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Dependability in a sentence

In friendship, dependability takes precedence over ability.
Another of Vicky Brannan’s strengths was her dependability.
The dependability of industrial comparisons will vary with.
Some are built for speed; others for dependability and smooth sailing.
The very dependability of such a prediction will cause human actions that will invalidate it.
For stability means resistance to change and hence greater dependability for the results shown in the past.
The following schedule indicates fairly well the relative dependability of various types of assets in liquidation.

In business, health or relationships this card shows dependability and that there is a sensible and practical path ahead.
All summer he had seemed tireless, working in the fields with the uncomplaining dependability of a plough horse; but now he looked weary.
She will read the card first, which will warm her heart, and then the sentiment of the same chocolates will signal to her your continued dependability.
In choosing and dealing with the materials of analysis he must consider not only inherent importance and dependability but also the question of accessibility and convenience.
Brave and adept, he had lived a life almost entirely in the military and worked his way up the ranks by way of his skill and dependability – as well as his sheer likeability.
Yet this instance supports to some degree, the doubts we expressed in the last chapter as to the dependability of the appraisal procedure when applied to the typical industrial company.
She would not put crows in sole charge of anything where their dependability mattered, not because they were malicious but because they would do only what they felt like doing at a given moment.
And the lamplighters and road sweepers marked his return with equal dependability, as the cold vapours began to congregate in dark corners and beneath sagging eaves, at very nearly exactly just before eight each evening.
This greater dependability arises from the entrenched position of United States Steel in its industry; and also from the relatively narrow fluctuations in both the annual output and the profit per ton over most of this period.
On the basis of this presentation the practical value of the Dow theory would have appeared firmly established; the doubt, if any, would apply to the dependability of this published record as a picture of what a Dow theorist would actually have done in the market.
After all, in this age of transition when so much is counted good that once was counted bad, and so much counted bad that was once good, it doesn't matter much what our words are so long as they convey reassurance, dependability, and a sense of the rightness of living _with_ rather than _against_ the best of Nature's plans.

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