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Foliage in a sentence

It may be the foliage;.
You need to burn the foliage.
This is a climbing foliage plant.
The foliage pressed in around them.
Corot, his masses of foliage, 197, 214.
He lost sight of Ash in the purple foliage.
We looked at all of the different foliage.

There was movement in the foliage behind her.
Jack got out of the foliage and ran to Susan.
About her was the waving foliage of the forest.
Foliage came down around them in a green rain.
It was wide, flat, and no foliage hung over it.
Late blight turns the foliage black and then moldy.
They did so with the abundant foliage surrounding it.
In the foliage, Karit was all grins with his friends.
It was autumn, and, as they say, the peak of foliage.
In the shade and cool of the thick foliage they rested.
The foliage ahead of them looked more dense than before.
Donovan pulled Brandela into the foliage and they waited.
No wonder the foliage sheltered the street from the rain.
A darkening blue mist blurred the outlines of the foliage.
Samuel laid Sage on a pile of foliage at an empty cemetery.
May Lin peered cautiously out from behind the dense foliage.
A little bit of sunshine pierced through the dense foliage.
The light flowing through the foliage of the trees was still.
He was nearly jogging by the time he cleared the foliage and.
He crouched down and watched Kyrin through the dense foliage.
She was sure there was someone in khakis hiding in the foliage.
When no longer productive carefully replace with fresh foliage.
There were only flashes, a shred of foliage, and bright glares.
Thick bands of foliage ensured nobody could fall over the sides.
Had it not been for the tall foliage of the pines protecting the.
Congratulations on the Mercedes, puts the Ferns and Foliage vans.
Gushes from the throats of birds hid in the foliage of trees as the.
The foliage offered the ideal anchor for the searching loop of twine.
He saw a place with a slight gap between the canopies of foliage above.
It was breathtakingly beautiful, surrounded with foliage, crystal clear.
Unconcerned by the barrenness of these parts, a thick canopy of foliage.
It must have been in May, as the immature condition of the foliage shows.
Lov burst through the trees, bodily tearing a way through the thick foliage.

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