social outreach all together

    43. This silence, regardless of evangelistic motives, must be denounced because it enabled cruel violence and other injustices to continue

    44. John disregarded her advice, denounced the woman, and was arrested

    45. Li Hongzhi debased and denounced the existing religions and Qigong without restraint

    46. They have indignantly denounced Li Hongzhi's

    47. � A spy in the pay of the Soviets and denounced by Captain Laplante�s historical data is here, in this room

    48. Some mystics in ancient history, and a few in modern times, had been denounced,

    49. ‘’That’s correct! This ‘Revealer’ may very well be the same person who denounced those priests

    50. ‘’Over half of those denounced publicly were engaged in either pedophilia, sodomy, adultery, paying for prostitutes or call girls or abusing women in forced and illegal sadomasochistic games, or a varied combination of any of those

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