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Firth in a sentence

1. They ran back into the Firth where a.
2. Donkey rides, they can take us to Firth, Slinks pointed his hand towards them.
3. As the storm became persistent within Frith Le Firth, the swans, geese and ducks flew over to.
4. It was a magical evening, the weather was quite warm and a nice breeze had come in from the Firth.
5. During the short train trip across the Firth of Forth I was a bit apprehensive as to what we would find there.
6. Not everything would be recovered from a fast flowing current that was keen to carry anything that challenged its strength westward across the plains to the Firth of Thames.
7. The salary was good, and he needed a good salary to live his lifestyle, but he often dreamt of going back to the Highlands of Scotland and his old job as a maritime pilot in the Moray Firth.

8. Even its mother would be hard pressed to call it a pretty town, festooned as it is with tall steel chimneys belching fire into the night sky on the Firth of Forth about 15 miles west of Edinburgh on Scotland’s east coast.
9. Youth Theatre Performerz in association with MRL Productions (both UK) staged the musical Our House by Tim Firth – managing all aspects of production, including auditions, choreography sessions, blocking, rehearsals, set and lighting design, and the creation of costumes and props – in just 22 hours at the Princes Theatre in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, UK, on 31 March–1 April 2012.
10. Frithy firth will be here in a hundred and eight minutes, two seconds and one mili waters,.

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