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Easing in a sentence | easing example sentences

  1. Sphere easing in his mind.
  2. Easing up, the pigeon flew off.
  3. In easing the pain of loneliness.
  4. Easing back, with an elbow over.
  5. Pleased the situation was easing.

  6. The van was moving now, easing away.
  7. Easing up, the others pulled alongside.
  8. No, you will be easing him from pain.
  9. Finally he relented, easing the door open.
  10. Whirls in his head began easing, silence.
  11. He stared up at her, the frown easing away.
  12. The breakfast rush in the diner was easing.
  13. Easing up, gasping, the pants were painful.
  14. It should, Claire said, easing herself up.
  15. I’m easing off the brakes, hoping for a slight.

  16. Kletsova followed, never easing up on her embrace.
  17. A knot of youths was easing out of Turner’s Grill.
  18. They call it quantitative easing (a very dumb idea).
  19. Something was easing its way out of the boy’s nose!.
  20. You may have noticed a slight easing up on the cynicism.
  21. Conan laughed, never easing his grip on the broken arm.
  22. The minute hand was just now easing to nine forty-eight.
  23. Responding to his woes, the Fife tried easing the strife.
  24. Foul play shows no sign of easing played under services.
  25. At the car, Mick opened the rear door for Sayeed, easing.

  26. Turning, he ran across to the fence, easing through quietly.
  27. With a sigh, Claire squeezed her hand before easing out of it.
  28. They started suddenly and they don’t seem to be easing off.
  29. Hand poised on the throttle, he began easing it forward again.
  30. You’re not from here, are you? I asked, easing into it.
  31. In that case, Ed said easing back a step, welcome to.
  32. Alex sighed in relief, the sudden tightness in his chest easing.
  33. She was just about to call for help when it started easing off.
  34. Claire knelt behind her, relief easing the pressure in her chest.
  35. They were both easing into flat-footed steps, distributing their.
  36. I woke up an hour later as Beth was easing Sally up to the border.
  37. He was nothing but trouble for me, she said, her temper easing.
  38. Carefully he gripped the handle and turned it, easing the door open.
  39. He tipped his head back from time to time, easing tired neck muscles.
  40. Hey sugar, take it easy, he said easing her arms from his neck.
  41. This means that in 2009, despite quantitative easing, the supply of U.
  42. Clayton slid onto an adjacent stool, the tension easing from his mouth.
  43. Climbing off the shelf, Piers hurried over to the door, easing it open.
  44. Releasing his grip, Bane sat back, the need to express his grief easing.
  45. The poor thing, she said, accepting the hand and easing herself up.
  46. Look, he’s slowing down, Mai Bell said, easing the car to a stop.
  47. Miller put his hand on Connor’s shoulder, easing him back to the sand.
  48. Then, after easing her onto the sofa, Scott stood and went to the window.
  49. He was easing into the interview more than Carroll had expected or hoped.
  50. Grasping Pillsbury’s boot, he began easing it off as gently as he could.
  51. Easing over to the other, Mai Bell saw the reflection of white wall tiles.
  52. They held them to the chairs with death grips, not easing up for a second.
  53. She wiped at the back of her neck easing the fictitious tension held there.
  54. He moved more stealthily now, easing his way down the far side of the ridge.
  55. That mission gave me renewed strength, and an easing of the pain in my head.
  56. So what did it do? pressed Bane, reservations about their guide easing.
  57. Careful Hite! Kifter said, his defences easing from the strain of late.
  58. Easing its scrawny head between leaves, black pitch eyes readjusted to the.
  59. Phoebe was still holding the two girls, the fear easing away from their faces.
  60. The rain seemed to be easing off, although the sky remained low and smothering.
  61. Usnea also contains mucilage, which may be helpful in easing irritating coughs.
  62. He coughed for a good minute before easing down into a normal breathing pattern.
  63. Terry jumped back in the driving seat, easing the car forward as far as he could.
  64. Taking hold of the hand that still held the Stone, Tarmon tried easing it out for.
  65. Wait, she set a hand on his chest, easing him back so she could see his eyes.
  66. Easing into the chair, he felt the soft cushion mold to fit the contour of his body.
  67. We are easing free now and will have to stand off quite a way, so we can submerge.
  68. Her head tilted sideways until she saw the Pastor’s head easing around the opening.
  69. Easing down on the mat, aches in his back and legs jabbed Hanor as if lying on a bed.
  70. She repeated the chant over and over, the repetition easing her mind’s frantic worry.
  71. This can cause pain, discomfort and some difficulty in easing it back into the rectum.
  72. In fact among Christians the ego is being redefined as an abbreviation for Easing God Out.
  73. But he wasn’t pissing blood, and the ache was going away, and the stiffness was easing.
  74. Easing his jaw back and forth, he stared up into dark brown eyes and smouldered helplessly.
  75. Dawn sat up, easing the ache in her neck where she’d been lying with her head on the table.
  76. Groaning, I began to walk, the soreness of my limbs easing up a bit with increased movement.
  77. A slow consistent fall is the sign of someone big easing themselves out of a large position.
  78. Easing herself into her chair, she shook open a napkin and placed it over her swollen stomach.
  79. The tension seemed to be easing, and now that Samantha understood it, she could deal with it.
  80. Of course I did, she agreed, her shoulders finally easing, her body relaxing against his.
  81. The relief as it clicked into place made him let go of his footing; just an easing of tension.
  82. She closed her eyes, the richness of the words easing through her, wrapping her in their embrace.
  83. As any cat would, she approaches slowly, easing herself toward the paper like a hunter to its prey.
  84. Hitting bottom, he turned and lunged upward, latching onto the door and easing it back over the hole.
  85. They stayed low, close to the ground, easing forward while the supporting fire kept the defenders down.
  86. Peter and the others dodged and ducked to avoid being stomped on, but the cloud giant was not easing up.
  87. Levi was comfortable easing into conversation without showing that he had no idea who he was talking to.
  88. Easing the small pistol from its ankle holster, Payne pushed open the door and stepped into the cottage.
  89. Karla luxuriated under the water pounding her back, the hot needles easing the tension from her shoulders.
  90. Easing his way back to the trunk, he hurried down to the ground as fast as he could, heart beating wildly.
  91. The master, sturdy and black-bearded, stood in the bows, easing her away from the piles with a boat-hook.
  92. Jaron rolled his eyes, shook his head and pointed at Phoebe who was easing herself into the training area.
  93. Won’t need that warrant no more, will you? Cyril said in hopes of easing the tension of the moment.
  94. Easing his foot off, he cringed as the wood settled back with a groan, cocking his head to pick up any sound.
  95. He pulls me over the railing and against his chest, gathering me into his arms, easing an arm under my knees.
  96. The corner turrets on the top of the square tower faced diagonally outwards, easing the eye as it progressed.
  97. Here we go, Jesse said, easing the throttle back to start around the side of the house toward the woods.
  98. Walking in the rain, Preacher? Feltus said with a laugh in hopes of easing the tensions of the situation.
  99. What was left of the city government? Was the plague easing off or getting worse? What about the rest of Italy?
  100. You must have started walking, she said, easing the car into the traffic heading north towards the Lions Gate bridge.
  1. She eased to a halt.
  2. I eased off my pout.
  3. He eased back with a.
  4. She eased the car into.
  5. Barker eased the door open.
  6. She eased up with a chuckle.
  7. The walking eased his mind.
  8. Thaniel eased, but not much.
  9. Ruth eased back in her seat.
  10. She eased the stroller up.
  11. Mick eased back into the car.
  12. She sighed as it eased back.
  13. The vehicle eased down the.
  14. This time, the tingle eased.
  15. The knot in her stomach eased.
  16. After that, the torture eased.
  17. As the door eased into it's.
  18. He eased it into a left turn.
  19. The chill wind eased the pain.
  20. Then He eased the way for him.
  21. Something in him eased at that.
  22. He eased back and peered into.
  23. I eased down to the falls and.
  24. It will never be eased for them.
  25. Summers eased back into his seat.
  26. Mick eased back, deep in thought.
  27. Mayfair eased the lid back down.
  28. Freeman eased off the accelerator.
  29. As I eased down, he lowered his.
  30. Watts stood up and eased his back.
  31. Mick eased up and rubbed his face.
  32. The music eased his troubled brain.
  33. He eased the door open, alert to.
  34. Then Washington suddenly eased up.
  35. Jim eased out and crossed the road.
  36. Mother Caris has eased his pain.
  37. Derek eased himself into the back.
  38. Big Paul eased forwards in his seat.
  39. Talley’s face eased into a smile.
  40. Maybe I should have eased into the.
  41. Within a few days the symptoms eased.
  42. Donna eased on the gas and drove off.
  43. Very gently I eased a fifth of the.
  44. The two of them eased into the night.
  45. It eased him she slept so beautifully.
  46. Raekwon eased back when Brian came in.
  47. With a sigh, she eased out of his grasp.
  48. She eased the door open and stepped in.
  49. The taxi van eased down shoreline drive.
  50. The work eased her distress about Madge.
  51. Baines eased back, another glance my way.
  52. Ariel eased the wheel-lock out and poked.
  53. The color eased back into Reese’s face.
  54. She eased the door to the room open, and.
  55. Ryan eased out of the aircraft and then.
  56. Jack eased out and lay on his back with.
  57. I held my breath then eased it out slowly.
  58. The tension in Rykus’s chest eased some.
  59. Williams, though, eased her mind at once.
  60. He and Cappy eased me back to the ground.
  61. Credit ruminated as he eased past his son.
  62. Turney eased out of a window into a shadow.
  63. It eased his preparations for moving away.
  64. With a smirk Paul eased up and stepped out.
  65. Mick eased back, his hands behind his head.
  66. Damien jumped at her words and eased a way.
  67. She slowly eased out of the comfy recliner.
  68. Nikko eased himself out onto the flat dais.
  69. The operative had eased inside the compound.
  70. Puller eased it open and did a turkey peek.
  71. Sun setting, Tarmon eased their pace as a.
  72. But nevertheless he eased her into the seat.
  73. The wind eased and the plane moved forward.
  74. Eric eased his grip, gestured with his chin.
  75. She jumped up from her bed and eased into.
  76. That eased Obeast’s disapproval not at all.
  77. Louie eased him to the floor next to Brooks.
  78. His heart rate eased when he heard the words.
  79. Stefan eased his hand from hers and stood up.
  80. Molly thought for a moment, and then eased up.
  81. He eased out her blouse and cupped her breast.
  82. As they broke the connection and eased away.
  83. She eased back on her stool, her brow creased.
  84. The snow eased, then turned to light drizzle.
  85. I became embarrassed and eased away from him.
  86. She carefully eased the door open, and smiled.
  87. I eased into the taxi with a squint, a water.
  88. The pain eased slightly as he applied pressure.
  89. He eased Houston onto his side, and his lithe.
  90. The pressure eased slightly when Jacob returned.
  91. It had eased temporarily now that the harvest.
  92. Dad grimaced, but he eased back into his throne.
  93. Jim eased up, a hand for Flora, and hobbled out.
  94. He eased into his car and carefully placed the.
  95. Long moments passed before the convulsions eased.
  96. I eased toward the gate, knowing I was all alone.
  97. I eased into a rear table at the Slide Inn Café.
  98. Rory eased the handle and the door opened with.
  99. He eased the board back into position and began.
  100. Southern terms eased their way into my vocabulary.
  1. Anyway, it eases our vanity.
  2. She eases through the gates.
  3. He eases the door open to peer out.
  4. Stimulant, eases colic in the gut.
  5. He eases back with exquisite slowness.
  6. The drip eases you into another slumber.
  7. Very slowly he eases into me and starts to move.
  8. Anti-inflammatory, sedative and eases griping pains.
  9. He stiffens at first, then eases against her touch.
  10. But now she eases through the crowd with a firmer step.
  11. My mother used to say that a problem shared eases the pain.
  12. Erik can do nothing but stare as the woman eases toward him.
  13. The captain's shoulders relax and his face eases into a smile.
  14. The snake eases his grip and stares down into Blanding's face.
  15. And slowly he eases into me, slowly, slowly, until he’s buried in me.
  16. The market eases through and trades around this level for half an hour.
  17. It was a new lease of my life which eases my restless mind, heart and soul.
  18. The benefit's or benefit of this medication is that it eases your withdrawal.
  19. But it eases the trade and the bet and lets me enter it simply in a form I like.
  20. Very slowly he eases into me, pulling my hair at the same time… oh, the fullness.
  21. As carefully as she can, Marie-Laure crawls to the piano bench and eases herself up.
  22. There’s some quality about it that eases the pain, and not just the physical pain.
  23. It instantly eases the tension she feels just thinking about doing what he’s suggesting.
  24. And my laughter appeases, my soul it eases, to float on the breezes of what men call science.
  25. He turns my arm over and eases the tip of the needle into the tender skin on the side of my neck.
  26. Immediately the burning eases and I breathe again … I hadn’t realised I’d been holding my breath.
  27. And the movement of his hips eases into a swirling pattern that has her eyes rolling back as she chants.
  28. One of her hands eases upward to cover that part of her face he kissed, as her other secures her throbbing heart.
  29. I groan again, and he deliberately circles his hips and pulls back, pauses a beat, and then eases his way back in.
  30. These assets serve as one part of the monetary transmission mechanism when a central bank eases or tightens policy.
  31. Do you understand? He eases his finger in and out as he gazes down at me, gauging my reaction, his eyes burning.
  32. Instead I thank her, hug her, and tell her with as much conviction as I can muster that, Yes, it eases my mind a lot.
  33. He folds it within his grip and eases it back into the dark pouch, feeling the soothing click as it meets its companions.
  34. He eases out of me slowly, and his other hand grabs my hip, holding tight, and then he slams into me, jolting me forward.
  35. Gotta love Bruce, he grins at me and eases the car out of the parking space and up the steep ramp where we pause for the barrier.
  36. Quicker than he really should be moving, but far too slowly for his throbbing need, he eases her hand around, guiding it into his pants.
  37. Eugene makes a face and eases the princess' arms up around his neck, where she latches onto him again and mutters something under her breath.
  38. Cottage walls bulge into the constricted lanes, and he eases the car round each corner, expecting to meet a four-by-four at every blind spot.
  39. He eases you into a false sense of security and convinces you what you are doing isn’t wrong and by the time you realize it it’s too late.
  40. On the other hand, it is possible that the disease may develop itself more rapidly: it is one of those eases in which death is sometimes sudden.
  41. She jumps from the suddenness of it all, but eases into him with a sigh, her arms melting over his shoulders, her body relaxing against the door.
  42. The man eases out from behind the desk, and strides in the direction of the reception hall, no doubt to refill his mug with whatever he was drinking.
  43. After a few minutes she eases herself down and, standing there, she regards this man standing before her with a mingling of affection, promise, and.
  44. Earnings could pick up because of either an improvement in a firm’s industry environment (competition eases or demand recovers) or better management.
  45. I try rubbing the back of my head hard and, for a moment, the pounding eases, only to come back with a vengeance as soon as the effect of the pressure wears off.
  46. Like this, he breathes, and he snakes one hand round my hips, lifting me slightly, and with the other he positions himself beneath me, and very slowly, eases me on to him.
  47. A safe high cash return not only eases any investor’s pain where performance is disappointing, but also makes a transaction eminently more affordable and easier to finance than would otherwise be the case.
  48. Then, knowing whatever happens he too must perform this duty, he eases the trembling boy to the earth where it is unscorched, and continues the task of beating the fire back where it belongs, into the belly of the land.
  49. I console myself with the thought that our relationship is more special because only he and I know about it, and that after Christmas, when his work eases up, we can be more open about things generally … why does Christmas seem so far away?
  50. The Fed tends to tighten policy through expansion (on average, the Fed has been tightening in 78% of months during the last third of expansions since the 1950s, due to overheating and inflation pressures) and it then eases through contraction (the same frequency falls to 36%, 16%, and 0% over the three thirds of the contraction).
  51. Ah, La Rochefoucauld is right in saying that when we complain of Flattery, we are but complaining that it is not artfully enough done! For Flattery is the Universal Lubricant; it greases the Wheels of Commerce and Industry, creates Good Will both in the midst of Courtly Pomp and upon Humble Hearth; and it e’en eases the Path to Glory of the Dauber or the Scribbler (tho’ the Latter both pretend to be above it).
  52. A couch by midwives attended with wholesome food reposeful, cleanest swaddles as though forthbringing were now done and by wise foresight set: but to this no less of what drugs there is need and surgical implements which are pertaining to her case not omitting aspect of all very distracting spectacles in various latitudes by our terrestrial orb offered together with images, divine and human, the cogitation of which by sejunct females is to tumescence conducive or eases issue in the high sunbright wellbuilt fair home of mothers when, ostensibly far gone and reproductitive, it is come by her thereto to lie in, her term up.

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1. He looked so at ease.
2. His mind was at ease.
3. In the method at ease.
4. May you live with ease.
5. He looked back at ease.
6. It will ease the pain.
7. As you ease into your.
8. Rostov felt ill at ease.
9. They evade us with ease.
10. I was able to ease the.
11. He enjoyed his own ease.
12. Her ease came back again.
13. Rostóv felt ill at ease.
14. A dull ease of the mind.
15. It helps put them at ease.
16. Merrell felt more at ease.
17. Yearn to give them ease?
18. He was at ease with that.
19. The door opened with ease.
20. Frodo had been ill at ease.
21. To ease her torment, she.
22. He bore himself with ease.
23. Contrast with ease of use.
24. But both felt ill at ease.
25. He felt wonderfully at ease.
26. Tarascus seemed ill at ease.
27. The prisoners are at ease.
28. Her shivering began to ease.
29. So Jean Valjean was at ease.
30. Rise, and be at your ease.
31. Yet I could not feel at ease.
32. To ease the agony of defeat.
33. I tried to ease her concerns.
34. Know that it will ease here.
35. Ease of Access and Usability.
36. Reagan fields them with ease.
37. He plucked them off with ease.
38. He looked older, but at ease.
39. It will ease your thoughts!.
40. He began to feel ill at ease.
41. He seemed so at ease with me.
42. Driver to ease him into the.
43. At ease; put down the arrow.
44. She had to ease her own mind.
45. Into the air, with such ease.
46. And because of the ease with.
47. There needs to be an ease in.
48. Her warm smile puts me at ease.
49. He felt strangely ill at ease.
50. At ease! Garcia told her.
51. Frank's unit felt ill at ease.
52. He was there to ease that pain.
53. He curled up, his mind at ease.
54. You cant expect me to ease up.
55. Unfold and ease into pie plate.
56. But for another gives its ease.
57. Executioners live at their ease.
58. Ah yes, my father! Be at ease.
59. He laughed, completely at ease.
60. Given the ease with which the.
61. You set me at ease, Colonel.
62. The ease of a moment ago is gone.
63. It gave him some necessary ease.
64. She chuckled to ease the tension.
65. To ease the anguish of my breast.
66. Zeus seemed relaxed and at ease.
67. The Values of Ease and Hardship.
68. It should have set Amory at ease.
69. Being at ease is more than that.
70. Morel was perfectly at her ease.
71. Honey helped to ease the throat.
72. This really helped to ease the.
73. I now ease into the amber waters.
74. At ease, she’s a kept woman.
75. He looked so relaxed and at ease.
76. He was still not at complete ease.
77. Ryan hopped off Carter with ease.
78. He felt much more at ease in Mrs.
79. Yinxue was nonchalant and at ease.
80. With the greatest of ease!.
81. That immediately put them at ease.
82. I feel strangely at ease with you.
83. Give me something to ease my pain.
84. And altogether I felt ill at ease.
85. And the parents feel more at ease.
86. Carol felt an ease in the tension.
87. It ducked with a disquieting ease.
88. We will ease his way towards ease.
89. Power is also a seduction of ease.
90. Decaying our hearts with such ease.
91. To heal the wound, to ease the pain.
92. She brought to him a sense of ease.
93. He was put at ease when she smiled.
94. God will bring ease after hardship.
95. Can’t ease this weary, lonely day.
96. Carrie knew he was trying to ease.
97. We laughed, at ease with each other.
98. Her mind was not quite set at ease.
99. Walk about a bit and ease your legs.
100. Their journey was a miracle of ease.