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Domestic in a sentence

This man had 3 domestic.
One is for the domestic and.
Was she domestic, after all?
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
If they but heard domestic loads.
Duck, domestic, wings of, reduced.
Haig also had views on domestic policy.

Must be domestic violence, he thought.
If the domestic hearth could bless—.
The multi-purpose, domestic robot is of.
The rest of domestic sector consumption.
The domestic problems would have to wait.
First to suffer were the domestic cisterns.
The firearm equivalent of a domestic sedan.
Brooke was only interested in domestic news.
Helen said, Domestic violence is so funny.
She went around the house to the domestic end.
More near and deep, domestic woes succeed!.
The beheadings also extend to domestic animals.
The domestic staff were clearing away the last.
You’d think we were an ad for domestic bliss.
It is fed to 85% of the world’s domestic animals.
Board of Foreign and Domestic Missions of the Prot.
He soon found that domestic peace might wish to do.
Domestic abuse defends itself in stereotypes words.
This is all part of promoting domestic tranquillity.
I sometimes think that domestic cats think they are.
There had been several reports of domestic assault.
With his domestic arrangements made for the evening.
There are domestic abuse cases that are peculiar and.
Is preventing domestic violence difficult? Absolutely.
The children learn the art of domestic service there.
The Sand Cat is the size of a domestic cat; it is the.
Domestic Violence is a crime of power and intimidation.
It didn't matter what type of domestic – he kept a.
But as horrible as domestic abuse can be, for the most.
The young bride was more concerned with things domestic.
He felt that he was unequal to enduring domestic storms.
Many states define domestic violence as a distinct crime.
He waited for the domestic creak and shuffle to subside.

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