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Expansion in a sentence

1. By that time the expansion.
2. But human expansion has had a.
3. As the expansion continued one.
4. Once we think of expansion we again have.
5. The first expansion could hardly even be.
6. It is more of an expansion on Technique 2.
7. Maturity is nothing if it is not expansion.
8. Magnesite has a very high THERMAL EXPANSION.
9. SAW is in a continued expansion and always.
10. The greatest expansion tolerates syncopated.
11. The expansion of the universe: time catching.
12. The limit of expansion in time we call motion.
13. Expansion, diligence, profit are the watchwords.
14. You will also begin to notice the expansion of.
15. Can anyone imagine the expansion of this heaven?
16. The expansion of the universe is a onetime event.
17. Outer wonder is an expansion of one's outer senses.
18. This expansion of the Stock Market amounted to an.
19. The other part of expansion is through acquisition.
20. It may interest you to know that the expansion we.
21. The coach enables expansion of thoughts and actions.
22. That is the Dynamic Law of Contraction and Expansion.
23. And all with little profit because of the expansion.
24. It’s partly to do with an expansion of my job.
25. They have opened the area wide to communist expansion.
26. These winds are caused by the sudden expansion of the.
27. World War I caused the expansion of the armed services.
28. The limit of expansion in space appears to us as matter.
29. Releasing heat will bring expansion bringing about space.
30. The expansion and modernization of our missile technology.
31. The expansion had also included an upgrade in his life style.
32. It would be little comfort to know that the expansion of the.
33. The Left is interested in the expansion of the clientela base.
34. Outposts are destroyed, expansion of the Federation everywhere.
35. As I stated above, an expansion of thought created Light quanta.
36. With the expansion of a spiritual life, comes a life of inner.
37. This is due to the investment involved in production expansion.
38. Irons with 35 to 36 % Ni have a Thermal Expansion varying from.
39. This expansion of the limits appears to us as matter in motion.
40. This means that before the expansion began, the universe had a.
41. Carol wondered where the ceiling was on her new found expansion.
42. The hazard of the weak expansion joint, made it almost mandatory.
43. Your next financial expansion will be healthier and more enduring.
44. We can’t pump any faster, sir, because of the expansion joint.
45. The node corresponding to the expansion point (number 3 in Figure 2.
46. Expansion in the Androgen Receptor Gene Is Not Associated With Male.
47. You can use brace expansion to quickly create a backup copy of a file.
48. Corporations can sometimes be frustrated in expansion plans within a.
49. Calculate the expansion point using the expansion coefficient σ = 2.
50. Overseas orders began to come in, necessitating thoughts of expansion.
51. But its once eager expansion seemed to be thwarted by the wave already.
52. A simple Taylor series expansion shows that a good approximation is:.
53. The stage was set for a recovery and expansion that were highly skewed.
54. Sometimes entire sectors will be left out of a recovery and expansion.
55. Joyous Expansion inner ways of being intentions are intentions that you.
56. What is the current nature of the colony’s expansion? Gadsa said.
57. All of life is the expansion of these limits, the being freed from them.
58. Keep in mind that infrastructure expansion in China is not a new concept.
59. Johnnie describes his experiences during those years of rapid expansion.
60. A very great expansion and development of the mental body takes place in.
61. She felt that which she had never felt before—a sensation of expansion.
62. It is the thrust, no, it is heat expansion, no, it is parting because of.
63. Consider future expansion, ease of accessibility and the weather elements.
64. The parabolic expansion into climax pattern is a dramatic but rare pattern.
65. So a big bang of financial expansion occurred when credit cards came about.
66. Considerable difficulties have developed as the result of unwise expansion.
67. For the most part, for each cycle of expansion, there is one of contraction.
68. He also contributed to the team in our expansion into international markets.
69. In the car there’s only the hum of asphalt punctuated by expansion joints.
70. He hoped to build a Shiite bulwark against the expansion of Sunni -militias.
71. This type of acquisition is an expansion strategy where the firm desires to.
72. However, when an expansion is more mature, equity markets respond negatively.
73. A central challenge, therefore -- and an enormous one -- is the expansion of.
74. New clients too were trooping in, making Raja Rao think in terms of expansion.
75. The scientific, very objective fact, is the present expansion of the universe.
76. So wonderful is the expansion of the Initiate' s consciousness that it is most.
77. City council has debated the expansion project proposals at length over the years.
78. I expect that there will be an expansion in Internet use for education andresearch.
79. If companies use the company cash flow to fund their expansion, then that is great.
80. Aluminum is known to have the least amount of contraction and expansion of all the.
81. Despite the bullet's rapid expansion, it still managed to travel deep into the body.
82. Their job is to find locations to move into quickly so they can begin the expansion.
83. It is in the context of raising the level of human capacity through the expansion of.
84. As a consequence, Greek expansion resulted in the founding of many new cities around.
85. What is your expansion plan? How do you intend to grow the business? _______________.
86. Additionally, operating momentum was raised during the initial year of the expansion.
87. His company and his personal expansion would come closing in on him long before then.
88. The new Islamic zeal for expansion overwhelmed the tired and incoherent Byzantines and.
89. Every trend that eventually ends in a parabolic expansion begins life as a normal trend.
90. Here is the beginning of this disaster—when the expansion joint was initially sprung.
91. Expansion of Christianity succeeded through violence, crusades were arranged, and so on.
92. The human population is expanding and this expansion is taking up large amounts of water.
93. It was a time of great expansion in South Africa, but it was also a time of great strife.
94. There are two competing forces at work in the market: mean reversion and range expansion.
95. The expansion created 35,000 new jobs, bringing the total jobs in the industry to 85,000.
96. The urge of the life principle in you is toward growth, expansion, and life more abundant.
97. But Torbin felt something beyond a simple drug effect: an expansion of his consciousness.
98. Ken watched the bellows expansion joint as it was brutally sprung to the exploding point.
99. The primary improvement in IPv6 is the expansion of the address space from 32 to 128 bits.
100. Further expansion of government is still continuing, but it slowed under President Reagan.

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