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    flow out

    1. The canisters had a narrow neck and the kerosene wouldn't flow out

    2. The words flow out of my head onto the paper …

    3. A fountain will flow out of

    4. 8On that day living water will flow out from Jerusalem, half of it east to the

    5. A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed… Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out

    6. Her breasts became infected because the milk in her breasts remained there and would not flow out

    7. In all of these five peoples' homelands, resources and workers flow out to the US mainland and in all cases except Samoa, local peoples have a more limited say in the economy than elites in the mainland US

    8. greywater flow out of the sink into the drainage tube and how to hook

    9. 16 Awake, O north wind; and come, you south; blow on my garden that the spices of it may flow out

    10. waters to flow out of the rock for them: he clave the rock also, and the waters gushed out

    11. Otherwise, the semen will push past and flow out

    12. Next, blood started to flow out of the wound and out of her eyes, under the shape of tears

    13. “It is so good to see you,” Maggie said, feeling suddenly as though words could flow out of her in an unending torrent, but before she could say anything more she was cut off by the call of a bugle

    14. He couldn’t tell her, so instead he curled up everything he felt inside and let it flow out of him in this one kiss between them

    15. erything and its energies flow outwards

    16. and tears flow out from eyes, and instead of the anger and hatred, I

    17. It’s important that the energy in the container be allowed to flow out before it flows around you

    18. Abraham, the power of the blessing would flow out to all the

    19. The living waters flow out, in an

    20. promised to Abraham, that would flow out to all the nations of the

    21. ’ He made the last words flow out in a mocking childish voice, as if in some way it was his peers’ fault that Lord Thulsa now lay dead and their direct influence into the Aristrian forces was now compromised

    22. As more machines and supplies arrive a continuous stream of newly created robots flow out of the building

    23. and overflow out into the bedroom where Bill sat

    24. pus had begun to flow out of it to ease the pain of the

    25. Whatever's in your spirit, in your heart, will flow out

    26. There is a life of God, the hidden life of the spirit is designed to flow out of us

    27. Why pray in tongues? Because when you pray in tongues, your spirit is praying, your spirit is engaging the Holy Spirit, and spiritual life begins to arise in you, and flow out of you

    28. Now if you're not going to change it, who will? Okay, now then, we talked about changing first your inner world, because out of the heart the mouth speaks, so if I don't change what's going on in my heart, if I'm still negative inside, inevitably negativity will flow out

    29. You know a person is - have you ever heard this term; they exude confidence? Well how can you feel confidence? What is it that's happening? What are they doing, that's causing a flow out of them, that you would feel when you're with them, this is a confident person? There's something going on inside them, that is being communicated

    30. Your human spirit is designed to be able to flow out from where you are, beyond you, and begin to influence and fill what is around you

    31. Now the Holy Spirit just doesn't flow out of you

    32. The winds and storms of heavy affliction roll over them, and then, to the astonishment of the world, the spices flow out

    33. A type of irresistible force that caused her feeling to flow out to Nangong Ping unwittingly and she was unable to

    34. felt an intense sorrow and her watery eyes moved, tears began to flow out and

    35. more of Jesus’ nature will live in us and flow out of us

    36. This event allows us to notice how the spirit can travel and how it can leave its body to flow outwards through our sense of vision, exactly as happened in the story of the women who cut their hands mentioned above

    37. your lungs is followed by an exhale, so, too, do fear and other emotions enter and flow out of you

    38. Allow awareness and spaciousness to flow out of all your senses at once

    39. Notice what your experience of the present moment is like when you allow limitless love and acceptance to flow out of this moment to every other moment in time

    40. A deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, again she breathed deeply, and then once more, letting the last of the air flow out taking her paranoia with it

    41. The child cried out to me in his innocent five year old voice “Mommy, please” but I was resolved to let all feelings of maternity flow out of me for this was truly not my son

    42. Don meditated for his inner energy to flow out and break open the booby traps

    43. Every dirty fantasy I had ever jacked off to alone in my room, every Japanese porno and every yaoi fanfiction, even those stupid gay porn gifs the guys in Cali would send me to make fun of me that secretly turned me on beyond belief all came crashing into my mind like an avalanche, causing a river of curses, encouragements, and a few phrases that would make a hooker blush to flow out of my mouth and down to the boy on his knees before me

    44. in this case asana makes the venous blood flow out of your head

    45. finished I would have had nothing to do but sit and watch the awful stillness of the sick room flow out through the closed door and coldly enfold my scared heart

    46. I conceive, I said, that the true legislator will not trouble himself with this class of enactments whether concerning laws or the constitution either in an ill-ordered or in a well-ordered State; for in the former they are quite useless, and in the latter there will be no difficulty in devising them; and many of them will naturally flow out of our previous regulations

    47. If the immediate revenue, earnings, or cash flow outlooks are poor, common stock investment is to be forgone regardless of long-term prospects

    48. In FF, stockholder values flow out of creating corporate values

    49. Even after the market’s dramatic recovery beginning in March 2009, cash continued to pour into bond funds and flow out of equity funds

    50. After delivery of placenta, or after cord has stopped pulsating, the blood should flow out of the cord into the baby, the cord becoming white instead of blue

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