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Dump in a sentence

I decided to play dump.
That place was a dump.
My advice is to dump him.
This is called THE DUMP.
We're in the garbage dump.
He didn't want to dump them.
Johnnie had "found" the dump.

It was a dump, but the best.
Clive pointed towards the dump.
These are to be dump separately.
He’d dump it in the sea later.
I’ll dump these and be back.
One day, I saw this garbage dump.
Sorry to suddenly dump this on you.
Just have her take a dump first.
That hurts – my room isnt a dump.
Johnny had taken her to a garbage dump.
The data dump would be completing soon.
He’s living in a toxic waste dump.
They will dump their tea in the deep bay.
Lifted me from the dump of worthlessness.
It’s hard to find a good place to dump.
If Christ had used their trash dump in a.
What a load of rubbish did Einstein dump.
We can smash up the box and dump it later.
I dump my bags and escape into the fresh air.
The carbonaceous shale and reject dump shall.
Reacher said, He’ll dump that number soon.
We'll cut down through by the dump heap, and.
That was only two blocks over from my body dump.
They believe Gehenna is a trash dump, not Hell.
So this dude has a way out of this dump?
Dump her phone logs without a warrant, I thought.
After a quick dump he turned the dozer off and.
But I had to dump a few on their asses to do it.
She had to dump the product as a result.
If they're willing to dump that kind of payload.
I never got the chance to dump the virus in the.
Get to your rooms, dump your gear and get to lunch.
I did not care about Mai dumping me.
Dumping the rest on the badly infected.
Laos was used as a bomb dumping landfill.
Larocka dumping him in a vat of molten steel.
But why your room as the dumping ground?
I’ve been dumping urine outside along the way.
It’s an old dumping spot for grasshopper bait.
Here and at other dumping zones across the planet.
Jack then woke him up by dumping cold water on him.
The city’s public pool had not only become a dumping.
But instead they are dumping some of it in Tokyo Bay as.
A dumping ground for foolish things and has repressed desire.
Dumping the money inside, he took a last look around the house.
Jartis stepped up to the counter, dumping his cans of jerky on it.
Was this his way of dumping her? No of course not, Caleb loved her.
Dumper’s dumping over the berm shall back up squarely to the berm.
They sneaked out of the dumping ground and made their way back home.
I think it could be thought of as a mutual dumping, said Roger.
After dumping the bags on the kitchen surfaces, Liz burst into tear.
What’s so interesting about him dumping rubbish in his bin?
There I was, on my doorstep, dumping the hottest guy I’d ever known.
The rest was just collecting knickknacks and dumping them in Airlock 3.
The women were busy opening packets of noodles and dumping them into a.
Dumping the pile in the center of the closet floor, THE IDENTITY CHECK.
It is, but our government seems to think that dumping it into Tokyo Bay as.
Cass sails the sea with a new perspective; dumping overboard his other objective.
We should also seriously consider dumping the Vichy government of Marshall Petain.
This was a well-used and relatively well-known dumping ground for abandoned wrecks.
Then she was always dumping Johnson’s powder in her flat shoes when she went out.
Also, I completely understand the idea of dumping a loser when you get a new winner.
I thought the dumping of radioactive waste into the ocean was prohibited by the.
Dumping it in the ocean or sending it off into space isn’t a viable option either.
How did Queen Maud die exactly? Ailia asked, dumping her carrots into the stew.
Dumping of fresh coal into the stock & lifting of coal from the stock shall not be.
The London Convention that prohibits the dumping of nuclear material into the oceans.
Thank you, Garcia said, sipping a little before dumping the rest in the face of.
They wash themselves by dirtying water and then dumping the dirty water somewhere else.
I’m dumping this shit,’ Tadeo said and threw the lotion in the bin with a large bang.
After dumping five dollars in change and making a handful of passes around the Ferrari–.
He pondered dumping them all, so irresistible was the urge, so satisfactory the ‘thunk’.
You know why I dumped.
He dumped them in a box.
I’m glad she dumped him.
And dumped into the brain.
We dumped you in the Karroo.
The van had been dumped here.
Anna was dumped on the ground.
His body was dumped overboard.
Sure, I was dumped too, but we.
It’s where he dumped his spoil.
She's upset because I dumped her.
The rest were dumped to the floor.
He dumped them out onto the table.
He dumped my car in the river!.
She dumped them on top of the desk.
Dumped 4,000 pounds of wheat on him.
I dumped my bag on the hallway table.
She said, We dumped their phones.
They dumped the man on the bank again.
I think he dumped it in the toilet.
The torrent of anger was dumped on me.
He dumped the $10,000 right into yours.
And his body was dumped in the garbage.
Shes dumped me for one of her medicos.
This one was dumped here very recently.
Without looking at Ella, he dumped the.
The files in his office were dumped and.
Where could he have dumped the hostage?
He’d dumped the cook’s jacket and hat.
Suzy dumped her clothes on Fauna’s bed.
In his pain, he had more or less dumped.
Madam Hal yday was dumped from a truck.
She knew she was going to be dumped in St.
Ish dumped the bats for repair on the floor.
The victim’s dumped on the second floor.
After she dumped me off alongside the road.
GE had dumped PCBs in the river in the past.
There they dumped their bikes on the ground.
But then she was dumped for someone else.
She could have left them in Atlanta, dumped.
She dumps out the old.
Don’t do any more urine dumps.
The Witch dumps out her purse and several.
The ones that were found at the mine dumps.
Big city garbage dumps were always burning.
Queensland was full of unmapped toxic dumps.
Awad runs to the window, dumps out his drink.
On one of the screen dumps she could see a.
He dumps the contents of one chair onto the floor.
They hang around dumps and pick up whatever they.
Jack saw that I was depressed and down in the dumps.
We always thought that body dumps were a possibility.
He may be hiding where the river dumps into the lake.
How many dumps are there that we need to tackle?
They did clean up many toxic dumps (and cleaned up some.
Often thought she was in the dumps till she began to lilt.
Nearly all early artifacts come from these discovered waste dumps.
He dumps her and then a drops a knee to her pelvis to hold her down.
Our air quality is now good and toxic waste dumps are mostly eliminated.
How much of what we produce is destined for trash dumps? For 2002 the U.
Before I get into dumps, let’s review what happens when we run a program.
The third angel dumps the contents of his vial causing the rest of the water.
Unfortunately, your city has toxic waste dumps and areas polluted by industry as well.
Suddenly she dumps them and starts going out with friends that you know nothing about.
When be become stressed and in the dumps our brain becomes relaxed and doesn’t want.
Actually, the hydrogen sulfide produced at these dumps can destroy your sense of smell.
The first hominid waste dumps were created from using this new technology of tool-making.
After having been off on this drunk for two or three days I was down in the dumps big time.
The baker's assistant dumps the breadcrumbs over there, near that wall, at noon every day.
The more you acquire, the more resources are used and the larger will the garbage dumps be.
Nuclear waste has to be buried in vast sealed concrete storage dumps deep under the ground.
Details of the arms dumps are important, too, although I guess that is more general knowledge.
We know where most of the dumps are, and the decommissioning process simply hasn’t worked.
A lab chimp accidentally dumps a youth elixir into the drinking water, creating a fountain of youth.
Chrissie dumps the heavy bag on the floor of the hallway and looks around herself with satisfaction.
That force had vast supply and ammunition dumps around its camps and appeared ready to invade soon.
Booker literally took me from out of the dumps and showed me the finer things this city had to offer.
It just added to the enigma of the goalie; on top of his game one minute, down in the dumps the next.
She takes her bag downstairs and dumps it in the hallway before joining her father in the living room.

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