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    dish out

    1. You may have to dish out a small amount of course, but it could be worth it

    2. In spite of everything, she got a good night's sleep and was ready the next morning for whatever this game would dish out

    3. The ego cooks up any number of reasons to dish out fear, anxiety, physical pain, sadness, despair, and all of the “thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to

    4. I still get the world news of the world from the dish out back, but it’s someone else’s usually biased perspective or the worse things that are going on in the world

    5. “Sit down and I will get your breakfast we have some lovely kidneys to go with the bacon and I’m sure you will enjoy them”, she went to the range and began to dish out my breakfast as I sat down

    6. You will receive the treatment you dish out in life

    7. He flipped open the front-page and began to dish out his orders

    8. She looked down and a smile tugged on the corners of her lips “Come on, you can dish out the ‘I told you so’

    9. Now, the super-cute army simulation game takes you and a friend in control of special, customized heroes that will dish out attacks that matches that of a full squad

    10. The committee members were notorious for the grillings they could dish out and the career damage they could do to people that didn’t meet their exacting standards

    11. Local jewellery and florist shops recognised me when I was forced to apologise yet again for some childish outburst

    12. Communicate with yourself first and dish out the desires of

    13. Richard chuckled and took a culture dish out of cold storage

    14. The three Calvin Gators attempted to return to their feet before taking another round of punishment, both boys were happy to dish out

    15. his hands away so she could dish out a second helping of agony

    16. In his heart, Paul still wanted to leave since it would definitely be a lot easier than putting up with the abuse he knew his brother would dish out over the next few days

    17. baking dish out (that the casserole will fit in)

    18. any shit they had to dish out

    19. She took the dish out of its rag of newspaper, and stood looking on it with joy

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