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Disappearance in a sentence

disappearance of his friends.
disappearance of an atmosphere.
The disappearance of the dark.
With the disappearance of the.
Since the disappearance of the.
This is called the disappearance.
Center is immune to disappearance.

hadn't noticed their disappearance.
The disappearance of Jadallah was.
Her disappearance was never solved.
time since Hillary’s disappearance.
his son’s mysterious disappearance.
Your disappearance is Hope's apathy.
The Disappearance of  Harold Bazin.
There has been another disappearance.
disappearance of a rainbow in the sky.
Still, her disappearance was a mystery.
one at Burton's mourned his disappearance.
disappearance, they were tired and hungry.
on the disappearance of the trays, school.
Disappearance occurs only at the periphery.
who had noticed my disappearance was waiting.
This explains the disappearance of the rope.
disappearance in 1959 wil cause in that year.
Then his arrest and subsequent disappearance.
explanations for the disappearance of Minoan.
That cause itself survives the disappearance.
investigate the disappearance of Pete and his.
His use of the word disappearance made me wince.

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Synonyms for disappearance

disappearance disappearing fade