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    dependent on

    1. As a technician, of course Bahkmar knew that the view rendering busses that supplied all souls eye-stream input was dependent on all objects in the field of view

    2. That sugar, in the last analysis, can cause serious malnutrition is proved by the fact that although like alcohol, it is a quick source of energy the effects do not last and as the body becomes more and more dependent on these ‘quick lifts’ it becomes less inclined to eat nourishing food

    3. And computers … wonderful tools, but a society has been created which is so dependent on the things that, should a major catastrophe wipe them out, vast numbers of people would not have the first clue how to survive

    4. "Why are women so dependent on sexual satisfaction?" Thom asked

    5. She hasn’t been dependent on me financially for some years – she earns more than I do anyway – and when she pulled the plug on our marriage she insisted on being financially independent, seeing it as some sort of compensation for me if I didn’t have to maintain her

    6. She loved the cottage but would be dependent on public transport; she couldn’t hack the thought of two buses just to get to uni and it would be terribly difficult if she wanted to get involved in any social life

    7. Being with him that long would have left her utterly dependent on him

    8. Some of them became dependent on

    9. A slave, however, or one absolutely dependent on us for immediate subsistence, would not be treated in this manner

    10. If he did he'd be turning independent on an employer's case and would never get work as a case agent in Zhlindu again, he'd have to make all his own sales from then on

    11. You rent a small apartment in a run-down neighborhood, and you are dependent on a no frills 1980’s auto in so-so shape to get around in

    12. The outcome of this is not dependent on me, nor is it my doing

    13. This country became so dependent on the illegal work force that laws were changed and they were granted citizenship automatically after five years of residency

    14. ‘It will secure you a steady career,’ her mother had said, ‘so then you will never have to be dependent on a man for your security

    15. She wanted her medication, even though it disgusted her to have become dependent on the chemical cosh

    16. The numerical structure is only one level of a number of interlocking levels of design, which are also incorporated within the same text, interdependent on each other

    17. This is just another example of numeric structure found in the Bible, but it is a level higher than the actual compositional structure of the text, but it is nevertheless fully integrated and fully dependent on the structural composition

    18. 35 A continuous mist watering system would also have ensured sustained plant growth all through the year all over the earth as plants would not have been dependent on rainfall for their water

    19. "But he's still dependent on us

    20. With regular and rather complex meals, little variety, little exercise and no fasting at all, the dogs system becomes toxic and most of these dogs would benefit greatly from herbal treatments that are heavily dependent on a class of herbs called alterative

    21. The one insurance policy the Darangi thought they had was Gerrid: if he was immersed and dependent on the program, he would likely face death with the threat of L-Seven-Six’s shutdown

    22. Laws are dependent on a society‘s

    23. Today the island's economy is utterly dependent on the US military

    24. The island is very dependent on money sent back by relatives working on the US mainland

    25. It would be poorer than it is now, but also not utterly dependent on the US economy

    26. That would not change until the 1950s, when the economy became dependent on money sent back by Puerto Ricans living in the US mainland

    27. Math is heavily dependent on symbols and the

    28. “However, now that we are dependent on satellite communications and power generation, things have changed

    29. His injuries were critical, and his parents were informed his chance of survival was dependent on emergency surgery, but there was no surgeon capable of performing the operation at Nambour Hospital

    30. “I don’t know for sure, but I think it is likely that Boulder will end up mostly full of trust-funders and others who are willing to pay high housing prices, but who are not dependent on having a job

    31. It only affects us and keeps us dependent on others for our oil

    32. thus enable it to tax anything done in the seas and in that way have a source of income not dependent on

    33. But this procedure is totally dependent on an ongoing stable societal environment

    34. It makes us dependent on our parents because it is unsafe to be out in the world on our own

    35. To limit Liam’s freedom and make him dependent on his parents, codependency restricted Liam’s mind with tools such as lack of self-confidence, anxiety if unprotected, search for external leadership and validation, etc

    36. The fact that he gave power to wealth and people to give him standing in his community shows that he looked at himself through the eyes of everybody else, and he was dependent on other people’s approval or validation, as a ten-year-old kid would do

    37. He reminded me that we Candor are in a weak position, dependent on Erudite for our survival, and told me that if I intend to keep my faction free, I will have to meet a few demands

    38. WAS he such a remiss, careless father as she had accused him of being? HAD he so scandalously neglected the bodily and spiritual welfare of the four little motherless creatures dependent on him? WERE his people talking of it as harshly as Mrs

    39. Were we that dependent on Mexican oil? Had we figured the Hispanic vote correctly?

    40. Chimalpopoca, the first he had known, was considered weak, much too dependent on the Khan

    41. bonus for that quarter dependent on success and acceptance of the new

    42. The Khan thought that was rather churlish, since it would ultimately make the Mexica less dependent on others for food and help in time of flood

    43. Since jumps were dependent on missing large gravity wells, they had to be carefully routed well in advance

    44. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he knows that we are dependent on him to handle his part of the plan

    45. ANY ailment, and you criticize folks for taking a medication for depression, you are a hypocrite! Yes, I do mean that! How foolish can you be to accept that any of your body's organs can malfunction except for your brain? No, we should not be dependent on medications

    46. production of sperm and egg is dependent on the male and female sex

    47. And now we are dependent on two of them, a witch and a Protector

    48. He said that the advantage of galeras was that not only did they have a shallow draft, but they were also not so dependent on the wind

    49. The most lethal weapon of the Civil War is to destroy the common man through seemingly compassionate social programs that kill the spirit of the individual and make of free citizens a nation of beggars dependent on government

    50. In his book Not with A Bang But A Whimper: The Politics and Culture of Decline Dalrymple observes that when a population becomes dependent on government for the needs, and even the whims of life, it becomes

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