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    1. But what kind of humility did Moses exude that would allow him to make that statement, and yet at the same time he is telling the truth? When we have come to a place where we can make that kind of a statement about ourselves, and not have a hint of pride in the statement, then we have reached ultimate humility

    2. He had to force control so no stray thought leaked out, and then exude just the tiniest suggestion of a whim

    3. And while she seemed in line with the general expectation at the beginning, her pride became evident - that stubborn Cyrodiil pride that he saw her exude

    4. cheers of golf fans exude a respect for the game

    5. She looked him straight in the eye, trying to exude a confidence that belied the terror within her

    6. A plush red and green carpet seemed to add a sense of decorum to the room, which overall seemed to exude a certain air of gravitas, possibly more than what Hilderich found tasteful

    7. But when Mary Vance was dressed up she seemed fairly to exude clothes--to walk in an atmosphere of clothes--to make everybody else feel and think clothes

    8. If your followers know of it and have to bear it with you they are likely to let go if it becomes too heavy, but if they do not know they are carrying it, if you exude confidence and a strong belief in what you are doing, then they will continue to the end

    9. They exude highly charged patterns of magical energy in comparison to Gaea

    10. You can have this energy, and you can exude as much of it as you want and as often as you

    11. It was encouraging to see the vitality of the hotel was slowly returning as if it had been plagued by a debilitating illness and was now only recovering, showing some signs of colour in its cheeks; perhaps since the first inquest had been disposed, the aura of darkness surrounding the disappearance and the apprehension of this pending storm, whose towering thunderclouds could be seen churning several miles from the shore, was being overshadowed by the jovialness that the hotel itself possessed and attempted to exude through its bright floral arrangements and charming atmosphere

    12. Most would never suspect a dark and sinister plan could be hatched and consummated in this quaint, quiet bed-and-breakfast; however, the history associated with this place was certainly conducive to scandalous affairs and dealings within the walls of this confine, which now attempted to exude charm and grace of a day long gone albeit with modern amenities

    13. You know a person is - have you ever heard this term; they exude confidence? Well how can you feel confidence? What is it that's happening? What are they doing, that's causing a flow out of them, that you would feel when you're with them, this is a confident person? There's something going on inside them, that is being communicated

    14. They just exude confidence

    15. without drama that exude peace and all else will follow

    16. Love has the long term investment, the more love and good will you emanate and exude the more comes back to you

    17. It’s said that some pop stars exude sexuality

    18. Our statements convey not only our fears and intentions but also the vibes we exude

    19. She says I am much rougher in carriage than Pa, formidable, even that I exude something not unlike menace, even though I don’t mean to (most of them time)

    20. The new radiations passed into a radiation proof chamber and a door sealed them lest they should exude out

    21. Secondly it gets absorbed into you and you exude it out in your breath

    22. I’ve noticed that successful actors with long careers are usually talented actors with charismatic screen presences, and all of them must exude one thing: confidence

    23. Colin, on the other hand, continued to exude an easy confidence, and it was that, more than anything, which allowed her to regain her equilibrium

    24. 10 St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) grows to 60cm (2ft), with small, oblong, translucently spotted leaves and a head of golden-yellow flowers that exude a red juice when crushed; in open woods, grassy and bushy places

    25. During the processing a thick liquid should exude, covering the pimientoes

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    exudate exude ooze ooze out transude

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    release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities

    make apparent by one's mood or behavior