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  1. We lost them on the FDR!.
  2. And FDR called him an enemy combatant.
  3. There’s a roadblock on the FDR! Over.
  4. Churchill, FDR, Hitler--Kennedy maybe As.
  5. And then a week later, FDR hung him as a spy.

  6. Some Obama opponents resemble the most fanatic FDR haters.
  7. As FDR said: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
  8. All units, all units! They set a roadblock on the FDR! Repeat.
  9. In part FDR agreed to these exclusions to please southern racists.
  10. But FDR was only a puppet of the robber baron-class he represented.
  11. Both FDR and Churchill called on Hitler to cease attacks on civilians.
  12. Allied defeat of the Axis, with FDR playing as a central part, prevented that.
  13. Of course, Frankfurter had direct access to FDR, just as Joseph had to Pharaoh.
  14. President Roosevelt (FDR) instigated and then covered up his role in drawing the U.
  15. A key example is Harry Hopkins, advisor to FDR, and probably the man closest to him.

  16. At the time FDR came into office, US troops were in control of Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua.
  17. FDR new beforehand of the attack on Pearl Harbor and let it happen; a death toll of 2,403.
  18. Intimately close advisor to FDR, and needless to say, a graduate of a school of sociology.
  19. Under the cover of the Great Depression FDR started to implement the plan that had been developed by.
  20. Much like FDR, Obama was pushed from his left, and like FDR, Obama took a far more corporate approach.
  21. During the FDR reign Roosevelt appointed 12 people to those kind of positions where he did not want to.
  22. In the US at the bottom of the depression FDR confiscated—at coin face value—all privately held gold.
  23. FDR made his decision at a time of war, and patriotic Japanese Americans were understandably upset and hurt.
  24. The proponents of the conspiracy theory claim that FDR sold out his country in order to be President for life.
  25. Potential Democratic Presidents Huey Long or Henry Wallace would have joined the war at similar points as FDR.

  26. Years before that, FDR used the term when eight German saboteurs were picked up on Long Island in World War Two.
  27. In The Forgotten Man, Shlaes said that FDR helped prolong the Great Depression into the late 1930s by raising taxes.
  28. Had FDR never appointed him, or fired him four years earlier, after Rio Piedras, much of the violence could have been avoided.
  29. To that point, FDR had agreed to Lend Lease as a method to supply Great Britain and later Russia with war material and machinery.
  30. Rather than try to convince you of this possibility, you can read about it in Robert Stinnett’s Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and.
  31. Some were pro fascist, even working with Hitler and taking part in the Holocaust or plotting to overthrow FDR and install fascism in the US.
  32. Both Wilson and FDR campaigned passionately on anti-war platforms, and what’s more they believed in what they said when they were saying it.
  33. Maybe FDR didn’t have a problem, but how did the courts treat it? What did the Supreme Court say? That’s what really counts, she said.
  34. There was a small print of Washington praying at Valley Forge and a photo of Churchill and FDR forging the Allied Alliance on HMS Prince of Wales.
  35. And then it came, and her streak was ended, so that arguably Regan’s first official act of 1977 was to puke her guts out on the shoulder of the FDR.
  36. If they had known what FDR had agreed to in secret; he would have been impeached, charged with treason and shot dead sitting in his fucking wheelchair.
  37. They claim that four days before the attack, FDR could have sent telegrams of condolence to the families of the servicemen he was allowing to be killed.
  38. That is why my Self-Consciousness can rezonationally attract to the dynamics of its FCA only FDR of UU-VVU-copies of a corresponding frequency sublevel.
  39. Hitler was the supreme antithesis of German blonde health: just like FDR a degenerate cripple, who was the supreme antithesis of American youth and health.
  40. This addition variegates the number of positions of FDR of the considered Formo-copy that may be called like this: This child in company with the dwarf.
  41. Would Lincoln, Wilson, or FDR have stood for radical proclamations in our mosques? Such questions turned the clock in the opposite direction, and were termed.
  42. The entire western world was being run by a few powerful dictators: FDR, Churchill, Hitler and Stalin; all of them had literal dictatorial powers during the war.
  43. Johnson, as a congressman in the late thirties was able to work with FDR and the New Deal and bring back favors to Austin, the seat of the oil empire, his district.
  44. FDR and his government secretly agreed to enter the war in a cabal with the English Churchill as a conspiracy kept secret from both the English and American public.
  45. It is to the utter shame of FDR, Nixon, Ford, and Clinton that each of them failed to act when lives could have been saved, up to the hundreds of thousands fairly easily.
  46. Washington, DC, began to change with FDR and the New Deal: from a placid, leisurely Southern town, with frozen faces and customs, into a gay, breezy sophisticated and.
  47. FDR provoked Japan into attacking the USA, he knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor and did nothing to stop it, he allowed his own navy to be bombed on purpose….
  48. Even the presidents who were the greatest wartime leaders, Lincoln and FDR, were reluctantly going to war, pushed into it by the attacks of irredeemably evil enemies, the Confederacy and the Axis.
  49. While he despised Hitler, Long was also an isolationist, and so prior to Pearl Harbor would have avoided not just war, but even preparing for war as FDR did with a draft and military buildup in 1940.
  50. The further rezonationally coordinated dynamics of all Focuses automatically inertially reproject in these Directions: FCA of the Formo-Creators of the brain and FDR of conglomerates of Formo-copies.
  51. When the general frequency of the qualitative kleks-changes reaches some allowable limit, there is reprojection into the dynamics of FDR characteristic of a VVU-Configuration of another realizational niche.
  52. During “unpacking” of TEC, you direct your FCA to the Configuration and immediately (through FDR of the Formo-copy used by the bio-Creators) “scan” from it the VVU-Information typical of this VVU-Configuration.
  53. I suppose, rather than compare Obama to Lincoln, or FDR, or even to the inept Jimmy Carter, the most appropriate comparison would be to Chauncey Gardner, the character portrayed by Peter Sellers in the movie „Being There.
  54. As a matter of fact, medium-level and low-level conglomerates of UU-VVU-copies (just as, by the way, the high-frequency ones) never “think” WHAT they should do when FCA of one of “personalities” doesn’t correspond in frequency with the dynamics of their FDR.
  55. What may be the most perplexing of his sins is the fact that those sins, consisting of insider trading and many other violations of the requirements of stock trading at the time, were rewarded by FDR by appointing Big Bad Joe to head the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  56. The ‘inside track’ which Sarah Jennings enjoyed from her friendship with Anne before she married John Churchill and before Anne became the queen of England: matches the secret inside track Winston had with fdr before Roosevelt gained power and became president of the usa.
  57. Their FDR together with our FCA receive, through the creative realization in any inertial instant, the Impulse to change their qualitative state (Experience), and only shift their frequencies moving through ready VVU-Configurations — from less complex into more complex ones.
  58. In the state of a deep Meditation, you can temporarily focus on the dynamics of FDR of one of active (in your Self-Consciousness) Formo-copies, and, from the point of view of its supersubjective self-perception, study individual aspects of the creative dynamics of one of ODS sublevels.
  59. That is, FDR of each of Formo-copies that already exist in the individual ODS resonates by its SFUURMM-Forms only with its typical (in quality) NUU-VVU-Configuration of the Stereo-Type (as with an image of “itself”), which [NUU-VVU-Configuration] is inertially “unpacked” from TEC.
  60. It’s all clear with high-frequency ones — they structure higher-qualitative scenarios of rotation Cycles and already fill with their FDR the factor Axes of duvuyllerrtly next NUU-VVU-Configurations of this personality that are manifested in Formo-systems of Worlds of a slightly higher quality.
  61. Did the guys in charge know? Well, look at FDR and Pearl Harbor, Kennedy and Cuba, plus two or three of them and Viet Nam, for ample histor-ical precedent of presidents’ cold-blooded manipulation of disaster for personal or party advantage, then consider that Clinton had had a race for his political life in progress only months before.
  62. Any Meditation is not the process of “sliding” of the FDR dynamics of some UU-VVU-conglomerates in the FDR dynamics of other UU-VVU-conglomerates, — refocusings happen “inside” some part (which you choose in advance) of the general dynamics of “conglomerate modules”: either high-frequency, medium-frequency, or low-frequency ones.
  63. It is because all these factors: NUU-VVU-Configurations that form the general dynamics of any “personality” Self-Consciousness, the dynamics of the Focus of Creative Activity (FCA + FDR), the biological “age” are just a few component parts of One Eternal energy-information Flow, which never disappears anywhere and is never irretrievably lost.
  64. What is the difference between them? Maybe, the projection in “the ethereal body” is based on the ability to consciously model (in an individual ODS) and activate (in the dynamics of Space-Time) a certain “ethereal double” that has joint dynamics of our typical Focuses — FCA and FDR? What is this “double” and how “dense” can it be?
  65. You should understand that any manifestation of Formo-copies without the simultaneous Creative Activity (in TEC) of Information (UU-VVU-Forms) that initiate them would be impossible, just like the manifestation of the kleksization dynamics of FCA of the Formo-Creators of the brain is impossible without the corresponding dynamics of FDR of Formo-copies.
  66. In other words, your UFS (through the general dynamics of FCA of Formo-Creators and FDR of UU-VVU-conglomerates) that simultaneously belongs to each of countless rotation Cycles is continuously inertially reprojected all at once inside all Time Flows, all subjective Realities, simultaneously shifting frequencies along all different-qualitative Vectors.
  67. This means that your personal creativity is occasionally active in this Direction of choices, which activates in your RRGLUU-VVU the dynamics of FDR of the Formo-copies, the VVU-Configurations of which manifest in the information space of your Self-Consciousness through corresponding factor time Axes (that is, through the dynamics of your individual ODS).
  68. This means that “karmonations” that are continuously synthesized by “emanations” and “psychonations” of UU-VVU-Forms “unpacked” from TEC, begin to stimulate your Formo-Creators for some particular Actions, projected into FCA by the dynamics of FDR of the conglomerates of UU-VVU-copies that interact with them and are already present in your individual ODS.
  69. These spectral characteristics, naturally, will be different in a scientist and in an aboriginal, but there always will be a certain common part (VVU-Configuration) of this spectrum typical of both of them, no matter on which frequency Level the joint dynamics of FCA and FDR of each of them is fixed (that is, no matter how the frequency characteristics change in both of them).
  70. A decade later, Republican Senator James Watson would emphasize that many of the points in La Follette’s 1924 platform as an independent could be found in the New Deal of FDR, including the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Wagner Labor Relations Act, the elimination of child labor, agricultural programs, the Securities Exchange Commission and progressive income and tax schedules.
  71. Just as in ordinary Life, in the state of Meditation, you continuously identify yourself now with one FDR, now with another, now with a third one, refocusing in their dynamics while satisfying or, on the contrary, arousing your personal Interest (the parallel development of the dynamics of FCA continuously performed by the Formo-Creators of the brain) in this or that VVU-Information.
  72. If the intensity of the imposed FDR-activity doesn’t exceed the dynamics of FDR of “the personality’s” conglomerates of UU-VVU-copies or is much weaker, then such “blackouts” of the Self-Consciousness happen rarely or very weakly, which can be manifested just intuitively, as sudden recollections: “It seems that I lived once there at that time… probably, in Baghdad … or in Cairo.
  73. At the next instant, there is another quantum-holographous frequency-rotation Shift20 and, depending on the quality of the NUU-VVU-Configuration newly focused by You, the Creators of the brain unpack from the slloogrent dynamics of TEC the next portion of VVU-Information of a new UU-VVU-Form, FCA attracts from factor Axes of FDR one of the most corresponding VVU-Configurations of Formo-copies and.
  74. So what did the undead do after the 3 most evil filthy dictators; Churchill, FDR and Stalin assembled and unleashed all of the mechanized evil killing power of mass destruction of the industrialized west against this one small nation of less than 70 million Germans? The surviving truth about the evil of the Jews, Hitler’s legacy to the world: his book ‘Mein Kampf’ could not be allowed to stand unchallenged.
  75. Being attracted by the dynamics of your FDR to the dynamics of FCA in factor Axes of the Primary Time Axis of the “personalities” focused by You, and thus being kleks-encoded by “the chronological time” of a strictly defined rotation Cycle, “your” Conceptions concerning this event and subjective “personal” attitude to it transform into many particularly shaped VVU-Configurations of certain frequency.
  76. At a certain moment of the common creative interaction between two highly potential Forms (like boiling of water in a teapot), the forces of attraction of the dynamics of FDR of one Form to the dynamics of FDR of the other Form become so high that there is as if an interqualitative Coitus, creative Intercourse, which determines the Direction of refocusing of these two Self-Consciousnesses into one 3-4-dimensional Proto-Form.
  77. When I say that somebody has an “interpersonal” interaction with somebody else, this means that a certain part of the combined qualitative dynamics of FCA and FDR of the NUU-VVU-Configurations of the bio-Creators of one “personality”, during sequential inertial refocusings, has resonated with a part of the combined dynamics of FCA and FDR typical of the NUU-VVU-Configurations of another “personality” (among already existing ones).
  78. I repeat, they know NOTHING about us (as about those who ARE NOT THEMSELVES), they continuously perceive themselves only in their typical realizational “niches”, and the “noo-time” dynamics of their FDR is always concentrated in factor Axes of those NUU-VVU-Configurations which at a given moment feel situations that correspond in qualities to their VVU-Configurations (irrespective of whether these “personalities” are asleep or awake).
  79. It’s much harder to describe the scheme of their interaction than the joint dynamics of FCA and FDR, because the Source of their slloogrent energy-information interrelations is outside the zone of the Creative Activity of the personality Self-Consciousness, which, in principle, serves only as an elementary screen that can very narrowly reflect only the tiniest part of the high-frequency multipolarized TEC-VEC-Flow simultaneously projected on it.
  80. That which we call personality Self-Consciousness includes not only the activity of the Formo-Creators of the brain, the dynamics of TEC, individual ODS, factor Axes and the Primary Time Axis, FCA and FDR, but also the different-qualitative dynamics of all karmic Channels that energy-informationally unite us with activated Levels of each IISSIIDI-Center, definite Duplex-Spheres, OLLAKT-DRUOTMM-systems, other Stereo-Types and Formo-Types, and so on.
  81. It means that again and again, among all possibilities potentially provided to you from TEC, you will attract into the information space of your Self-Consciousness only unfavorable variants of life circumstances, because FCA of your Formo-Creators of the brain is more concentrated (due to the absence of a higher-qualitative Experience in the NUU-VVU-Configuration focused by You) on the dynamics of FDR of low-frequency conglomerates of SVUULL-VVU- and LUUD-VVU-copies.
  82. She’d had too much champagne—had thrown it up, she recalled now, on the edge of the FDR, which accounted for the chalky mouth, though she must have brushed her teeth, she wouldn’t have gone to bed without brushing, would she? Honestly, who could remember? She felt sure that if she turned over, away from the sunlight, the back of her brain would slosh against her brainpan, and the pain would start to oscillate, but she had to do it or she’d never fall back asleep.
  83. The property of multipolarization, which is characteristic of each of UU-VVU-copies used by our bio-Creators for energy-information projections into the information space of our Self-Consciousness, represents one of mechanisms of the implementation of the principle of slloogrentness of Everything in the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Us; and this implementation is carried out in the same way as the specific dynamics of interrelations between FCA of the bio-Creators and FDR of Formo-copies.
  84. But as soon as it, for some possible (for it) eglleroliftive reasons, “shifts” the frequency of the dynamics of its FDR within its typical range, its VVU-Configuration instantaneously transforms (for the perception of “an outside observer”) as a result of such projection, and there is an immediate change of the whole situation, particular circumstances of its existence, which results in a change (for it) not only of its energy-information environment but also of its “external appearance”.
  85. But it’s not “personally” I who thinks so, these are energy-information interrelations (previously formed by my bio-Creators) with FDR of definite UU-VVU-copies that became active in this very way in their “niches”, because low-frequency VVU-Configurations of the Formo-Creators of the NUU-VVU-Configurations focused by Me, by means of their typical dynamics of the Focus of Close Attention, now can realize (synthesize) corresponding Aspects of Qualities only on the sublevel of this qualitative ODS range.
  86. After that — actually at the same notional instant! — there is inertial (only individually for “us” but not for anybody else!) karmo-quantization or frequency “materialization” of this VVU-Information (that is, a decrease of the dynamics of our FCA and FDR from Levels of the superlight flaks dynamics of the flluuy Fields-Consciousnesses that structure this Information to wave NUU-VVU-Configurations of lower-qualitative Levels characteristic of the Fields-Consciousnesses of elementary particles of our Reality.
  87. Everything, with which the dynamics of your FCA (supported by energy and information of the dynamics of FDR of one of conglomerates of Formo-copies that structure your individual ODS) resonate one way or another, is instantaneously transformed into new SFUURMM-Forms that allow to implement the specific “noo-time” dynamics of “skrruullerrt” refocusings of fragmented Self-Consciousnesses of some Formo-copies into slightly higher-qualitative (due to the just synthesized Experience) VVU-Configurations of other Formo-copies.
  88. This entire realizational mechanism is based on the principle of “manifested resonance”: among all possible situations that “happen” in parallel in its “niche” and in different Formo-systems of Worlds, any UU-VVU-copy always becomes locally activated only in those ones, with which there is the maximum resonance of the dynamics of FDR of the VVU-Configuration of its own Self-Consciousness, which is caused by its narrowly fragmented Conceptions of itself as “a living personality” that “lives” in the outer Reality.
  89. BUT! Personally to YOU, any of UU-VVU-Forms remains simply VVU-Information only until your Formo-Creators of the brain project (from the existing content of the individual ODS of your Self-Consciousness) into their own VVU-Configurations certain comparative projections and subjective evaluation criteria, that is, until, under the influence of the simultaneous dynamics of FCA and FDR, the slloogrent Configuration of any of UU-VVU-Forms becomes restructured by YOUR individual subjective attitude to the VVU-Information contained in it.
  90. So they “jump” (not mechanically, but only through the dynamics of their FDR, reprojecting their frequency from one NUU-VVU-Configuration into another!) according to their own Interest from one temporal ethereal constituent to another one, fragmentarily (occasionally) acquiring here and there (simultaneously with many “personalities”) their individual Experience of Self-knowledge, which (through the synthesis with the Aspects of Qualities of their existing SFUURMM-Forms) continuously transmutes into the frequencies of new VVU-Configurations.
  91. As soon as the dynamics of our FCA (that reflect a certain Conception typical of “our” UU-VVU-conglomerates) are projected on the FLAKS-Configuration of a carrier of this FLAKS-Information, it will immediately (but not its energy carrier itself, that is, flaks!), through the joint inertial dynamics of our FCA and FDR, manifest, in one of wave Configurations of this Reality, its characteristic feature — “rest mass”, and this will transform the Information into one of those wave frequencies which are typical of our subjective Conceptions of the outer World.
  92. If you don’t understand this, it’s only because you have rigidly limited the slloogrent dynamics of “holographous-rotation Shifts” only by the time of your conscious subjective existence, while absolutely all Time Flows have been initially equally “packed” in one-and-only “Shift”, and “we”, as “realizational Forms”, at every moment of time rezonationally attract from this slloogrent “mass” (particular dynamics of FCA and FDR) into the information space of our Self-Consciousness only that which in the greatest degree resonates with the Creative Activity of some of SFUURMM-Forms of our individual ODS.
  93. At a certain moment, somebody inertially attracts in this very way one of innumerable flaks Ideas to the creative dynamics of one’s FCA and FDR from the lowest-qualitative flakglaass Realities, transfers their Formo-images through many subjective refocusings from higher-qualitative NUU-VVU-Configurations into lower-qualitative ones (that is, repeatedly distorts it), reprojects (in the form of a picture, a drawing, then a model and a variant of the ready product) into the Reality of our type, and, eventually, gets many things that surround us and, according to our distorted Conceptions, as though also happen to be there.
  94. To summarize the above information, I would like to point out one more time: all specific dynamics of the inertial process of your so-called “life creativity”, which is based on all your interrelations with “yourself”, as well as with objects and subjects of the outer World, represent only the sequential dynamics of simultaneous projection of your Focus of Close Attention from some NUU-VVU-Configurations that correspond to the “present”, inertially “passing” state of the joint dynamics of FCA and FDR into other NUU-VVU-Configurations that in a greater degree correspond to the kleksized, qualitatively changed states of FCA and FDR of your Self-Consciousness.
  95. So, through the “energy” (electromechanical, biochemical) activity of the Formo-Creators of the brain, on the one hand, FCA of each of us is constantly focused on “external” attributes of our subjective Existence (that is, on the things that are continuously projected and specifically reflected on the three-dimensional “bioscreen” of our Self-Consciousness, which represents that which we mean by the term “dynamics of Formo-systems of Worlds”); and, on the other hand, through FDR of all conglomerates of Formo-copies of our individual ODS, we constantly focus on the informational “part” of our Existence provided by the continuous Creative Activity of SFUURMM-Forms of an innumerable set of different-qualitative Formo-copies.
  96. Everyone of you subjectively perceives the dynamics of the Time Flow in your own fashion, in accordance with the speed of processing, in your Self-Consciousness, of VVU-Information of a definite quality (UU-VVU-conglomerates with the help of FDR of which your bio-Creators have unpacked-unfolded the VVU-Information): the higher the quality of your reaction to any Information, the quicker it is processed by them, and a lower-qualitative reaction to any VVU-Information (with the help of Formo-copies of medium or lower sublevels) results in a much slower processing (it slows down due to the formation of the tensor tension between the Configurations of the UU-VVU-Form and that of the UU-VVU-copy), and, therefore, the Time Flow is subjectively felt differently, slower.
  97. The Formo-Creators of the brain “unpack” and project, into the information space of Self-Consciousness (as if “quantize”, “materialize” VVU-Configurations of Fields-Consciousnesses in the system of individual Perception), only those particularities and details of the general slloogrent “environment” (objects, movements, phenomena and all other things), the individual frequency of manifestation of which rezonationally attracts the combined dynamics of FCA and FDR of their “personality”, that is, only that which one way or another (but in the most expressive way!) can vibrationally reflect, in Space-Time, the qualitative dynamics (peculiar to this moment) of some SFUURMM-Forms simultaneously activated to one extent or another in the individual ODS of this “personality” Self-Consciousness.
  98. That is, “the decoding device” of the brain of each “human being”, which is represented in the Formo-system of Worlds in the form of initially programmed dynamics of the Creative Activity of the original NUU-VVU-Configuration focused by Him (it is simultaneously structured, on the one hand, by the dynamics of VVU-Configurations of FCA of all the Formo-Creators of the brain and, on the other hand, by VVU-Configurations of FDR of all activated conglomerates of Formo-copies; and in their total manifestation — by VVU-Configurations of duvuyllerrt groups of Stereo-Types), is designed only for using a particular VVU-Information that is already “unfolded” in the information space of the Self-Consciousness only for those Directions of the creative realization which are programmed only for this NUU-VVU-Configuration.
  99. In energy-information structures of more developed NUU-VVU-Forms (where the bio-Creators have already sufficiently synthesized the Creativity of low-frequency conglomerates of Formo-copies projected into lower Levels of ARGLLAAMUNI and INGLIMILISSA Centers, and this Experience has become an integral part of conglomerates of Formo-copies of higher Levels of the Self-Consciousness, that is, when the activity of lower karmic Channels verges towards zero), such “an implant” of a VVU-Configuration of conglomerates of Formo-copies of an animal simply cannot really manifest in any way in the information space of the Self-Consciousness of “a personality”, because any conglomerate can interact with FCA of the Formo-Creators of this “personality” only through the dynamics of FDR of the form-carriers with identical energy-information vibrations.
  100. So, through the dynamics of FCA, the Formo-Creators of the brain engage the rezonational interrelation with the dynamics of FDR of one of Formo-copies that are already activated in your ODS, and, by a vibrational overlay of the waves of their VVU-Configuration, “copy” from its VVU-Configuration all the VVU-Information necessary at a given moment (its specific emotions and SFUURMM-Forms), then they decode it with the help of biochemical reactions in different systems and regions of the brain (owing to which you become able to visually perceive from “the bioscreen” any changes in the outer reality), and, after your reaction is recorded in the general Configuration of the Formo-system of Worlds, they “dump” (“fold”) again, into the VVU-Configuration of the just involved Formo-copy, a slightly reformatted (by them, that is, by “you”!) VVU-Information (the life Experience which you have just gained).

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