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Dually in a sentence

Everything is created dually.
The big dually tires churned backward as I spun the wheel.
Much of that knowledge flows from the dually symbolized spiritual.
Dually informed, I asked Minnie if she knew where the first stop was.
The usage here is dually symbolic with the color of fire to symbolize.
I don’t feel that it is fair for them to dually suffer but now they are.
Amen means hidden and was also said to have a doubly (dually) hidden aspect, matching.

They redundantly recorded that we live in an 11-dimension reality that is dually split.
AmenMoses was in fact the hidden creator-principle symbolized as Amen/Amenet, the dually hidden.
mentality and in that also giving science all the admiration dually admitted, notwithstanding I am.
encodes significant wisdom about the true nature of the eleven dimensions of this dually structured.
In a nutshell, we live in an 11-dimension reality that is dually split between two interactive multi-.

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