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Emotional in a sentence

I am an emotional idiot.
I was an emotional wreck.
It was a very emotional.
Nuke was an emotional wreck.
He was emotional y buzzing.
That was the emotional side.
It was bright and emotional.

It was an emotional parting.
He is all sad and emotional.
The Power of Emotional Tone.
All except the emotional part.
It was emotional but worth it.
The emotional tidal wave was.
There was also emotional pain.
False humor is an emotional lie.
Here is the emotional journey:.
So, I developed this emotional.
Emotional abuse can’t be seen.
I haven't had any emotional or.
Sue said in a highly emotional.
Emotional power of the arts, 20.
I knew this would be emotional.
Having found it, he got emotional.
Could you make an emotional and.
It is our emotional selves that.
Motivation Is An Emotional Thing.
So I put on mental and emotional.
And leave you in emotional poverty.
I released the trapped emotional.
Then there are emotional energies.
Why was she so emotional lately?
My arrival had been too emotional.
Jesus’s Emotional State of Mind.
There is help for emotional eaters.
While any emotional release that.
It was a touching, emotional talk.
He was very upset, even emotional.
It shies away from emotional logic.
The Patient With Emotional Baggage.
I had an emotional look on my face.

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