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Elephantine in a sentence

1. When coopfattened their livers reach an elephantine size.
2. It was stomping around, waving its elephantine truck through the air.
3. He loved to go through them, slowly considering each in his elephantine way.
4. Boiler-plate was finishing some elephantine pleasantry to Natica, when he saw what I saw.
5. It was the fearful ‘Humo Jumo’ himself with his monstrous, elephantine body, and he was armed to the teeth: a revolver, a cudgel with a tapered point which never left his hand, and a dagger which was as long as a short sword.
6. And what of those institutions, with the myriad discoveries during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, upon whose elephantine backs were transported the hopes, the expectations, and the problems of the societies of the whole world it would seem? Some of those institutions’ members would now arrogantly protest the need of even a co-regency in the sourcing of the answers that ought to be addressed concerning the solutions applied to all life.

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