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Dueling in a sentence | dueling example sentences

  1. We moved on to dueling in pairs.
  2. Tim’s Time Out was the dueling establishment.
  3. I trusted my tongue in her mouth, passionately dueling with hers.
  4. The tip of the dueling sword was now pressed against his earlobe.
  5. He sucks in dueling lungfuls of air, teeters and falls face forward.

  6. Three years later the family left Mexico because of dueling factions.
  7. He had never heard of Xil, the man he would be dueling in a few minutes.
  8. I have a pair of old dueling pistols that belonged to my grandfather in the study.
  9. The Drystyx Monks left sparkling trails in the air behind them as they spiraled upward to the dueling pair.
  10. No severities have ever succeeded in suppressing the vendetta, or the custom of dueling in certain countries.
  11. Through the corner of his eye, Pierre spotted the Innkeeper holding a razor sharp dueling sword leveled at his ear.
  12. This horror had in his youth set him pondering on dueling, and picturing himself in a position in which he would have to expose his life to danger.
  13. His wide Panama hat was set dashingly on one side of his head and in the belt of his trousers were thrust two ivory-handled, longbarreled dueling pistols.
  14. A fencing expert? Amaranthe knew little about the sport dueling the warrior caste practiced, except that enlisted soldiers had little respect for it.
  15. He has a terrific voice, and he's a helluva handsome guy, and he's very nice to watch when he's walking or dueling or something, but he wasn't at all the way D.

  16. After that I went from province to province dueling with strategists of various schools, and not once failed to win even though I had as many as sixty encounters.
  17. Gowry, gamely returning to the house, limping after his tumble of some weeks before, joked, laughed, and didn't quite blow his ear off with one of the dueling pistols.
  18. But, also, the dueling bills only addressed the issue by creating new rules for private medical insurance, which people got through their employers or bought themselves.
  19. In those days though duels were severely punished, yet dueling was a kind of fashion among the officers—so strong and deeply rooted will a brutal prejudice sometimes be.
  20. The following spring, on the morning of April 17, 1937, the San Francisco Chronicle featured dueling headlines: Seabiscuit Goes Today! and California Faces Washington Crew Today.
  21. It was warm for mid-January, and Samantha and Jeff spent most of Saturday afternoon racing up and down the creek in dueling kayaks, dodging boulders, floating on the still waters, and avoiding any mishaps.
  22. Often, too, there have been attempts to suppress dueling; one would fancy that seemed an easy task: but not at all! All that has been done hitherto with that noble object has never been and never will be of use.
  23. I regret to say that my conscience has not troubled me at all boots and a white linen suit and armed with only a pair of dueling pistols-And those long cold miles in the snow after my boots wore out and I had no overcoat and nothing to one’s blood.
  24. All the congresses of both hemispheres may vote against war, and against dueling too, but above all arbitrations, conventions, and legislations there will always be the personal honor of individual men, which has always demanded dueling, and the interests of nations, which will always demand war.
  25. She looked at Frank so steadily, her eyes narrowing, that he became With the rousing of fresh hope, her spine stiffened and she forgot that her feet were somewhat alarmed and she dropped her gaze swiftly, remembering Rhett’s words: I’ve seen eyes like yours above a dueling pistol… They evoke no ardor in the male breast.

  26. Having attained success and an established position in the world, he had long ago forgotten this feeling; but the habitual bent of feeling reasserted itself, and dread of his own cowardice proved even now so strong that Alexey Alexandrovitch spent a long while thinking over the question of dueling in all its aspects, and hugging the idea of a duel, though he was fully aware beforehand that he would never under any circumstances fight one.

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