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Deprivation in a sentence

Deprivation of freedom is slavery.
The deprivation of water causes veal.
Love is a luxury in a world of deprivation.
Only unlocked by a deprivation of these lies.
The level of racism, deprivation, poverty, and.
He had been up all night and the sleep deprivation.
You’ve been placed in a sensory deprivation chamber.

No amount of deprivation could have made him be this thin.
But must we give this deprivation a total legitimacy? By.
To understand the complete deprivation of death we should.
Somehow, with the deprivation of sleep, I found this funny.
Without the deprivation of a single necessity, or comfort, even.
With the pills, the physical and mental torture, sleep deprivation.
Ladislaw, to make amends for the deprivation which befell your mother.
Furthermore, poverty and deprivation, plundering, and theft increased.
There is your 550 calorie deficit—with much less deprivation and work.
This is why the zombie slave votes for their deprivation and captivity –.
Bob now believes that becoming slim will cost him 1 to 2 years of deprivation.
Then the man sang more verses regarding the terrible years of deprivation and.
President Quaid shared the effects of sleep deprivation with the Camp Echo detainees.
She spoke as if he were responsible for some deprivation which Miss Bonford suffered.
This brought on more symptoms of sleep deprivation, fatigue, anxious moods, and so on.
Amin; they, too, had suffered the same problems of unemployment, hunger and deprivation.
His first drink after long deprivation, and that was all there was to it! He wanted more.
And is not this involuntary deprivation caused either by theft, or force, or enchantment?
When you love the ‘space’ you love the basis of grief, fear, frustration and deprivation.
Other methods such as electric shocks, beatings and pro-longed sleep deprivation were also used.
The death of vegetation causes deprivation right through the food chains that are based upon it.
Its potential has shrunken from pure neglect and sensory deprivation, and information deprivation.
Raven could not see beyond, but something told him that it led to the sensory deprivation chamber.
I keep hearing more and more stories of the neglect and deprivation they were subjected to by you.
His eyes were bloodshot and the deep creases under his eyes showed the weeks of sleep deprivation.
Alice thought about the times she’d suffered from fuzzy thinking caused by bouts of sleep deprivation.
Raven sat, calm and determined, in the centre of the room, as his last day of sensory deprivation began.
Maybe, the Prophet’s positioning of Islam thus is indicative of Muhammad’s deprivation on that score.
His body functions are normal and putting aside the fact of water and food deprivation he is physically.
A prison described to man is self governing, designed to insure deprivation to go down in the dust with Him.
The exalted sense of his pedigree could have made Muhammad fiercely honest, even in the state of deprivation.
She still held the glasses fixed on every nuance and vibration of loss and deprivation on the poor idiot's face.
Yet they were indignant to the point of outrage that a man would take umbrage over deprivation of basic liberties.

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