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Expositions in a sentence

1. Not everyone, Principal Klieglight had noted, could follow his more abstruse expositions.
2. His scholars went to the library, read books about fish, and then wrote their expositions.
3. They were sermons weighty, according to the season, either with practical advice or with wrathful expositions of duty.
4. But once substitute practice for principle, the expositions of the constitution for the text of the constitution, and in vain shall we look for the instrument in the instrument itself.
5. A celebrated artist, the painter of the picture, The Reading of the Ordinance, of February 19th and others; one of the principal initiators and founders of the Society of Travelling Expositions.
6. To verify my belief, I bought and read all the books published by the synod with its "benediction" (blagoslovnia), containing brief expositions of the religion of the Church for the use of children and the common people.
7. What, then, is the canon above all others obligatory in interpreting Scripture? It is delivered to us in the words of Hooker: I hold it for a most infallible rule in expositions of Sacred Scripture that when a literal construction will stand, the farthest from the letter is commonly the worst.

8. Evtushévski's book, expositions about how in man are formed impressions, sensations, representations, and concepts, and you will find the rule that "it is necessary to start from the object and lead the pupil up to the idea, and not start with the idea, which has no point of contact in his consciousness," and so forth.
9. Since this Monday, you have had the chance to view a number of video documentaries and expositions of ancient artifacts that were the result of extensive research and of on the spot studies in the distant past by agents and reconnaissance probes of the Time Patrol, some of it conducted as far away in time as five million years ago.
10. And in spite of the bigotry-egging exhortations as opposed to the human-development expositions of the naïve media-wallahs, the silent majority on either side of the communal divide seems to be becoming one in its aversion to their pseudo-secular averments given the headway of the nationalists, maliciously dubbed as the saffron brigade, in the Indian political landscape.

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