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Expansion in a sentence

By that time the expansion.
But human expansion has had a.
As the expansion continued one.
Once we think of expansion we again have.
The first expansion could hardly even be.
It is more of an expansion on Technique 2.
Magnesite has a very high THERMAL EXPANSION.

Maturity is nothing if it is not expansion.
SAW is in a continued expansion and always.
The expansion of the universe: time catching.
The greatest expansion tolerates syncopated.
The limit of expansion in time we call motion.
Expansion, diligence, profit are the watchwords.
You will also begin to notice the expansion of.
Can anyone imagine the expansion of this heaven?
The expansion of the universe is a onetime event.
Outer wonder is an expansion of one's outer senses.
It may interest you to know that the expansion we.
The other part of expansion is through acquisition.
This expansion of the Stock Market amounted to an.
The coach enables expansion of thoughts and actions.
It’s partly to do with an expansion of my job.
And all with little profit because of the expansion.
That is the Dynamic Law of Contraction and Expansion.
These winds are caused by the sudden expansion of the.
They have opened the area wide to communist expansion.
World War I caused the expansion of the armed services.
The limit of expansion in space appears to us as matter.
Releasing heat will bring expansion bringing about space.
The expansion and modernization of our missile technology.
The expansion had also included an upgrade in his life style.
The Left is interested in the expansion of the clientela base.
Outposts are destroyed, expansion of the Federation everywhere.
It would be little comfort to know that the expansion of the.
This expansion of the limits appears to us as matter in motion.
With the expansion of a spiritual life, comes a life of inner.
As I stated above, an expansion of thought created Light quanta.
This means that before the expansion began, the universe had a.
Irons with 35 to 36 % Ni have a Thermal Expansion varying from.
This is due to the investment involved in production expansion.

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